ICICI Bank had to move away from the branch-centric model and make its services available nationwide. The solution was to centralize its applications. Anywhere banking came to our country. ICICI realized the importance of offering nationwide banking but this would be possible only by having a centralized data repository. . Legacy systems: The banking transactions were limited to the respective branch offices as customer data was not available in other branches.In year 2000 and later when Anytime.

.Let·s see how ICICI Bank had done Business Process Reengineering.

TEAM INVOLVED Infosys is one of technology partner for ICICI Bank which assistance to implement Finacle for handling all the banking activities. Bill Desk for online payments SYBASE SAS .

SOLUTION BY INFOSYS With the ICICI group having several companies under its umbrella. Finacle needed to seamlessly integrate with multiple applications such as credit cards. brokerage. call center and data warehousing systems.27 million cheques per day and manage 7000 concurrent users. With Finacle. the bank currently has the ability to process 0. Another key challenge was managing transaction volumes. . mutual funds.

Funds Transfers and Corporate Banking over the net.1 million by 2005 with an associated growth in peak volumes by 5. in 1997. Enabled Finacle to successfully manage the resultant increase in transaction levels from 400.000 transactions a day in 2000 to nearly 2. .5 times.For instance. it was the first bank in India to offer Internet banking with Finacle·s e-banking solution. The bank followed it up with offering several e-Commerce services like Bill Payments.

000 customers a month.Currently. which is among the highest in the world. only 25 percent of all transactions take place through branches and 75 percent through other delivery channels. On an average. ICICI Bank adds 300. This reduction in routine transactions through the branch has enabled ICICI Bank to aggressively use its branch network as customer acquisition units. The cost has also come down by around 15 percent. .

SYBASE.IMPACT OF THE PROJECT ´AS IS: AND "TO BE": Using the support of companies like Infosys. . SAS it implemented such a system which provides centralized applications for 'any where' banking. Oracle.

CONCLUSION First time in history a private bank has merged a public sector bank. ICICI Bank is also carrying out its activities in Rural Areas by helping SHGs (Self Help Groups) and in other microfinance activities. On 23 May ICICI Bank announced merger with Bank of Rajasthan It is said that this merger will also expand ICICI Bank's branch network by 25%. .

ICICI must have a proper control and look over this issue ICICI Bank·s name comes in various controversies than any other bank mainly the method of recovery. Keeping it going turned out to be an even bigger challenge for the group. This may hinder the BPR process further in future if the bank gets into any type of legal case. with almost a thousand nodes. The entire network is monitored from one center. .RECOMMENDATIONS The ICICI VSAT network is large. To avoid this ICICI Bank must follow the rules and regulations. Any error in the network at any point is rectified in a short span of time and the system is up and running with minimum downtime.


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