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Introducing Fiddler
• HTTP/HTTPS Debugger
• Runs as a proxy server on the local
machine or on a remote server
• Written in C# (.NET Framework
• Freely available from

com Explorer Proxy Office . H o w d o e s Fid d le r w o rk? Firewall Firefox CryptoAPI WinHTTP Internet CorpNET WinINET Fiddler example.

Debugging non-Windows clients PC Mac Fiddler Internet Linux PocketPC .

Who uses Fiddler? M icro so ft e n g in e e rs S u p p o rt te a m s Lo ts o f exte rn a lw e b d e ve lo p e rs ( 10K + downloads per week ) S e cu rity re se a rch e rs  Some bad guys    .

What can Fiddler do? HTTP/HTTPS traffic monitoring and analysis Request and response modification Timing and network manipulation .

HTTPS Traffic Decryption .

a n d ke y h e a d e rs Ico n s sh o w sta tu s of re q u e st/ re sp o n se . Fid d le r U I: S e ssio n List Icons show status of request/response Lists a lltra ffic U R Ls. size .

Fiddler UI: Inspectors In sp e cto rs a llo w yo u to visu a lize re q u e sts a n d re sp o n se s in m e a n in g fu lw a ys. .

  . FiddlerScript Rules R u le s a re w h e re Fid d le r g e ts really fun! Use JavaScript to manipulate request or response headers or entity body.

Extending Fiddler UI Fid d le rS crip t a n d exte n sio n s ca n a d d n e w m e n u ite m s o r ta b s. .

. m o d ify o r re m o ve h e a d e rs fro m a llre q u e sts a n d re sp o n se s. Using Simple Filters Fla g .

AutoResponder R e p la y p re vio u sly ca p tu re d o r g e n e ra te d tra ffic .  .

o r m o d ify a n d re issu e a re q u e st p re vio u sly ca p tu re d . Request Builder C re a te h a n d -b u ilt H TT P re q u e sts. .

Traffic Comparison Use WinDiff to compare HTTP requests and responses. .

QuickExec QuickExec allows you to issue textual commands directly… .

Search Traffic Search for strings in all captured traffic. .

Text Encoding / Decoding Convert text between popular web encodings. .

SAZ Files • “Session Archive ZIP” files store raw traffic. users. • FiddlerCap allows capture of SAZ files by non-technical. • SAZ files can be reopened by Fiddler or standard ZIP utilities. often remote. . • SAZ files are compressed and may be password protected. . www. FiddlerCap Use FiddlerCap for remote collection of evidence.

exe . exe Xceed *.exe Inspector2 IFiddlerExtension IFiddlerExtension Fiddler ScriptEngine Your FiddlerScript FiddlerCore FiddlerCore Xceed *. dll Makecert .exe Inspector2 cAction. dll Makecert . Fiddler application with Your application hosting extensions FiddlerCore Fiddler 2 YourApp.

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