Presented by Shafat Nazir Pinak Gupta Rhythm Deepak kaushal Vineet Gictu

A set of systematic and planned activities designed by the organization to provide its members with the necessary skills to meet current and future job demands.

y Develop human resources continuously for

better performances to meet objectives. y Provide opportunity for development of different level of employees. y Suitable need based training programs. y Prepare newly staff to perform their work with competency and excellence. y Meet social obligations of industry to contribute towards the excellence of technical and management education.

y Promote a culture of creativity ,

innovation, human development, respect and dignity. y Achieve excellence in every aspect of working life y Create environment for the trainees conducive to their character building.

y Early apprenticeship programs. y Early vocational education programs. y Early factory schools. y Early training for unskilled/ semiskilled y Human relations movement y Establishment of training profession. y Emergence of hrd.

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Providing skill input to apprentice and trainees Identifying training needs and imparting training Outside deputation for competency enhancement Competency mapping Organizational development activities Conducting sessions and workshops. Training and development( t&d)

HRD can be a platform for organizational transformation. y A mechanism for continuous organizational and individual renewal. y And a vehicle for global knowledge transfer.

y Implementing a new policy y Implementing a strategy y Effecting organizational change y Changing an organization's culture y Meeting changes in the external

environment y Solving particular problems

y Technological changes creates

requirements for training and development

Organizations that work in less time will have a competitive advantage. y A customer and quantity focus will permeate tomorrow s superior organization. y The arena for an organization s planning and action will be global. y usiness strategies now depend on quality and versatility of the human resource. y Work culture and design will change dramatically.

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