Facts About Russia
‡ The capital of Russia is Moscow. ‡ The population of Russia is 149,476,000. ‡ The money used is the ruble. ‡ The language spoken is Russian.

400 square kilometres ² contains 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites ² 40 UNESCO Biosphere reserves ² 40 National Parks ² 101 nature reserves .075.Geography ² the largest country in the world ² its total area is 17.

‡ Topography ‡ Climate ‡ Russian Federation .

Flora and fauna The Brown bear is a symbol of Russia .

Government and politics ‡ Legislative power ‡ Executive power ‡ Judiciary power .

As of 2009. ² Dmitry Medvedev of Russia. .Foreign relations ‡ Leaders of the BRIC nations in 2008: ²Manmohan Singh of India. The foreign policy is determined by the President of Russia and implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. it maintains diplomatic relations with 191 countries and has 144 embassies. ‡ Russia has a multifaceted foreign policy. ²Hu Jintao of China ²Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil.

and may demand impunity and a significant role in defining Haiti's future. citing "carefully engineered elections" and "absence" of debate. Human rights Haiti ‡ Amnesty International is extremely concerned that Haitian judicial institutions have been further weakened by the recent political turmoil. and "gag" potential dissidents. imprisoning political dissidents and operating a system of arbitrary arrest.‡ Russia ‡ Some leading international democracy and human rights organizations consider Russia to have not enough democratic attributes and to allow few political rights and civil liberties to its citizens. US-funded international organization Freedom House ranks Russia as "not free". on the basis that the Russian authorities "black list" figures that are critical of the government. If Haiti is to overcome the cycle of violence that has plagued the country the past decade. making it difficult to hold authorities and armed opposition groups accountable for the deaths of hundreds of civilians since February 5. Human Rights Watch claims Russia commits grave human rights violations in Chechnya and allows the systematic abuse of migrant workers. ‡ . it must move quickly to ensure impunity does not take hold in the postAristide era. former military and paramilitary leaders responsible for serious human rights violations have taken up leadership positions within Haiti's armed opposition. practice "official harassment". Amnesty International accuses Russia of committing wide ranging human rights abuses. including granting impunity for murderers of human rights activists. Furthermore. Press freedom in Russia is considered amongst the lowest in the world by press freedom organization Reporters Without Borders and is ranked 141st in their annual survey.

Subdivisions .

8% 3.2% 1.Demographics Ethnic composition (2002 ) Russians Tatars Ukrainians Bashkirs Chuvash Chechen Armenians Other/ unspecified 79.1% 0.8% 2.9% 0.8% 10.0% 1.4% .

Europe's tallest residential building.Architecture ‡ Russian Revival style . .Prevalent styles of the 20th century were ‡ Triumph Palace.corresponds to Gothic Revival in Western Europe ‡ Constructivism. is a modern realisation of Stalin Empire Style skyscrapers' design. Art Nouveau .

. taken by satellite.What are famous places in Russia? ‡ Lake Baikal Lake Baikal as seen from space.

being promoted to major highways outside the city. . from a historic merchant quarter known as Kitai-gorod. As major streets of Moscow radiate from here in all directions. the former royal citadel and currently the official residence of the President of Russia. Red Square is often considered the central square of Moscow and all of Russia.‡ Red Square (where the Kremlin is situated)-The square separates the Kremlin.


. Due to its singular beauty.The Amber Room in the Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo near Saint Petersburg is a complete chamber decoration of amber panels backed with gold leaf and mirrors. it was sometimes dubbed the "Eighth Wonder of the World".‡ Amber Room of the Catherin Palace .


‡ Kiji Island .

‡ Kungurian Ice cave .

‡ Natural park ´Stolbyµ (Krasnoyarsk) .

‡ Svetloyar Lake .

‡ ´Switzerland on the Volgaµ ‡ The World of the Five Lakes .

‡ Palace Square .

wrote the words and music for Peter and the Wolf .leader of the Soviet Union who made the country more free and democratic ‡ Anna Pavlova .first man in space ‡ Mikhail Gorbachev .world-famous ballerina ‡ Peter Tchaikovsky .Some Famous Russians ‡ Yuri Gagarin .a composer who wrote the music for The Nutcracker ‡ Sergey Prokofiev .

Russia is also famous with its vodka .

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