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Essbase Partitioning Divide and Conquer your Processing Woes
©2009 Crown Partners. All Rights Reserved

©2010 Crown Partners. All Rights Reserved

All Rights Reserved .What is Partitioning? ‡ Allows slices of data to be shared between Essbase databases or servers ‡ Types of Partitioning ± ± ± ± Replicated Transparent Linked XREF Function ©Crown Partners.

All Rights Reserved 3 .Replicated Partitions Benefits Replicated Data Flow ‡ Decreased Network Traffic ‡ Query Speed ‡ Recoverability ‡ Transparent to the End-User Draw Backs ‡ Disk Space ‡ Ability to see latest version of the data ‡ Lack of replication for Dynamic Members 5/5/2011 ©Crown Partners.

All Rights Reserved 4 .Transparent Partitions Benefits ‡ Latest Version of the Data ‡ Reduced Disk Space ‡ Smaller Databases ‡ Transparent to the End-User Transparent Data Flow Draw Backs ‡ Network Traffic ‡ Query Speed ‡ Recoverability 5/5/2011 ©Crown Partners.

inked Partitions Benefits ‡ Ability to view data in a different context ‡ Data source and data target outlines do not have to be aligned ‡ A single data cell can allow the user to navigate to more than one database Draw Backs ‡ Security must be maintained of both databases ‡ Not invisible to end-users 5/5/2011 ©Crown Partners. All Rights Reserved 5 .

XREF Data Flow P&L Cube Salary HR Cube 5/5/2011 ©Crown Partners. All Rights Reserved 6 .XREF Function ‡ Retrieve values from a data source to be used in a calculation on a data target. ‡ In a dynamic formula this is similar to transparent partitioning. this is similar to replicated. ‡ Does not impose member and dimension mapping restrictions at least one common dimension must exist in both cubes ‡ Can be triggered by end user via calculation scripts. In a stored formula or calculation.

All Rights Reserved 7 .5/5/2011 ©Crown Partners.

All Rights Reserved 8 .OLD STATE ‡Planning Activities ‡Planning Business Rules ‡Allocations ‡Reporting Ad Hoc Reporting & Analysis Hyperion Planning Planning Activities Allocations Reporting Dashboards Standard Reporting 5/5/2011 ©Crown Partners.

‡ Allocation drivers are modified and a quick turnaround of results is needed. and markets 5/5/2011 ©Crown Partners. The existing system design was not providing the necessary results fast enough.CHALLENGES ‡ Complete a complex series of expense and revenue allocations against budget and actual data (stored in Oracle Hyperion Planning) within a tight calculation window. products. All Rights Reserved 9 . ‡ Allocations need to spread the dollars across three different dimensions: business solutions.

ONE STOP SHOP FOR REPORTING NEEDS Solution Data Sources Product/Segment Reporting Cube Reporting & Analysis Dashboards P&L Accts Standard Reporting Ad Hoc BalSheet Accts 5/5/2011 ©Crown Partners. All Rights Reserved 10 .

‡ A little "out of the box" thinking allowed for the completion of processing in a time that surpassed expectations. ‡ Because it is a transparent partition. different levels of data granularity can be transferred to the reporting cube with no impact on processing time. All Rights Reserved 11 . 5/5/2011 ©Crown Partners.BENEFITS ‡ The partitioned solution allows the users and administrators to run processes against any of the three source cubes without affecting the other two.

PARTITIONING CASE STUDY 5/5/2011 ©Crown Partners. All Rights Reserved 12 .

Sample Partitioning Solution for Forecasting Master Cube CY. Plan. LY2. All Rights Reserved 13 . Working Working Forecast Processing Cube ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Accounts Periods Years (LY3. Forecast) Version (Working. Prior) Line of Business Product Entity Calculated and Consolidated data for CY. Forecast. LY. CY) Scenario (Actual. Submitted. Working ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Accounts Periods Scenario (Forecast) Line of Business Product Entity 5/5/2011 ©Crown Partners. Forecast. Final.

5/5/2011 ©Crown Partners. All Rights Reserved 14 .BENEFITS ‡ The partitioned solution allows working forecast calculations to be completed in a smaller cube (fewer dimensions). ‡ This results in faster processing and time savings compared to using a fix to calc the specific scenario/version/year data in the master cube.

PARTITIONING CASE STUDY 5/5/2011 ©Crown Partners. All Rights Reserved 15 .

Cost Factors etc.Sample XREF Solution for Forecasting Detail Cost of Goods Cube Summarized COGS data Financial Plan Sales Units. derives detail COGS data Sales Units transferred and stored via XREF function in a calculation script 5/5/2011 ©Crown Partners. All Rights Reserved 16 .

Execution of the calculation script allows for transfer and store of data in a manner similar to replicated partitioning ‡ Using a calculation script and XREF rather than Batch/MaxL keeps security in the Hyperion tools (shared services provisioning of the calc).BENEFITS ‡ Stored member is the target for the XREF function results. All Rights Reserved 17 . 5/5/2011 ©Crown Partners.

com 5/5/2011 ©Crown Partners.723.2160 kbarth@crownpartners.Thank You Questions & Answers Kevin Barth 7750 Paragon Road Dayton.554. OH 45459 M: 937.6389 O: www.crownpartners. All Rights Reserved 18 .

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