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Median nerve in forearm - It enter the forearm by passing between the 2 heads of PT, the ulnar head separates the

nerve from ulnar artery -It descends between FDS & FDP 5 cm above the wrist it emerges from under the lat. Border of FDS to appears bet. FCR & PL. It leaves the forearm by passing deep to flexor retinaculum (carpal tunnel).

Flexor retinaculum

Branches in forearm
1-Muscular: 4 muscles 2-Articular: to elbow & superior radioulnar joint 3- Ant. Interosseous nerve: arise after its passage bet. 2 heads of pronator teres. It descends with the artery on the membrane between FDP & FPL behind PQ Branches:Muscular: 2 ½ muscles Articular: inferior radioulnar 4-Palmar cutaneous branch: just proximal to retinaculum. Pierces the deep fascia and run superficial to retinaculum. Ends by dividing into: Lat. Branch: supplies the skin over thenar muscle. Medial branches: supply skin of hollow of palm

Palmer cut. Br.

Palmar cutaneous branch of median nerve

Ulnar nerve in forearm
Enter the forearm by passing between 2 heads of FCU -runs in forearm between FCU and FDP ‡ In the lower part of forearm, it lies medial to ulnar artery and lateral To tendon of FCU ‡ At wrist: it passes in front of flexor retinaculum, protected by its superficial layer

Ulnar nerve in forearm
Branches:\1- muscular: 1 ½ muscles 2- articular: to elbow 3- palmar cutaneous branch: arises below the middle of forearm. Pierces deep fascia, descends on retinaculum to supply skin of medial 1/3 of palm

palmer cut. Br. Of median

Palmer median Palmer ulnar

4- dorsal cutaneous branch: arises 5 cm above wrist, winds around medial side of wrist to supply: a) Skin of medial 1/3 of dorsum of hand b) Skin of dorsal aspect of med. 1 ½ fingers by 2 dorsal digital branches

Radial nerve in the forearm

Anterior to the lateral Epicondyle, it divides into two terminal branches: a)superficial radial b) Post. Interosseous

Posterior interosseous Superficial radial

a) superficial radial:
descends in forearm lateral to radial artery and deep to brachioradialis. 7 cm above the wrist, it emerges from beneath the muscle and peirces the deep fascia giving 5 dorsal digital branches run on the roof of anatomical snuff box

POSTERIOR Radial nerve INTEROSSEOUS It peirces the supinator to reach the back of forearm by turning round lat. Aspect of radius.

Course of Post Interosseous:
-It descends between the superficial and deep extensor of forearm with the artery ‡ At the distal border of ext. P.B., it passes deep to the ext. P.L. on the membrane accompanied by termination of ant. Interosseous artery. ‡ It passes deep to ext retinaculum where it ends as pseudoganglion. ‡ Branches: ‡ 1) muscular 2) articular: to inferior radio-ulnar, wrist, carpal joints

Supinator Post. Inteross.N

Abd. P.L. Ext. P. B.