Filipino:[pilipino] Victor:[biktor] Family:[pamili] Varnish:[barnis] Fun:[pan]

Vehicle:[bihikel] Lover:[laber] Find:[paynd] Official:[opisyal] Very:[beri]

€Enunciate €Get

a good dictionary €Watch English programs €Speak English

ƒ Get_a_better_raincoat - geraberainco ƒ ahead_of_us- heduvus ƒ do_it_all_over_again duwiroloveregen ƒ thirty_third thireethird ƒ i_understand ayandursten ƒ it s_an_excellent_example

tsanexelenxample ƒ call_him_again collimagen ƒ that s_a_better_idea thatsaberr i.d.

ƒ international ƒ interlock ƒ Internet ƒ Interfere ƒ center ƒ interchange ƒ county ƒ intervene

ƒ catalog ƒ sweater ƒ later ƒ lighter ƒ liter ƒ meter ƒ notice ƒ tighter .

ƒ better ƒ gutter ƒ letter ƒ butter ƒ setter ƒ hotter ƒ netter ƒ letting .

.ƒ forgotten ƒ written ƒ carton ƒ mountain ƒ certain ƒ curtain € The child wasn·t beaten because he had bitten the button.

€ Pronounced ¶igz· or ¶egz· when followed by a vowel sound or silent ¶h· exasperate exhibit executive exit exemplary exotic example examine .

€ Pronounced ¶iks· or ¶eks· when followed by a consonant sound excel extreme exclude expel express extravagant .

p. th laughs paths sacks lets stops .€ Remains ¶s· after the sounds of f. t. k.

€ Changes to ¶z· after the sounds of vowels and the remaining consonant sounds has his is hers was theirs these ours does yours days because .

€ Stress number after twelve on the last syllable: thirteen sixteen fourteen seventeen fifteen eighteen .

a verb / adjective on the second: escort (noun) escort (verb) content (noun) content (verb) .€ Stress a noun on the first syllable.

) appropriate (verb) appropriate .€ Nouns and verbs ending in ¶ate are stressed differently associate (noun) associate (verb) (adj.

€ Compound nouns are stressed on the first noun part: workbook silkworm notebook platform .

take. teach. ThonThon tried two times.€ The American T Top of the Staircase [T is T] ƒ If the T is at the beginning of a word (or the top of the staircase). clear T sound. turn. tomorrow. ƒ In the beginning of a word: table. it is a strong. ten. .

washed [wäsht] . p. after an unvoiced consonant sound ³ f. D sounds like T. Example: picked [pikt]. th.€ The American T Top of the Staircase [T is T] ƒ In the past tense. watched [wächt]. raced [rast]. s. sh. ch. hoped [houpt]. k.

Water. got a. bought a.€ The American T Middle of the Staircase [T is D] ƒ If the T is in the middle of the word. caught a. intonation changes the sound to a soft D. daughter. meeting. later. better Practice these sentences: - . lot of.

[pü di di n' bäd'l] Get a better water [gedda bedder heater. Patty ought to write a better letter. wäder heeder] Put all the data in the computer. [w'd' güdäi deey'] Put it in a bottle.What a good idea. [püdall the dayd' in the k'mpyuder] [pædy äd' ride a bedder ledder] .

you almost don't hear it at all. Example: ƒ put. what.€ The American T [T is Silent] ƒ If the T is at the end of a word. lot. isn't it? ƒ That's . sit. set. hot. shot. brought quite right.

€ The American T Bottom of the Staircase [T is Held] ƒ With -tain. She's certain that he has written it. -tten and some T-N combinations. He's forgotten the carton of satin mittens. Martin has gotten a kitten. 2. Practice: 1. the T is held. An important point to remember is that you need a sharp upward sliding intonation up to the "held T. 3. ." then a quick drop for the N.

€ The ƒ American T Distinguish between /t/ and /d/. Listen and practice the difference. two ten ton town train do den done down drain sight heart plate bat set side heard played bad said .

€ The ƒ American R Distinguish between /t/ and /d/. Listen and practice the difference. heard her hurt curd earn turn nurse purse occur circumstance emergency attractive .

[æ] Ann ban can cat rat [ä] on bond con caught rot [uh] unbun come cut run .

and E long [e] ² tense vowel sound Short [i] ² lax vowel sound €I single tense lax beat bit double bead bid .

€ Consonant & Consonant Spelling I just didn't get the chance I've been late twice. Pronunciation [I jussdidn't ge(t)the chance] [äivbin la(t)twice] .

Spelling Go away. Pronunciation [go(w)away] I also need the other [äi(y)älso need one.€ Vowel & Vowel ƒ When a word ending in a vowel sound is next to one beginning with a vowel sound. . they are connected with a glide between the two vowels. the(y)other one] *A glide is either a slight [y] sound or a slight [w] sound.

€T + Y = CH Spelling What's your name? Can't you do it? Don't you like it? Actually Pronunciation [Whacher name?] [Canchoo do it?] [Donchoo like it?] [achully] .

€D +Y=J Spelling What did you do? Pronunciation [Whajoo do?] Would you help me? [Wüjoo help me?] Did you like it? Graduation [Didja like it?] [graju(w)ation] .

€S + Y = SH Spelling insurance Sugar Pronunciation [inshurance] [shüg'r] .

€Z + Y = ZH Spelling How's your family? Who's your friend? Casual Usual Pronunciation [howzher family?] [hoozhier friend?] [kazhyoow'l] [yuzhoow'l] .

Regular Spelling Can we get it? Let's go! Did you eat? No. Ledder gedda bedder wädr heedr. How to wreck a nice beach. How to recognize speech.American Sound Kwee geddit? Sko! Jeet? No. joo? Jläik smore? I shüda tol joo. Let her get a better water heater. . did you? Would you like some more? I should have told you.

American accent LA 909-5068 . They don't even like it.American Sound Hole däna sek'nt! Regular Spelling Hold on a second! Hæoja ly kuh liddul more? How would you like a little more? They doe neev'n lye kit. [my nay mi zæn] [amer'k' næksent] [eh lay] My name is Ann.

The dime easier. .The dime. They tell me that I·m easier to understand. They tell me the dime easier to understand. They tell me the dime easier. Beddy bada bida bedder budder. Betty bought a bit of better butter.

The usual British pronunciation is shown first.€ Below are some examples of words which are often pronounced differently in Britain and in the US. followed by the usual American pronunciation in brackets .

Ballet: ball-ay (ba-llay): stress is on the first part in Britain. but rhymes with 'work' in America Lever: leever (levver): rhymes with 'fever' in Britain. but on the second part in America Clerk: clark (clurk): rhymes with 'park' in Britain. but it is often pronounced to rhyme with 'never' in America Privacy: pri-va-see (pry-va-see): the 'i' is short in Britain (like the 'i' of 'image'). but long in America (like the 'i' of 'idea') .

but like the 'ma' of 'make' in America. but like 'sk' in 'skip' in America Tomato: to-maa-tow (to-may-tow): 'ma' is like the 'ma' of 'mark' in Britain. but not in Britain Vase: vaaz (vayz): rhymes with Mars in Britain. but with maze in America .Schedule: shed-yool (sked-yool): 'sch' is pronounced like 'sh' in 'ship' in Britain. rhymes with potato in America.

€ Water € Dior-calm-hair-orphan? Do you come here often . Thin cue. nayce dawg! Wart ease thah dawgs neem? . Thank you. What's the dog's name?.(from The Queen's English by Sir Vere Brayne d'Hemmidge & Lady Mayna Brayne d'Hemmidge) With teeth clenched and stiff upperlip say loudly and clearly: € Eggs-queues may. Excuse me. What a nice dog!.

shower. tiles. sahpah bathroom. shire . God save our gracious queen. breakfast. Long live our noble queen rrm. Lawng leave ah no bull quin. towels.€ Ay-merry-ken eggs-prayers American Express sieve ah grey shahs quin. supper € Gawd € € bawth . brick-fist.

Whore-lend . Beel-jahm . Holland. Yawn-nated Steet-sawvay-merry-car.Jar-money. Merry Christmas. Belgium.€ Mary crease-mice. Scotland. Where's tin-dears. United States of America. Praws-praws gnu yah. Prosperous New Year Scawtland . West Indies. € € € € . Germany.

Horse-trail-ear.€ Mick-sick-oh. California. Naples. Gibraltar Knee-pulls. Mexico. Turkey. Jeer-brawl-tar. Tah-care. May-emmy. Norway. Knee-auk. Portugal. Gnaw-weir. Kelly-fawn-yah. Australia. Florida. Floor-ridder. Texas. New York. Ticks-arse. Paw-tugle. VNR. Airthins. Vienna. Miami. Athens € € € € .

€ Bar-lean. . Railing Stains. Michael Jackson. € Ear-dawl Bjor-daw-pissed. € May-kill jix-horn. Adolf Hitler. feet-lah. Budapest. € Elbah-tain-stain. Frank Sinatra. Rolling Stones. Berlin.Frenc-sah-naught-rah. Albert Einstein.

Have.€ A. "May I bar your eraser? A tooth expert. € Forced. "I coulda danced all nigh. "Only you can prevent forced fires." large cluster of trees. ´Can·t join you! I have a dense appointment today." € Bar. To take temporarily." € Dense. A .

but formally she tried to make a living as an EngIish teacher." "for all intents and purposes." € Girl. "Who will write the forward to your book?" An article of clothing. Earlier. "Too many people take the good Iife for granite." € Forward. "She had to work hard to get her girl on. Conceded. .€ Formally. "Today she's a millionaire." € Intensive. Prefatory remarks by another person. € Granite.

and what's Mayan is Mayan. who's the fairest one of all?" Unit lasting 60 seconds. . The opposite of "gemmen. mere on the wall." A reflecting glass." € Mayan.€ Lays. "Mere. I now introduce our guest speaker." Possessive pronoun. "What's yours is yours. Contraction of "let us. € Mince. "I'll be back in a few mince. € Mere." "Lays and gemmen. € Less." "Less learn more about Slurvian.

Officers of the law. "As soon as we get the pitcher framed.€ Money. Adjacent. An image or representation." Please. ´We hafta call the please!" € € € € . Day after Sunny. "I like Sunny better then Money." Neck Store." Pain. Giving money. "I'm in love with the girl neck store. "I'm tired of pain these high prices." Pitcher. we'll hang it above the sofa.

can Money be far behind?" Torment. "Many birds fly south for the winner." Win." € € € € . "Mabel and I have entered the bridge torment. "When Sunny comes." Whore. Day before Money. "I love getting scared out of my pants by whore films. Inspiring terror. A competition. Movement of air. "He was awakened in the mill of the nigh by flashes of lining and gusts of win.€ Sunny.´ Winner: The cold season.

...cheese mine! drinkin outa bahls € .€ € € € € € € Lawn sand jealous Sand tackle laws Mow bead hick Chick he tub an an us Aisle oh view Caress tougher clump us Thumb ill key way € € € € € € Gall licks he Age ant hub blows heaven This hound dove muse sick I·m a frayed knot Eiffel Thursday Liver alone.

Worn dear. ears sheer ren Ian thah wards. thah wores ay lear-till ghel end hah neem wores Galed-ear-lawks. sheer kem earcraws ay pree-teah caught-itch.€The Tale: Worns ay pornay tame. . Thah daw awv thah caught-itch wores airpin end sheer dear-sayeddead taw gay Ian-sayed end hevvah lawk rind.

The Tale: €Once upon a time. as she ran in the woods. she came across a pretty cottage. there was a little girl and her name was Goldilocks. One day. . The door of the cottage was open and she decided to go inside and have a look round.

sui october ² oiktoiba august.oigist you ² yui true ² trui cheers mate! thanks ² thaynks you ² yuy zero ² zeroi .good dai ² gid dai also ² alsoi so.

jon joanne-joen trevor ² trevo stevensonstivinsin seven ² siven number ² nuimba tomorrow ² tumoroi murray -muree david.tin four ² foa eight ² ayt joan.ten.daivid .

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