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Test I: Answer AGREE or DISAGREE . No erasure is allowed.
1. A newspaper tells the readers about the latest happenings around the world . 2. The expression ³there is´ is followed by plural noun. noun. 3. The expression ³there are´ is followed by singular noun. noun. 4. Pearl S. Buck is the father of short story. story. 5. People must survive God¶s tests in order to be happy. happy. 6. God manifests himself in varied ways. ways. 7. The King James Bible is the basis of Buck¶s literary works. works. 8. East Wind: West Wind is the first published work of Pearl S. Buck. Wind: Buck. 9. When two subjects are joined by ³and´, the verb is always singular. singular. 10. Pearl S. Buck also used the Bible to reflect simplicity and directness of Chinese sagas. sagas. 11. Kino became an orphan child after a tidal wave. wave. 12. Jiya was the father¶s youngest child in ³The Big Wave´. Wave´. 13. In times of calamities, man¶s resistance is tested by God. God. 14. Volcanic eruption is a man-made calamity. mancalamity. 15. Nature takes revenge against man¶s abuse to her. her. 16. The verb agrees with the subject nearer it when either« or is used. either« used. 17. If two closely associated subjects are joined by ³and´, the verb is plural. plural. 18. Setsu is Jiya¶s younger sister. sister. 19. News headlines are the full stories of a recent event or happening. happening. 20. A plural subject is paired with a singular verb. verb.

Test II: Identify the following: (2 pt each) 1. _________ agrees with its subject in person and in number. 2. _________ is a number which means ³one´. 3. _________ is a number which means ³more than one´. 4. _________ is the doer of the action. 5. _________ is referring to the action in the sentence. 6. _________ is the author of ³The Big Wave´. 7. _________ is the birthplace of Buck in West Virginia, USA. 8. _________ is an expression which is followed by a singular noun. 9. _________ is an expression which is followed by a plural noun. 10. ________ the connector that joins two subjects which are closely associated with each others 11. _________ an orphaned child in ³The Big Wave´. 12. _________ the source of Buck¶s theme of literary pieces 13. _________ Buck¶s first published literary work 14. _________ the word that is paired with ³either´ 15. _________ the word that is paired with ³nor´ 16. _________ a keen-observer child in ³The Big Wave´ 17. _________ the younger sister of Kino 18. _________ a very good source of information for the students especially in research work 19. _________ the past tense of ³is´ 20. _________ the past tense of ³are´

Test III-A: Arrange properly the jumbled words in order to form a correct sentence following the correct rules (11, 12, 13) of the subject verb agreement. After which, tell whether the rule applied is __________1.12, or the correctand butter 3 points are the merit Is Bread sentence, ideal breakfast number 11, For American. while 2 points are reserved for the appropriate rule number. __________2. have the hen or its chicks either have the grains scratched. __________3. Nether the piglets the sow been have bought the by nor butcher. __________4. There a student a teacher a child a re and the classroom in. __________5. Rice fish and my breakfast makes perfect. Test III-B: Encircle the complete subject and underline the complete __________6. There to be solutions have for your problem. verb of the sentences. No erasure is allowed.

1. Either the students or the teacher is interesting about the field trip. 2. Nether mother nor my sisters are attending the thanksgiving mass. 3. Rice and fish sounds best for my breakfast. 4. There is a beautiful garden at our backyard. 5. There are reasons for students irregular attendance to classes.

Test IV A: Choose 2 and explain briefly. (5 pt each)

1. Why does God put man into test? 2. Why did Jiya fall unconscious after the calamity? 3. Why are news headlines

Test IV B: Write a short news details from the following headlines. Answer only one (1). 10 pt

1. SOLECO cuts rates by 50c per kilowatt hour of electricity consumed 2. Concepcion National High School th Foundation Day celebrates 36 3. Joseph Ejercito Estrada insists of running for President in 2010 election

The End!

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