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Erik James Horvat-Markovic Mystery is credited with coining a number of terms and concepts in the seduction community.

Jonathon Escobar
Jonathan Escobar says he chooses to wear clothes that express himself. Skinny jeans, wigs, "vintage" clothing and makeup are the staples of his wardrobe. "I don't consider myself a cross-dresser," he said. "This is just who I am." But the 16-year-old says an assistant principal at North Cobb High School told him last week he needed to dress more "manly" for school, or consider being home-schooled. He had only been a student at the school for three days... 10-8-09

‡ You can't wear clothing that causes a disruption," said Jay Dillon, spokesman for Cobb County schools. ‡ Escobar disputes this, however, saying that when he first moved to Georgia from Miami, he cleared his style of dress with school authorities and they gave him the OK. ‡ Several of Escobar's classmates are supporting his attempts to be allowed back in, with one saying: "If a girl can dress like a guy but a guy can't dress like a girl - that's not right."

Jonathon Escobar

Failed masculinity

Castle ABC November 2, 2009

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