Soneri Bank Limited was formally incorporated on September 28, 1991.

The first Branch commenced operations in Lahore on April 16, 1992, followed by the launch of Karachi's first Branch on May 09, 1992. The bank currently operates 186 branches, spread all over Pakistan including the Northern Areas of the country. The bank s expansion policy is based on the principle of maintaining a balance between the urban and rural areas.

y To develop Soneri Bank Ltd into an aggressive and dynamic financial

institution having the capabilities to provide personalized service to customers with cutting edge technology and a wide range of products, and during the process ensure maximum return on assets with the ultimate goal of serving the economy and the society.

y Soneri Bank·s mission is to serve all banking needs and ensure

our full satisfaction through - Product innovation, - Personalized banking, - Top notch service. y Soneri bank offers a full range of corporate and retail banking services with special emphasis on providing qualitative and competitive services to small and medium enterpenurers.

y Current & Saving Accounts y Term deposits y Online and electronic banking Services y SMS service y ATM Network & Online Banking

Soneri bank is a fast growing bank with 184 ATMs operational. Soneri bank offers all chequing account holders online banking services
y Saving Schemes

Soneri bank offers a wide range of attractive saving and deposit products to suit all segments off investors.

y Corporate Banking SBL s have an innovative team of professionals having extensive experience of Corporate Investment banking gives it the right platform to success in today s competitive and demanding environment. y Consumer Finance Consumer Finance Division was established with a centralized approach to provide Consumer Finance to account holders of Soneri Bank who wishes to acquire personal use goods. They offer personalized services for our customers and our portfolio is spread all over Pakistan.

y Islamic Banking
SBL s strong Commitment to Islamic Banking with the objective of operating Shariah Based Banking in the country. We provide a variety of services including Current A/C, Saving Accounts and Team Deposits and Term Deposits strictly based on Shariah principles.

Year Ended 31 December 2010 (Rupees in 000) Investment- net Advances - net Deposits and other accounts Profit before taxation Profit after taxation Net asset 34,985,663 54,675,721 82,061,811 140,447 125,440 8,917,673 Earning per share Basic Dilluted (Rs.) 0.21 0.28 29,537,179 48,727,103 73,548,226 190,413 145,355 7,803,202 2009

y In financial accounting, a liability is defined as an obligation of an

entity arising from past transactions or events, the settlement of which may result in the transfer or use of assets, provision of services or other yielding of economic benefits in the future. For example, if John hits Jane's car, John is liable for the damages to Jane's vehicle because John is responsible for the damages. In the case of a company, a liability is recorded on the balance sheet and can include accounts payable, taxes, wages,

y Current liabilities are those ones which are to be paid by the

organization in one accounting period. Usually an accounting period is defined as that period in which a company has to complete its operating cycle

They are: y Account Payable - Dividend Payable y Account Payable refinanced - Income tax Payable y Tax Payable y Interest payable y Wages Payable y Notes Payable y Current Maturities of Long term debt

y Long term liabilities are those liabilities which a company has

to pay back after one accounting period i.e., one year. Long term liabilities can also be of many types. Mainly long term liabilities are interest bearing. Example y Debentures, y Mortgage loans y Other bank loans

y Similar to accounts payable, bills payable is the money a bank

borrows, mainly on a short-term basis, and owes to other banks.


2010 (Rupees in 000)


In Pakistan Outside Pakistan

1,857,810 -

1,763,401 -

y This current liability account reports the amount

of interest the company owes as of the date of the balance sheet.
Interest Payable 2010 2009

(Rupees in Thousands) In local Currency In Foreign currency 1, 189,392 170,817 1,328,892 7,514

y A type of account in the current liabilities section of a company's balance sheet.

This account is comprised of taxes that must be paid to the government within one year. Income tax payable is calculated according to the prevailing tax law in the company's home country

Tax Payable

2010 (Rupees in 000)


Tax payable



y When an individual or company receives money for a service

or product that has yet to be fulfilled.

Unearned Revenue

2010 (Rupees in 000)


Unearned revenue



y The account that records the short-term, noninterest-bearing liabilities of a

business that accumulate over time, such as vacation pay owed to employees. This liability is different than accounts payable, which is the liability account for bills that have been received by a business from purchases on credit

Accrued Expense Payable Accrued Expense Payable

2010 (Rupees in 000) 110,769



y Recieving something of Value in Exchange for an obligation

to payback something of usually greater value at a particular time in the future.
Borrowing In Pakistan Out side Pakistan Borrowing Total 2010 2009 (Rupees in 000) 12,245,443 9,226,869 125,085 12,370,528 158,653 9,385,522

y Sub-ordinate loans are one of the types of long term

liabilities, they are issued by the bank for more than a year.

Sub ordinate Loans Sub ordinate Loans



(Rupees in 000) 1,197,360 1,197,840


The company postpones its tax liability from the present period to a future period. Taxable differences give rise to deferred tax liabilities. Deferred tax liabilities consist of the tax effect of only one item: Taxable temporary differences Deferred tax Liability Deferred tax liability 2010 2009

(Rupees in 000) 384,655 108,429

Deposits and other accounts
Deposits and other accounts Customers Remunerative - Fixed deposits - Saving Deposits Non-Renumerative - Current Account - Call Deposits - Margin deposits - Others Total 2010 (Rupees in 000) 2009

31,837,893 32,158,780

31,566,518 27,870,081

16,375,714 93,333 1,065,336 136,568 81,667,623

12,729,790 159,388 657,183 126,760 73,099,720

y In the end we will conclude on this

Soneri Bank should