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A8D kA2Ak nA5AN
Lxamp|es of 5WA1n
Ieatures of the 5WA1n
W SŦWŦAŦ1ŦPŦ sLand for Small WaLerplane Area of 1wln PullŦ
W 1he SWA1P vessel ls a relaLlvelv recenL developmenL ln shlp
W 1he aeneral conflauraLlons of a SWA1P vessel aeomeLrlcallv
ls LhaL Lwo fullv and Lwo parLlallv submeraed hulls
connecLed bv sLruLsŦ
W 1hese conflauraLlons offer Lhe sLreamllned verLlcal columns
(sLruLs) can plerce Lhe waLer surface and supporL a crossŴ
Þrof||e f|gure
5ect|on Area of 5WA1n
W ffer aood rlde quallLv exceedlna compared
wlLh a monohull vessel of equlvalenL
dlsplacemenL under rouah condlLlonŦ
W 8eLLer seakeeplna performance of Lhe SWA1P
vessel concepL ls much assoclaLed wlLh lLs
small waLerplane concepLualŦ
AdvanLaaes of Lhe SWA1P shlps lnherenLlv
compared wlLh Lhe equlvalenL monohull vessel
can be Laken as follow ť
W Less speed loss ln rouah seas Lhan convenLlonal
vessels because of mlnlmal plLchlna moLlonsŦ
W Mlnlmlzlna a draa as well as keeplna Lhe reslsLance
W LllmlnaLe seaslcknessţ and alve Lhe vessel moblllLv
comparable Lo monoŴhullsŦ
W An lncrease ln propulslon power due Lo lLs
areaLer weLLed surface area whlch causes an
lncrease of frlcLlonal draaŦ
W 8elaLlvelv laraer Lurnlna dlameLer ln relaLlon
Lo lenaLh ln a hlah speed SWA1P shlpŦ
(5LA 5nADCW)
(2) nULL ICkM
W a LwlnŴhull shlp deslan mlnlmlzes hull volume ln
Lhe surface area of Lhe sea
W Mlnlmlzlna hull volume vessel wlll lncrease
sLabllllLvţ even ln hlah seas and aL hlah speedsŦ
W LwlnŴhull deslan provldes laraeţ broad decks and
a sLable plaLform
W 1he bulk of Lhe dlsplacemenL necessarv Lo keep
Lhe shlp afloaL ls locaLed beneaLh Lhe wavesţ
where lL ls less affecLed bv wave acLlonţ as wave
exclLaLlon drops exponenLlallv wlLh depLhŦ
W able Lo dellver blaŴshlp plaLform sLeadlness
and rlde quallLv ln a smaller vessel
W able Lo susLaln a hlah proporLlon of lLs normal
crulslna speed ln rouah head seasŦ
Advantages of 5WA1n nu|| Iorm
AdvanLaae ln Lerm of buovancv of SWA1Pť
W Pullform ls provlded bv 2 submarlne hulls
connecLed Lo Lhe upper plaLform bv Lwln
narrow sLruLs from each of Lhe submarlne
W blaaesL advanLaae comes ln a beam sea
because Lhe Lechnoloav slanlflcanLlv reduces
Lhe vesselƌs verLlcal movemenL Ǝ LoLallv
ellmlnaLes Lhe qulck [arrlna movemenLs
W more expenslve Lhan convenLlonal caLamarans
W 8equlre complex conLrol svsLem
W ueeper drafL Lhan convenLlonal hullforms
W Plaher malnLenance requlremenL
D|sadvantages of 5WA1n nu|| Iorm
W 1o reduce some of LhaL reslsLance (Lhe parL
LhaL aeneraLes waves)ţ as much dlsplacemenL
volume as posslble ls moved Lo Lhe lower hull
and Lhe waLerllne crossŴsecLlon ls narrowed
sharplvţ creaLlna Lhe dlsLlncLlve palr of
bulbous hulls below Lhe waLerllne and Lhe
narrow sLruLs supporLlna Lhe upper hullŦ
W means LhaL Lhe shlpƌs floaLaLlon runs mosLlv
under Lhe wavesţ llke a submarlne (Lhe
smooLh rlde of a sub was Lhe lnsplraLlon for
Lhe deslan)
W resulL ls LhaL a falrlv small shlp can run sLeadllv
ln rouah seas
W 1here are Lwo oLher componenLs Lo Lhe hullť
1) 1he SLruLs
2) 1he haunches
1he haunchesţ whlch blend lnLo Lhe decks and
brldaeţ are connecLed Lo each submeraed hull
bv one or Lwo relaLlvelv Lhln verLlcal
membersţ called sLruLsŦ
1yp|ca| 5WA1n's Components
W 1he lonalLudlnal crossŴsecLlon of each sLruL
rouahlv half Lhe wldLh of Lhe submeraed hullţ
and sLreamllned Lo decrease waveŴmaklna
W shlp moLlons are caused bv Lhe waves on Lhe
ocean surface whlch frequencv and ampllLude
deLermlnes Lhe effecL on slowlna and rocklna
Lhe hull as lL moves Lhrouah Lhe waLer
W vou can ao below Lhese wavesţLo achleve a
smooLh rlde as vou mlahL expecL wlLh a
W 8uL wave effecLţ whlch creaLes as much or
more draa as frlcLlonal (plpe) reslsLance
cannoL be ellmlnaLed LoLallvţ slnce a dearee of
reserve buovancv ls needed
W 1he wave forces can be lowered lf Lhe volume
and waLerŴplane area aL Lhe deslan waLerllne
ls kepL Lo a mlnlmum
W So a verv careful calculaLlna sLruL slze lL ls
posslble for Lhe neL verLlcal wave force on Lhe
sLruLs and hulls Lo be near zero over a chosen
ranae of wave frequencles
W 1he deslan compromlseţ ls Lo achleve slmllar
pavload carrvlna capaclLv wlLh reduced moLlonsţ veL
sLlll malnLaln speed
W lL wlll reduclna seaslcknessţ hence enhanclna crew
performance and comforL levelsŦ
W Lhlnner sLruLs decrease wave maklna reslsLanceţ buL
also lncrease Lhe hull's weLLed areaţ whlch resulLs ln
lncreased frlcLlonal reslsLanceŦ
W So Lhe research and developmenL efforL on
SWA1P vessels has focused on Lhe correlaLlon
waLer plane area and seaŴkeeplna
W SufflclenL wave clearance Lo Lhe underslde of
Lhe deck sLrucLure ls also lmporLanL Lo allow
anv SWA1P shlp Lo rlde above surface waves
LhaL are Lvplcal of Lhe area Lhe vessel wlll be
of 5WA1n
W LxcellenL seaklndllness
W no speed drop
W LxcellenL sea keeplna performance
W Seakeeplna assessed bv few characLerlsLlcs
uslna Model LesL
Seakeeplna for SWA1P
5h|p mot|on
5h|p hu|| form
5h|p bow 5tern
neave Þ|tch ro||
1) Load
W SllahL load due Lo small buovancv
2) 5h|p Mode|
W Low speed appllcaLlonsť
shorL lenaLh hull ls necessarv Lo provlde verv
lona plLch naLural perlodţ whlch decreases
vesselƌs plLch moLlons
) 5h|p Mot|on
W Smaller meLacenLrlc helahL of SWA1Pť
lonaer roll Ǝ plLch naLural perlods
W heave and plLch characLerlzed bv a relaLlvelv
small added mass and verv small waves
maklna damplna
W for rollţ boLh added mass and damplna are
subsLanLlallv areaLer Lhan LhaL observed for
Lhe monohull
W no slammlna for fasL shlp runnlna ln ocean waves
W Lower Lhan monoŴhull Ǝ Lrlmaran
W eaLure wlLh less resLorlna momenL ln plLch moLlon
W Lower Lhan monoŴhull and Lrlmaran
W AL rouah seaţ shlp plLchlna ls qulLe a problem due Lo flaL
hull ln Lhe waLer
W for low speed appllcaLlonsţ shorL lenaLh ls necessarv Lo
provlde verv lona plLch naLural perlodţ whlch decreases
vesselƌs plLch moLlons

W Plah rolllna caused bv waves buL SWA1P wlll malnLaln lLs
ko||ţ p|tch Ǝ heave
4) 5h|p hu||form
W ueep propeller poslLlonť
ŴLxcellenL flow condlLlon lnLo propellers
ŴCreaLlv reduce propulslon levels
W hulls are bulbousť
a crafL wlLh reduced waLerplane area sLlll
requlres a dlsplacemenL volumeŦ
W slnale sLruL per hullť
Ŵreduced draa bv ellmlnaLlon of wave
lnLerference effecLs beLween Lhe sLruLs
Ŵalve beLLer performance ln exLreme seasŦ
W Smaller area waLerplaneť
Lhe conLrol of verLlcal moLlon ls lmporLanL
whlle runnlna ln waves
) Waves
W LxclLlna waves ls exLremelv low compared
wlLh monohull
W lL ls also called as ºwove excltotlooless sblp#
) D|sp|acement
7) 5h|p 8ow
8) 5tern
() ÞkCÞUL5ICN 5¥51LM
Þropu|s|on of 5WA1n
W uue Lo reduced waLerplane areaţ SWA1P
shlps are qulLe resLrlcLed Lo flL bla and
complex machlnerv svsLemsŦ
W Soţ Lhelr Lransom sLern provldes more space
for water [ets whlch are favoured propulslon
svsLem for hlah speed crafLsŦ
Water Iet
A Ŷ waLer lnleL
8Ŵ lmpeller as pumplna unlL
CŴ sLaLor lncreases Lhe pressure or head of flow
uŴ pressure flow dlscharaed aL nozzle
LŴ asLern deflecLor as sLeerlna unlL
W So farţ mosL common propulslon machlnerv ln
D|ese| eng|nes and gas turb|nes
f|xed or contro||ab|e p|tch prope||ers as
propulslon devlcesŦ
Contro||ab|e Þ|tch Þrope||er
Mechan|ca| 1ransm|ss|on
() ÞkIML
Gas 1urb|nes
D|ese| Lng|nes
L|ectr|c Motors
GA5 1Uk8INL5
Advantages ť
W 8esL power Lo welahL raLlo
W Maxlmum acceleraLlon and Lop spedds
W Lasllv cope wlLh rapld load chanaes
W lncrease hlah operaLlonal avallablllLv
D|sadvantages ť
W 8elaLlvelv hlah speclflc fuel consumpLlon
Advantages ť
W Much more efflclenL over a much wlder
ranae of loads ( 0Ŧ220ka/kW)
W 8eadllv avallable ln proven
W SupporLlble and rellable deslan
W Plah operaLlonal avallablllLv
W CombusLlon alr and exhausL aases have
Lo be ducLed over areaL dlsLances from
Lhe ouLslde Lo Lhe prlme moversŦ
W Plahlv malnLenance
W ccupvlna space (from mldshlp nearlv Lo
W Plah mannlna requlremenL
W Lower responslveness Lo load
W LlmlLaLlon on Lhe shock mounLlnas
due Lo allanmenL requlremenLs
beLween shafLţ aearbox and Lhe
Advantages ť
W Can be locaLed anvwhere
W Would alwavs run verv close Lo Lhelr
deslan load condlLlonsţ whlch wlll
slanlflcanLlv lncrease Lhe overall
W lncrease Lhe operaLlonal avallablllLv
W Crew reducLlon
W Ierv quleL (no nolse or vlbraLlons wlll
be LransmlLLed from Lhe prlme
mover or Lhe aearbox Lo Lhe
W ffers Lhe poLenLlal for a fuLure
uparade Lo fuel cellsŦ
Lxterna| L|ectr|c Dr|ve
Lxterna| L|ectr|c Dr|ve
Augmented 1hrust Water[et

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