Durable press finish Wash ±n-wear finish Different types of finishing parameters and controlling factors (padding, curing, permanent set, surface property after finishing)
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permanent press. However. shrink proof. These are called as Drip-dry. crease resistant. no-iron. Easy care. one of their main disadvantages is wrinkling after washing which can be overcome by a very special kind of finish. Easy to iron. durable press.Cellulose fibres and especially cotton are still important fibres due to various advantages. wrinkle free finishes . Wash & Wear.

WASH & WEAR FINISHES: These are also referred to as drip-dry finishes. . The fabrics have a good soft hand and a neat appearance. Wash and wear finishes have been primarily used on broad cloth and oxford shirting and applied to other cotton fabrics. Garments made of fabrics with wash and wear finishes will dry smooth and need little or no ironing after washing. They are of the same type as wrinkle resistant finishes.

Rinse them well. buttoned and straightened out and allow them to drip dry. wash and wear finishes cause yellowing when a chlorine bleach is used.Each company has its own trade mark for its drip-dry finish. . labels should therefore be read carefully. Garments made of fabrics treated with this finish may be Commercially laundered. The primary advantage is that such garments launder easily at home and need no ironing. Finishes: Resin pre condensates are sued for finishing fabrics for this effect. This tends to increase their wear since home laundering is less harsh as a mild soap is used. In some cases. Do not wring the garments or spin dry them in washing machine or in a dryer. hang them on wooden or plastic hangers.

. before the goods are cut and sewn into memory which interfered with shaping garments to conform to body contours.Durable or Permanent press finishes: The development of permanent press. This finish gave the fabrics a built. Wash and wear finishes described earlier is a pre cured process.e. . The permanent press finishes are post cured. pressing creases into trousers and putting pleats in skirts. i. also referred to as PP & durable press finishing techniques is s great achievement for manufacturers to overcome difficulties in making wrinkle resistant goods in to garments.

which require C/P blends not set in creases. Draparies etc. sew and press Cure at open width Ex: Shirting.I. . Fabric Resin Cross linking Dry at open width Pre cured Cut.

Post cured or permanent press: Resin cross linking Dry at open width Fabric Post cured Cure products at 300-400o F Cut. . sew and press Ex: Used for skirts. Common with cotton and polyester blends.II. slacks and other products.

Immersion process: Dye and finish the product for a specific fashion look Immerse the garment or product in the finishing agent and extract excess finish and dry the product. Hand and performance are modified with fabric softeners and other compounds so that the finished product will appeal to consumers. .Methods of application on garments: 1.

in to garment with special press Cure product in curing oven at 300o F for 5-15 min Used for fashion apparel of 100% cotton Also known as the garment or product dip process .Press desired features-like creases. pleats etc.

Tumble till uniformly processed Hand and performance can be adjusted with fabric softeners and other compounds Press desired features . Metered-Addition process: Dye and finish the product for a specific fashion look Spray the garments or product with finishing agent in a rotating chamber.2.

bed linens and towels of 100% cotton 3. Used for fashion apparel and furnishings.Cure at 300o F for 5-15 min. Vapour phase process: Dye and finish the product for a specific fashion look Press desired features into garment with a hot press .

Hand and performance can be adjusted with softeners and other compounds Apply finish in a vapour form to the product in a closed chamber and cure while in chamber Used for cotton and other natural fibres Uses less finishing chemicals so the effect on hand. abrasion resistance and staining is less .

Ameri-set are some of the trade names for permanent press or durable press finish fabrics. Sharp shape. Kara set. .Keraton. Dan-press. Super crease. Cone press. Never-press.

Flat fabric is treated with 1-2% of durable press resin and steamed for 3-5 minutes 2. Si-Ro-Set is a trade name. sprayed with more durable press resin and pressed Shrink resistance resin is mixed with a dry cleaning solvent and item is dry cleaned The resin is cured 3-7 days before laundering .Durable press wool: It is achieved by a combination of resin treatment Which controls wool¶s excessive shrinkage. Item is made up. 1.

. increase in stiffness and decrease in whiteness. poly carboxylic acid is used to produce durable press or wrinkle resistant silk. This finish is durable to launderings but looses 20 % loss of strength.Durable-press Silk: Since silk wrinkles easily when wet.

Requirements: 1. Dimensional stability 4. Soft and pleasant handle 5. No iron or easy to iron 2. Durable press performance 3. Tare strength . High abrasion stability 6.

Di methylol ethylene urea .Chemicals used: Urea Formaldehyde DMU-Dimethylol urea Melamine formaldehyde TMM ± Tri ±to hexamethylol melamine DHEU ± Di hydroxy ethylene urea DMDHEU.

Use spot removal agent on grease spots Keep wash loads small to minimize wrinkling Avoid setting in wrinkles with heat Keep washing temperature cool Remove items promptly when dry .Care: Wash items frequently because resins have a strong Affinity for oil and grease Pre treat stains. collars and cuffs.


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