University of Richmond

. Right now their mascot is Spidey the spider.Mascot 1876-1893 Colts 1894 Ragland Chesterman They are the spiders.

Campus .

graduate 4800 .0 units Law School.805 41. all students 3.070 35.650 380 455 340.610 17.650 17.undergraduate 4100 SCS teacher licensure: student teaching . 9-16 hours Continuing Studies Continuing Studies . 9-19 hours MBA/MACC.300 per credit hour per credit hour SCS teacher licensure: student teaching .School tuition Semester/full Time Year/Full Time Arts & Science/Business/Jepson.graduate 20.5-6.

history. . there is no typical applicant. and foreign language (two units of the same language. II. service. and foreign language at the highest levels available in their school setting. While there¶s no perfect formula that will guarantee acceptance.Requirements At Richmond. Admission counselors work hard to evaluate each applicant in a holistic manner. assessing character. three in college preparatory mathematics (including Algebra I. Candidates for admission must have completed a minimum of 16 units of secondary school coursework. and life experience alongside traditional measures of academic success²like grades. and recommendations. rigor of curriculum. laboratory science. creativity. which will not satisfy the requirement for foreign language). not including American Sign Language. special talents. and Geometry). independence. there are a few minimum requirements that guarantee each student we accept will come to campus prepared to succeed. and at least two each in history. test scores. Competitive candidates for admission typically exceed the minimum requirements and have taken three to four units in science. Minimum requirements include four units in English.

Politics. Economics. and Law (PPEL) ‡Psychology ‡Religion ‡Rhetoric and Communication Studies ‡Russian Studies ‡Sociology ‡Spanish ‡Theatre ‡Women. Gender.‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Accounting American Studies Anthropology Art History Art Studio Biology Majors Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Business Administration Chemistry Chinese Classical Civilization Cognitive Science Computer Science Criminal Justice Dance Economics (Arts & Sciences) Economics (Business) English (Combined Major in: -French -German -Greek -Latin -Russian -Theatre -WGSS) Environmental Studies ‡Film Studies ‡French ‡French and International Business ‡Geography ‡German Studies ‡German and International Business ‡Greek ‡History ‡Interdisciplinary Studies ‡International Studies ‡Italian Studies ‡Italian and International Business ‡Journalism ‡Latin ‡Latin American and Iberian Studies ‡LAIS and International Business ‡Leadership Studies ‡Mathematical Economies ‡mathematics ‡Modern Literatures and Cultures ‡Music ‡Philosophy ‡Physics ‡Physics .Interdisciplinary ‡Political Science ‡Philosophy. and Sexuality Studies .

Richmond ‡ 'Ray. 'ray! School Song ‡ The Spiders are all out today ‡ And with this game they're gonna walk away. ‡ So. ‡ 'Ray. 'ray for Richmond. Richmond. Richmond. 'ray. ‡ 'Ray. 'ray. 'ray for Richmond. ‡ So. 'ray. 'ray for Richmond. 'ray for Richmond.‡ And when I die I'll be spider dead. .

School Motto ‡ The Word of Life and the Light of Knowledge .

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