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Muscles of back of forearm

Superficial group: 7 muscles 1. Brachioradialis 2. Extensor carpi radialis longus 3. Extensor carpi radialis brevis 4. Extensor digitorum 5. Extensor digiti minimi 6. Extensor carpi ulnaris 7. Anconeus
Anconeus Ext CU

Ext DM

Origin :upper 2/3 of lat. Supracondylar ridge of humerus + ant. Surface of lat. intermuscular septum Insertion: lower end of lateral surface of radius just above styloid P. Crossed by tendons of abductor PL & extensor PB Nerve supply: radial Action: flexion of elbow + put forearm in midprone position

Extensor carpi radialis longus
Origin: from lower 1/3 of lateral supracondylar ridge of humerus + front of lateral intermuscular septum. Insertion: into the base of 2nd metacarpal bone Nerve supply: radial nerve.

Extensor carpi radialis brevis
Origin: common extensor origin + radial collateral ligament. Insertion: base of 3rd metacarpal Nerve supply: post. Interosseous Actions of both ext. radialis: 1- extend the wrist 2abduct the wrist

Extensor digitorum
Origin: common ext. origin Insertion: divides into 4 tendons, each joins the extensor digital expansion Each expansion divides into 3 slips; the *intermediate into the bases of middle phalanges. *The 2 collateral slips unite to be inserted into bases of terminal phalanges. Nerve suuply: post. interosseous Acrion: extension of all joints of fingers + weak extension of wrist

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Extensor digiti minimi
Origin: common ext. origin Insertion: joins extensor expansion Nerve suuply: posterior interosseuos Acrion: extension of all joints of little finger

Extensor carpi ulnaris
Origin: *Common ext.origin *Upper 2/3 of post. Border of ulna *Medial side of olecranon Insertion: base of dorsum of 5th metacarpal bone Nerve supply: posterior interosseuos Actions: extension and adduction of wrist


Origin: back of lat. Epicondyle Insertion: lat. Side of olecranon + upper ¼ of back of ulna Nerve supply: radial nerve in spiral groove Actions: assists in extension of elbow

Deep group
1- supinator 2- abductor pollicis longus 3- extensor pollicis breivis 4- extensor pollicis longus 5- extensor indicis
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1-Supinator Origin:
a) Superficial head: lat. Epicondyle + radial lig of elbow + annular lig. b) Deep head: annular ligament +supinator fossa and crest

Insertion: upper 1/3 of lat. Surface of radius bet. Insertion of biceps and pronator teres Nerve supply: posterior interosseuos before it passes between its 2 parts Actions: supination of forearm

Radial lig Annular lig

Back of ulna+ middle 1/3 of radius+ back of membrane

Back of radius below ABL + Inteross. membrane

Back of middle 1/3 of ulna + Inteross. membrane

lat. Side of base of 1st metacarpal

Back of base of proximal phalanx

Back of base of terminal phalanx

Nerve supply:
posterior interosseous

Abduction of thumb+ extends thumb


2-Abductor pollicis longus

3-Extensor pollicis brevis

4-Extensor pollicis longus

5-Extensor indicis
Origin: back of ulna distal to EPL + interosseus membrane Insertion: medial side of extensor expansion of index Nerve supply: posterior interosseous Actions: extension of index + assists in extension of wrist