NAPHIT 2006 Annual Meeting

Information Technology Infrastructure Library - ITIL
Michael Orr IBM – Senior Consultant, IBM/Tivoli Services 910-681-0140
ITIL® is a Registered Trademark of the Office of Government Commerce (OGC)

© 2006 IBM Corporation

Presentation Objectives In thirty minutes  Answer the questions: • What is ITIL? • Why should you care? • How does it relate with other things you’ve heard about?  Case study © 2006 IBM Corporation .

inputs & outputs of processes  Specific procedures vary from organization to organization  Worldwide de facto approach to IT management  Open approach – not tied to any vendor  IBM has been involved with ITIL since its inception in 1988 • Currently >3.500 ITIL-certified employees in 37 countries • Platinum membership in the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF) ITIL ITIL © 2006 IBM Corporation . activities.ITIL Defined  Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)  A library of books describing best practices for IT Service Management (ITSM) • Not a “standard” – evolving industry best practices ITIL is a registered trademark of the OGC (the UK Government's Office of Government Commerce) R Service Support Service Delivery ICT Infrastructure Management Application Management Security Management Planning to Implement Service Management Software Asset Management  Describes goals.

The ITIL Publications Framework Planning to Implement Service Management The Technology The Technology The Business The Busines s Perspec tive IT Service Management Service Delivery Delivery Service Service Support Support ICT Infrastruct ure Managem ent Applications Management (Information & Communicati Security on Security Technology) Management Management Source: OGC © 2006 IBM Corporation .

Cook Used with Permission © 2006 IBM Corporation .Service Support Processes Customers & Users -RFCs from IT staff. users. customers New releases Au om t d t ae Tools Incidents Service Desk (Function) Incident s Release Management RFC RFC Change Management Problem Management Incident Management Configuration Management CMDB Inciden ts -Problems -Known Errors Chang es Releas es Source: W.

achievements Availability Management Capacity Management IT Financial Management IT Service Continuity Management Alerts. © 2006 IBM Corporation . UCs updates Management -Service catalog -Requirements. Cook Used with permission. SLRs. Exceptions & Changes System Management Tools IT Infrastructure Source: W. OLAs. targets.Service Delivery Processes Customers & Users -Inquiries -Security plans -Intrusion prevention -Security event logging Communication Information Security Management -Reports and Service Level -SLAs.

metrics. efficiency.Benefits of ITIL  Common language to be used by all participants in implementing ITSM  Alignment of IT with the business needs • Work with business units to define standard. and cost for special projects  Improved service quality and responsiveness • ITIL incorporates quality management strategies  Provides enhanced structure for regulatory compliance audits • Standard services provide standard processes. roles. repeatable services  Reduction of long-term costs for IT services • Repeatable services provides for continued improvement and thus cost reduction. and responsibilities for auditing • Regulatory audit exposures more easily identified for exception projects © 2006 IBM Corporation . Think assembly line model • Balance between effectiveness.

© 2006 IBM Corporation .  Practitioner exams are available as clustered groups of processes. such as Config/Change/Release Mgmt Level 3: Service Manager Certificate Examination Focus  Details of all the ITIL process areas as well as practical applications and implementation issues.ITIL Certification Level 1: Foundation Certificate Examination Focus  Basic concepts of ITIL  IT Service Management processes and process interfaces  The benefits of IT Service Management Level 2: Practitioner Certificate Examination Focus  Varies depending on the particular process area.

Relating IT Management Standards and Frameworks Baldrige Award – assessment of seven aspects of process implementation and results CobiT – provides tools to assess and measure the IT processes in a business ITIL – a framework of best practice guidance for IT Service Management ISO 9000 – requirements on the design of processes involved in design and delivery CMMI – consists of best practices that address product development and maintenance Six Sigma – uses root cause analysis to identify process improvements © 2006 IBM Corporation .

good. not suitable © 2006 IBM Corporation . best) Audit/Certification Attestation not Cert Assessment Solution Design Quality Mgmt System IT Management System IT Service Mgmt System Standard Process Model Framework Capability Model = Yes. not its primary purpose = No. standards and frameworks – IBM’s Opinion CBM4IT (IBM) PRMIT (IBM) ITIL V2 ITIL Refresh CMMi E-SCM ISO 9000 ISO 20000 COSO COBIT SAS 70 Zachman Six/Lean Sigma Practices (common. suitable for use = Proceed with caution.“Sorting Out” the models.

000 users Motivation for implementing ITSM: • State legislature applying pressure on costs Getting Started: • Started program 11/04 • Focal point received formal education on ITIL • Education of CIO and Bureau Chiefs.NAPHIT . gained executive buy-in • Previously established process improvement team served as spearhead • Performed self-assessment using OGC tool © 2006 IBM Corporation .ITIL Case Study Department of Health. State of Florida Customer Profile: • 160 person IT organization • 100 associated staff imbedded in business units • Supports 17.

Incident and Problem. Planning • • • • Developed 6 month awareness and education for organization Reviewed starting with CMDB. Incident and Problem Management • Had to illustrate organizational level advantages to field to gain acceptance © 2006 IBM Corporation . to illustrate “quick wins” Design • Process design done in-house. constructed Service Catalog Moved to more mature processes.ITIL Case Study cont. but found technology insufficient Start with Service Level Management.NAPHIT . local variations allowed in some areas • Technology/tool selection done once process understood Implementation • Organization-wide roll-out of Service catalog.

Benefits Realized • Provides a consistent management structure for handling service requests from customers • Reduced the number of outstanding incident tickets that needed cross-team analysis and resolution • Assists in aligning our Legislative budget requests with known best practice endorsed by the Legislature Future • Started examining Change and financial management • Due to legislative funding cuts cost pressures. but effort continues Contact: Monique Emmanual.state. process improvement team © 2006 IBM Corporation .ITIL Case Study cont. Monique_Emmanuel@doh.fl.NAPHIT .

ITIL Implementation Adopt and Adapt  Adopt ITIL as a common language and reference point for IT Service Management best practices and key concepts  Adapt ITIL best practices to achieve business objectives specific to each company © 2006 IBM Corporation .

com ITIL Examination Body (EXIN) • Produces and administers ITIL exams • IT Service Management Forum • Also an excellent source of ITIL publications • © 2006 IBM Corporation .Online Resources Office of Government Commerce (OGC) • The “mother ship” of ITIL • IT Tool Selector • Online resource for ITIL tools •

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