What are we doIng

P surveys were maIled to area SLP's In
PDf the surveys, 1J were returned.
PThe followIng slIdes detaIls each questIon
and the average response regardIng
dysphagIa assessment and therapy wIthIn the
varIous settIngs.
Pean number of years was 10.
PThe longest tIme beIng J0 years.
PThe shortest tIme beIng 2 years.
PSNF 10/1J
PHospItal 4/1J
PHome Health 4/1J
PAssIsted LIvIng 0
PÌnpatIent rehab 0
PAdults 12/1J
PÌnfants/peds 2/1J
PDn Average, 49º of caseload Is dysphagIc
PAverage number 6
PAverage 4Jº of dysphagIc patIents on
caseload are on an altered dIet.
PedsIde evaluatIon 12/1J
PSS 6/1J
PNobody that completed thIs survey uses
ultrasonography, manometry, sE or
P1º of respondants use a standardIzed
bedsIde assessment.
Pann Assessment of SwallowIng AbIlIty
(ASA) was the only standardIzed test lIsted
as beIng used.
P4º do NDT use facIlIty screenIng forms.
PPartIcIpants were provIded a lIst whIch they
could mark.
Post popular at 8º
S 0Iet alteratIons
S Dral exercIses
PAt º
S ChIn tuck
S ultIple swallows
S Alternate consIstencIes
S LImIt bolus sIze
S No straws
S Pharyngeal exercIses
PAt 4º
S Cough/throat clear after bolus
PAt 46º
S Effortful swallows
S asako
S ExercIses wIth resIstance
S Shaker exercIse
S Lemon Ice after bolus presentatIon
PAt J8º
S endelsohn maneuver
S Alternate temperature
S Head turn to left or rIght
PAt J1º
S Supra·glottIc swallow
S Super·supra glottIc swallow
PAt 2Jº
S Dral manIpulatIon exercIses
PAt 1º
S Thermal/tactIle stImulatIon
S 0PNS (deep pharyngeal neuromuscular
PAt º
S Pressure feedback (ÌDPÌ)
S No partIcIpant In thIs survey reported usIng
Iofeedback (sE).
PThIs was left blank for partIcIpants to wrIte
In theIr reponses.
P1. dIet alteratIons
P2. chIn tuck/lImIt bolus sIze/no
straws/multIple swallows/asako/effortful
strategIes/oropharyngeal exercIses
PJ. strengthenIng/thermal stIm/7ItalstIm
P4. pt./famIly
swallow/super supraglottIc swallow/lemon
Pes J1º
P4 respondants stated that they are 7ItalstIm
PNobody Is certIfIed In use of any other NES
Pes=1º (2 respondants)
PAverage return to a regular dIet Is 0º
S Keep In mInd also that most respondants work In
a SNF unIt and have dementIa patIents that
sometImes requIre management servIces.
Pes=º (10 partIcIpants)
PNo·2 partIcIpants
P Provale cups·8
P Laryngeal mIrrors·
P Chewy tubes·J
P Ìce fInger·2
P ThermostIm·2
P Nuk brush·2
P Wedge cup·2
P Safestraw·2
P DralIght·1
P TheraSIp·1
P The reather·1
P Dne Way 7alve Straw·1
P Dther cups·1
P 7HÌ Dral Sensory and otor Treatment PrescrIptIon Cards·0
P ÌDPÌ (Ìowa Dral Performance Ìnstrument)·0
PClInIcal Anatomy and PhysIology of the
Swallow echanIsm by CorbIn·LewIs, LIss and

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