Career Opportunities after HSC/XII STD

Plan your career 

lot of alternatives each alternative competes with other choosing careers based on academics, personality and desire imbalance between options and expectations of parents and friends

Winning Ways

Ambition Vs Reality    

A person is happiest when he chooses job that he loves Before making a career choice, take time to understand yourself, your likes and preferences Ambition can not be injected nor can it be imitated Parents attitude- the determining factor in shaping one s career goal
Winning Ways

Conventional thinking
‡ To choose a profession that parents like ‡ To follow what the others do ‡ Inclination towards Medical or Engineering profession ‡ Possibilities of getting job abroad ‡ College means a University recognised by the Govt., without any reference to the acceptance of the courses by the recruiters
Winning Ways

Let the students take decision«     Immense scope within India or even in your own village Many opportunities exist in rural areas Use electronic media to find where you are and who needs you The role of teachers and parents confined to a felicitator Winning Ways .

How to Plan Your Career      Self Assessment Academic and Career Options Evaluation of occupational choices Assessing the working conditions Choosing and Managing your Career Winning Ways .

want to get into management for this reason. Thousands of students. An MBA will give me the qualifications to work in a multinational and live a decent life". Winning Ways . he says. including engineers from the premier institutes like the IITs.Which career to choose?  Tejinder is a doctor who has joined MBA coaching classes. "I did MBBS because my parents wanted me to but I find there is no money in it.

Winning Ways . a person could be advised to do something else . The process wastes precious years of a person. if only the aptitude was measured earlier.Craze for civil services After many attempts and wasted years some people end up as teachers or clerks.

Winning Ways .We need people who can "add value" ‡ Multinationals require people who can "add value". ‡ Highly paid jobs require this more than anything else. They do not want pen pushers. It is added by an understanding of the situation and taking intelligent decisions. ‡ A diploma or a degree does not add value.

Tech etc Winning Ways .Sc/ B.Com to Vocational degrees / diplomas / certificate courses Direct entry to MBBS/ B.Education based career and Talent Based career Education based career: open to those who wish to study further in a particular field of interest which later on opens a galaxy of opportunities A wide range of courses are available From conventional BA/ B.

Economics. Geography. Anthropology. Econometrics. Literature. History. Linguistics. Rural Development. such as. Education.. Political Sc. Psychology. Winning Ways . Sociology. etc. Economics with Public Finance & Trade. Philosophy. Acturial Science.General BA Degree Course  With elective/ optional subjects.

Philosopher. Rural Development professional. Educationist.Career after BA Based on the subjects taken. Sociologist etc Above all good career in Public Administration Scope after higher study in the respective subject Winning Ways . Geographer. Political Scientist. you can pursue a career in Actuary. Historian. Archeologist. Linguistic. Psychologist. Economist. Population Scientist. Anthropologist.

Acturial Science. Company Secretarial Practice. Cooperation. Banking & Finance. Auditing & Cost Accounting. Foreign Trade Practice & Procedures etc  CA/ICWA/CS integrated Winning Ways .B. Business Management. Taxation.Com/ BBA/ BBM  One can specialise in Financial Accounting & Auditing.

Export professional etc with wide scope after higher study. Business Manager. Actuary. Banker. CFA. ICWA.Com. CA.Careers after studies in Commerce Accountant. MBA (which offers micro level specialisation). M. CS etc Winning Ways .

Foreign Trade Financing & Procedures. Export Marketing. Direct and Indirect Taxation. Market Research. Computer Systems & Applications. Portfolio Management etc Winning Ways .Graduate courses in various vocational subjects. Economic Systems.Commerce Advertising. Company Secretaryship. Computer Programming. Entrepreneurship. Investment Analysis & Organization.

Nutrition. Winning Ways . Planning & Developmental Studies. Mass Communication. Food. Population Studies. Health Psychology. Travel & Tourism. Secretarial Practice etc.Arts  Social Work. Investment Analysis. Journalism.Graduate courses in various vocational subjects . & Dietetics.

etc. Operations Research. etc. Instrumentation. Chemistry and Mathematics)     General B. Geology. Mathematics. Vocational subjects: Biotechnology (must have Biology as a subject in HSC). Chemistry. Industrial Chemistry. Information Technology. Drugs & Dyes. Electronic Instrumentation.Options after Science stream (with Physics. Biochemistry. Heavy & Fine Chemicals. Sc. Polymer Chemistry. Computer Science. courses: Physics. Computer Programming. Environmental Science. Statistics. Winning Ways . Computer Science.

Aerospace. Marine. Printing. Petroleum. Electronics. Mechanical. Leather. Biotechnology & Biochemical Engineering/Industrial Biotechnology (one needs to have Biology as one of the subjects also). Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture. Manufacturing Science & Engineering. Petrochemical.Degree/Diploma in Engineering and Technology   Electrical. Metallurgy. Mining. Pulp & Paper. Textile etc. Automobile. Pharmaceutical. Computer Science. Biochemical. Telecommunication. Biomedical. Aeronautical. Dairy. Production. Industrial.. Civil. Chemical Technology. Power. Instrumentation. Food. Irrigation. Materials Science. Winning Ways . Ceramic.

 Admission to various Engineering Colleges. Minimum age generally is 17 years but may vary slightly from institution to institution.Admission to Engg. Indian Institutes of Technology and privately run Institutes is generally based on the merit obtained in the entrance test. Winning Ways . Regional Engineering Colleges.

Paint & Varnish Tech. etc. Rolling/Steel Making Technology.Various Diploma & Certificate courses ‡ Electrochemical Tech. Architectural Draughtsmanship. Foundry & Forge Technology. Leather/Footwear Tech. Winning Ways . Pharmacy (must have Biology in HSC). Product Design Engineering.

The qualifications required in this case range from 10th standard to 10+2 with Physics. printing. Chemistry and Mathematics and the admission is generally granted strictly as per the merit of marks obtained in the academic examination. Winning Ways .Polytechnics 3-year Diploma courses are offered by various polytechnics controlled and run by State Directorates of Technical Education and Training. There are certain non-engineering trades like nonceramics. production and chemical technology which are of lesser duration.

The period of training is 1 to 2 years Eligible to take up various technical trades in the government as well as private sectors.Industrial Training Institutes    There are several engineering and nonengineering trades offered by ITIs and other such institutions both in government and private sector. Winning Ways .

Health Information Administration. Chemistry and Biology    General Science Courses: Zoology. etc. & Post Harvest Tech. Botany. Microbiology. etc. Marine Science. Preservation. Genetics. Fishery Biology. Other courses like Industrial Biochemistry. Winning Ways . Food Production. Horticulture. etc. Biochemistry. Environmental Science. Applied Nutrition. One can take applied component subjects like Biotechnology.Options after Science stream (with Physics.

Nuclear Medicine Technology. BAMS. Prosthesis & Orthosis. Occupational Therapy. Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry. Audiology & Speech Therapy.Medical and Paramedical Science courses  MBBS. etc Winning Ways . BDS. Optometry. BUMS. BHMS. Physiotherapy. Respiratory Therapy Tech.

Admission The admission to various medical colleges is through entrance examinations Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) New Delhi also conducts an allallIndia entrance examination every year Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) Pune also offers degree courses in medical science and the selected candidates are awarded the bachelors degree. but with a condition to serve in the Army Medical Corps as doctor for a minimum contractual period. Winning Ways .

Other medical line courses ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ General Nursing and Midwifery Pharmacy Physiotherapy Refractionist and Optician Vaccinator Dark Room Assistant Radiographers Laboratory Technicians Sanitary Inspectors etc Winning Ways .

Food Science & Nutrition. Clothing & Textile. Family Resource Management.Home Science & related courses Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics. Extension & Education. Human Development. Home Science. etc Winning Ways .

Education    Diploma course for Nursery and Primary Teachers of 2 years duration conducted by the Departments of Primary Education in various States Certificate or diploma course in Library Science also offers good opportunities to the school leavers These courses are conducted by various universities and other institutes Winning Ways .

Telecommunications ‡ Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering offered by the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Winning Ways .

Winning Ways .Architecture. Art and Painting    School of Planning and Architecture. New Delhi offers degree courses in Architecture and Physical Planning Selection by way of an entrance examination Candidates who qualify the degree course may pursue careers in architecture and planning both as paid employees or as self-employed professionals.

House Keeping. Chemistry and Mathematics. Lucknow. Madras.Hotel Industry     Hotel Management Catering and Nutrition Institutes at New Delhi. Winning Ways . Srinagar. Bhubaneshwar. Ahmedabad. Catering etc. Most of these institutes offer Diploma in Hotel Management. In addition there are several private institutes of Hotel Management. Bhopal and Goa. Diploma course is generally of 3-year duration. Hyderabad. The minimum educational qualification required is 10 +2 with at least 50 per cent marks in Physics. Bangalore. Food and Beverages. Calcutta. with specialisation in Front Office. Jaipur. Bombay.

offbeat careers ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Pet Grooming Hairstyling Aromatherapy Tarot Reading Video Jockey Reiki Practitioner Make-up Artist Cosmetologist Chef Actor Choreographer Winning Ways .TALENT BASED.

buses. Runway (Ramp) Modeling: For all you catty types. Requirements are flexible.Modeling      Fashion modelling: Includes fashion shoots for magazines. Commercial Print Modeling: Models are photographed to promote a product on billboards. magazines and newspapers. mail order catalogues and live shows for reputed fashion houses. Editorial/Print Modelling: This refers to photography for magazines. You must look comfortable and make even the dullest outfit look attractive to the audience Winning Ways . including covers. This work offers a lot of exposure to first time models. Catalogue Modelling: Models are hired to appear in catalogues like Otto Burlington to sell clothes/everyday products.

Music & Fine Arts    Music Mehendi Artist Fine art Winning Ways .

candidates having second division with Mathematics. Physics. General Knowledge and Psychological Test. Winning Ways . Mathematics (2 papers).UPSC Competitions   Special Class Railway Apprenticeship Examination For age group of 17 to 21 years on August1st All candidates with 12th class or equivalent with 1st division (any subjects) are eligible. Chemistry. The examination is held every year generally in the month of July and every candidate is tested in seven subjects including English. Physics or Chemistry as one of the subjects are also eligible to compete.

Naval or Airforce academies. Kharakvasla (Pune). Physics and Chemistry.National Defence Academy Examination  This examination is generally conducted twice every year during the months of May and November  candidates are tested in Mathematics and General Ability  All unmarried male candidates with 10+2 pass are eligible for Army.  All those who pass the examination are required to undergo a Services Selection Board (SSB) interview and a detailed medical examination before joining as Cadets at the National Defence Academy (NDA). the cadets are commissioned into the services as Second Lieutenant/Acting Sub-Lieutenant/Pilot Officer respectively Winning Ways . Navy and Airforce  for Executive Branch course at Naval Academy.  After 3 years at NDA and one year in the Military. the candidate should be 10+2 examination pass with Mathematics.

Biological Science  Agriculturist           Biochemist Bioinformatics Biotechnologist Dairy Technologist and Poultry Supervisor Environmentalist Fishery Science Forestry and Wildlife Horticulturist Marine Biologist Micro Biologist Winning Ways .Career Profile .

Engineering & Technology          Aerospace Engineer Automobile Engineer Biomedical Engineer Broadcast Technician Chemical Engineer Civil Engineer Computer Engineer Electrical Engineer Electronics Engineer Winning Ways .

Engineering & Technology ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Industrial Engineer Marine Engineer Mechanical Engineer Mining Engineer & Metallurgist Naval Architect Production Engineer Telecommunication Engineer Winning Ways .

Finance & Accounts Actuary Banker Chartered Accountant Chartered Financial Analysts Economist Equity Research Analyst Forex Dealer Investment Banker Stock Broker Venture Capitalist Winning Ways .

Management Brand Manager Business Development Manager Business Manager Event Manager Export Manager Human Resources Development Management Consultant Market Research Executive Operations & Logistics Manager Retail Manager Rural Manager Sales & Marketing Manager Technical Manager Winning Ways .

Media & Communication ‡ Cinematographer ‡ Client Service Executive ‡ Copy Writer ‡ Film Editing ‡ Journalist ‡ Media Planner ‡ Public Relation Executive ‡ Publishing Executive ‡ Visualiser Winning Ways .

Hospitality ‡ Air Hostess ‡ Guest Relation Executive ‡ Hotel Management ‡ Travel & Tourism professional Winning Ways .

Healthcare ‡ Doctor ‡ Cardiologist ‡ Dentist ‡ Endocrinologist ‡ Nurse ‡ Nutritionist & Dietician ‡ Occupational Therapist ‡ Physiotherapist ‡ Plastic Surgeon ‡ Speech Therapist Winning Ways .

Information Technology      Information Technologist Medical Transcriptionist Network Administrator Software Engineer System Architect Winning Ways .

Art & Design Animator Architecture Artist Exhibition Designer Fashion Designer Graphic Designer Interior Designer Jewellery Designer Photography Sculptor Winning Ways .

Passion.4 Ps    You will survive only if you believe in the power of your dreams. Possibilities and Power. To believe in the power of your dreamsremember the 4Ps . trim this dream with passion in your heart and possibilities will open for you. hoping and dreaming Winning Ways .Purpose. Have a purpose in life. and a dream will follow. Choose today to start believing in the magical power of wishing.


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