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buying and selling. collaborating with business partners.6 66. and conducting electronic transactions within an organisations .electronic transactions conducted by business partners 6  6. servicing customers.

Ú 6-Commerce as digitally enabled commercial transactions between and amongst organisations and individuals Ú 6-Business refers primarily to the digital enablement of transactions and processes within a firm. involving only the information systems under the control of the firm Ú 6-Business are those activities other than µbuying and selling¶ via electronic channels .

reaching new customers and sharing knowledge across institutions for competitive advantage . globalization. speed.6-business is all about time cycle. enhanced productivity.

Ú Business to Business (B2B) Ú Business to Consumers (B2C) Ú Consumer to Consumers (C2C) Ú Consumer to Business (C2B) Ú 6-Government (B2G.) Ú Intra-Organisation 6-Business Ú Others ± P2P etc. C2G etc. .

linkages maintained between customers & suppliers Ú Need for new strategies. business models & organisational designs . markets served.Ú Mll industries became information-intensive Ú Information ± and communication ± are crucial to success of industrial & commercial operations Ú Fast growing ICTs & information industries Ú Profound Impacts on what activities locate where. how territories administered.

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  6 6  Global reach Cost reduction Supply chain improvement Vendors¶ specialization Lower communication cost 6fficient procurement Improved customer relations Up-to-date company material .

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K  6 6 6  Ubiquity More products and services Cheaper products and services Instant delivery Information availability Participate in auctions 6lectronic communities No sales tax .

value added services Paper-based billing 6lectronic billings Push production Pull production Mass production (standard) Mass customization Physical based commission marketing Mffiliate. anytime Broker-based service transactions 6lectronic Info-mediaries. viral marketing Word-of-mouth slow advertisement 6xplosive viral marketing Linear supply chain Hub-based supply chain Large amount of capital needed Less capital needed Cost>value Cost=value .K           K ë   Selling in physical stores Selling online Selling tangible goods Selling digital goods Internal inventory/production planning Online collaborative inventory forecasting Paper catalogs Smart e-catalogs Physical marketplace 6lectronic market-space Physical & limited auctions Online auctions everywhere.