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Lecture 1


Prepared by:
Rosiadi Bin Tajudin


Learning objectives
At the end of this topic, you will be able to:

Define 3 dimensional (3D) concepts correctly.

Differentiate the three basic elements of 3D correctly.
Explain 5 types of 3D animation correctly.
List example of 3D software available in today’s market and
technical support as problem emerge correctly
Name the company which produces the popular 3D software
in today’s market correctly..
Identify the system requirements for the popular 3D software
in today’s market correctly.
What is 3D?
3D = 3 dimensional.

As we all living in 3D world, the same concept apply in

modeling a 3D object using computers.

Modeling = A spatial description and placement of imaginary

3D objects, environment and scenes with a computer system.

Process in 3D animation = Modeling, mapping, lighting,

camera, animation and rendering.
Basics concept in 3D
Dimensions Y

Object created consist of 3

basic dimensions : width (X),
height (Y) and depth (Z).

Axes = arrows used in X

representing these dimension.

Basics concept in 3D
Axes can also be paired with
other to define a plane or a

 XY – Front plane
 XZ – Top plane X
 YZ – Side plane

Basic elements of 3D
 Points
 Lines – exist between 2 endpoints
 Surfaces – Bounded of few lines

Triangle Square

3D object
Example of 3D model
Activity 1

Draw a 3D model on whiteboard. (Box, pyramid, and cylinder)

Which parts of the model represent the three axes x, y and z.

Draw surfaces which form the model.

Types of 3D animation
Animation character
 Unique and attractive character.
 TV commercial, film industry, video games.
 Example : Shrek.

Motion graphics
 Combinations of typeface, illustration, digital photo and digital
 Introduce the title of a film or TV program.
 Montage

Special effects
 Used in fantasy and futuristic film.
 Example : Fire, smoke, rain, storm, wave and etc.
Types of 3D animation
3D illustration
 Final 3D model were rendered into digital graphics file
format. (PIC, TIFF, JPEG, and etc)
 Use for magazine publishing and website.

3D architectural
 Use by architect.
 Use to design buildings, home, car model and etc.
Exercise 1: List of 3D

4. Browse the internet and search information about the current

3D animation software available in today’s market. Then, list
down your findings.

6. Search as much as you can.

Time allocated: 10 minutes.

List of 3D software
Maya Lightscape

Photo Realistic Renderman Mental Ray

Soft Image 3D Cinema 4D XL

Lightwave 3D Electric Image

3D Studio Max Truespace

POVray Rhino

Bryce Poser

Strata 3D Pixels 3D
Basic function in 3D
Geometry object
Extended geometry object
Virtual camera
Animation function
Rendering function
Export movie
Technical support
There are 3 common steps that you can use to get technical
support when problem emerge regarding your 3D software.

 Help menu (Tutorial)

 E-mail to the company which produce the software.
 Discussing your problem through 3D forum.
Activity 2: Group

Search the information of 3D animation software given to your group (30

minutes). The information being search is:
a. The company name which produce the software.
b. Identify the computer operating system that supports the
c. Identify system requirements for the software.
d. List example of product that have been developed by using that
Each group must write down their findings on transparency film given.
Group representative will present their findings to the class. (5 minutes
for each group)
 The basic concept of 3D. (Dimension, axes).

 Basic elements of 3D. (Points, lines, surfaces).

 Types of 3D animation (5).

 Examples of 3D software available in today’s market.

 Three common steps to get technical support, and

 Examples of popular 3D animation software used in animation

Assignment 1
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