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Introduction: What is POS and its Types Parts of POS Why POS is used- Benefits Integration with Industry Sample Reports generated by POS System Future Trends

What is POS?
Point of Sale (POS) or checkout is the location where a transaction occurs. A Point of Sales system is a system that allows effective and efficient management of business with 

inventory functions, customer service and sales functions, employee time management, vendor management and purchase orders etc.


Parts Of POS System Pole Display Bar Code Scanner Magnetic Strip Readers (MSR) Cash Drawer Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) Scale Database Server .

It helps to keep the current stocks current and updated. SOTWARE BASED POS There are no monthly fees associated with this program.ADVANTAGES WEB-BASED POS Expensive POS software need not be purchased. inventory and other information can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. . Service providers provide free update. These programs are easy to set up and use. Provider will back-up all of your information on their server. No internet connection is required in software based POS. Reports. Any hardware compatible with the software can be used.

Provider·s hardware has to be used. Few providers charge startup fee. SOFTWARE-BASED POS You may need to require purchasing updates to keep software current. If internet connection is lost.you may have to buy new soft wares or more licenses. you may have to email or by phone relay the information to the supplier. you cannot access the program. inventory and other information cannot be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. Slow internet connection can be problematic. . which can be expensive.DISADVANTAGES WEB-BASED POS A monthly fee is charged. If technical support is needed. Reports. Internet has to be connected to the workstations. Up gradation of software is difficult.

Uses in Industry Retail Industry † Walmart † Welspun Group Business Hospitality Industry † Restaurant  Dominos Pizza  Burger King † Hotel  Business Taj and Oberoi  Hyatt .

gift cards. exchanges. customer loyalty programs. returns. quantity discounts etc. . Purchasing. pre-planned promotional sales. foreign currency handling and multiple payment types. Receiving and transferring of products to and from other locationsand Inventory Control ´Back officeµ computers can handle functions as † It can further allow for functions such as manufacturer coupon validation.Retail Industry Functions Customer based Functions : † sales. gift registries. buy one get one offers.

review. you may have to delete the image and then insert it again. & edit purchase orders Track historical inventory purchase Create barcode labels from inventory Inventory shopping list triggered by inventory level falling below pre-defined threshold The image cannot be displayed. . costs of goods and inventory ledgers Inventory depletion based on sales Inventory usage forecast capability Inventory depletion details report Create. and then open the file again. If the red x still appears. Your computer may not have enough memory to open the image. Restart your computer. or the image may have been corrupted.Retail Industry: Inventory Control Maintains sales.

Retail Industry: Ordering and Receiving Create purchase orders / track status Receive products to inventory Reduce over/under stocking .

Retail Industry: Customer Loyalty Program Repeat customer † † † † Tracking Pricing Terms Advertising Personalize transactions † † † Greeting Name on receipt Christmas Card List .

Restaurant Business Seating management Print guest checks Print orders to kitchens and bars for preparation Process credit cards and other payment cards Run reports Electronic signature capture .

Restaurant: Seating Design seating layout Assign wait staff to tables Monitor how long a party has † † † Occupied a table Ordered Been served Monitor employee efficiency Gratuities .

Do you want the usual toppings on that pizza .Restaurant: Telephone Orders/Takeout Interface with Caller ID GPS for delivery status GIS maps for drivers Good customer prompts Hi Mr. Smith.

Hotel Business Check-in and check-out activities Reservations VIP tracking Transaction of money .

Hotel: Check-in/Check-out Basic security Sales tracking by employee Monitor/control employee theft Integrates with payroll (some POS) Tips / Gratuities .

Hotel: Kitchen Displays Tells kitchen staff what to prepare Multiple language support Combination of hardware / networking / software .

POS: eCommerce Integration If you operate a web store in addition to your brick and mortar store. you probably want to use the same Merchant account for both.    CC Authorize software Online payment gateway Merchant account .

POS: eCommerce Acquiring Bank † Acquiring Bank provides Internet Merchant Accounts Credit Card Association † A financial institution that provides credit card services Customer Issuing Bank † A financial institution. such as a bank. . that provides your customer with a payment instrument Internet Merchant Account † A special account with an Acquiring Bank that allows the merchant to accept credit cards over the Internet Payment Gateway † A service that provides connectivity among merchants. customers and financial networks to process authorizations and payments Processor † A large data center that processes credit card transactions and settles funds to merchants.

The Processor routes transaction result to the Payment Gateway The Merchant accepts or rejects transaction and ships goods if necessary The Payment Gateway routes information to the Processor The Issuing Bank sends transaction result (authorization or decline) to the Processor The Payment Gateway passes result information to the Merchant .POS: eCommerce Customer decides to make a purchase on the Merchant's Web site. The Merchant's Web site receives customer information and sends transaction information to the Payment Gateway The Processor sends information to the Issuing Bank of the Customer's credit card. proceeds to check-out and inputs credit card information.

POS: Reports POS allows comprehensive business reports † † † † † † Transactions reports Account reports Inventory reports Purchasing reports Employee reports Sales reports .

POS: Reports: Transactions / Sales Back Order Report Sales Commissions Report Itemized Listing Sales Tax Report Transaction Summary Report Sales Analysis Report Sales History Report .

POS: Reports: Account Customer Listing Customer Detail Report Account Aging A/C Statements Mailing Labels Vendor Detail Report Vendor Listing Accounts Payable Reports .

POS: Reports: Inventory Alert Report Bonus and Commissions Report Detail Report Inventory Evaluation Report Inventory History Report Inventory Status Report On Order Report Stock Levels Report .

POS: Reports: Purchasing Detail Reports Purchase Orders Outstanding Orders .

POS: Reports: Employee Commission Report Attendance Register Reports Sales by employee .

Success Stories Walmart Black Dog Tavern And many more««««. .

Future Trends Biometrics RFID Self Checkouts Advanced CRM .


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