Electric Vehicle Infrastructure


Attn: CEO Shai Agassi

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pportunity for new entry from suppliers and from competitors  . infrastructure . i frastructure ‡ oc Differentiating Factor: Vehicle to Grid Differentiating Factor: Fleet focus Each company is sufficiently differentiated in a growing market to result in very low levels of rivalry but that s not the only source of competitive rivalry   Competitive Risk/Opportunity: ‡ Low. pportunity for new entry from suppliers and from competitors Competitive Risk: ‡ High.better place runs on fundamentally different technology than competitors: Differentiating Factor: Battery replacement P TE TED. TE Advantages: ‡ Quick r fuel refuel ‡Service business model busi ess el comm. urrent tec nology is patented atented ‡ isk of new battery replacement tec nologies process patents weak ‡Potential to take advantage of batteries on site to return energy to grid ¤ ¦¥  © £ ¤¤ ¥ ¥§  £ ¢  ¨  ©    ¡    Advantages: ‡Lower s electric cost ‡Helps gain support from utilities ‡Helps gain government grants Advantages: ‡Captive market ‡Controlled environment ‡Larger contracts Competitive Risk: ‡ High.

500lb G G rill ) is lr y sh wi g sig s th t it will. but Will th l rg r c i s t r th s rt ch rgi g l y r? r l El ctric (i. . 2010 . Applications & Industry layer. Leeds. b t si lt sly h s rt rshi with B tt r Pl c . The Smart rid in 2010: Market Segments. is this risk? Will GE sw ll w B tt rPl c r r l c th lik with th Micr s ft-S g rt rshi ? GE Watt Station Source: ) 0 ) ( $ ! ! ! $ % !$ ! ! '" %! '# ' ! % % " &! ! ! " ! % % ! !# %!$#" ! % !$ ! " " # !$ " ! ! % " avid J. TM Research.Major players are not currently in the smart charging business.

Major strategy concerns: A. on t alienate customers while protecting your business . on t get locked out by other technologies C. Maintain cost competitiveness .

Maintain position and grow: concepts etter lace partnerships with RenaultNissan and Chery automotive are a strong start artner artner with major car companies/ other major players to gain vicarious network effects artnerships should not disclose core technologies so as to prevent partner invasion of business model Select Interoperability Strategic Advantage Ensure interoperability when there is a risk of lockout but prevent it when there is not essential items can be interoperable but service differentiators should not be Results in customer preference to use partner charging stations but doesn t prevent using third party stations when required 1 1 2 Establish Standards artner on standards for physical chargers. application capabilities Convenience A I s would have to do with customer utilities like tracking how much you ve spent on electricity. measuring and reporting your gas mileage. communication. . software platforms. tracking vehicle health records. etc.

Maintain position and grow: examples artner Establish Standards Select Interoperability Strategic Advantage Key to partnership is gaining exclusives and crowding out competitors artner with smart grid to return energy to grid during peak load times for cost advantage e a universal receiver but not a universal donor make betterplace partner vehicles accept alternative charging. but prevent full access to convenience api s by non-partner companies for security reasons Cost advantage from returning power to grid regularly Creates strong niche market even after patents expire customers have ease of use maintaining preference for betterplace etterplace technology is a complement not a competitor reducing rivalry . but prevent other forms of battery replacement Make physical charger and communication interoperable.


Factors influencing industry strategy: Source: Neel Madhvani .

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