Country Master Licensee
Itechcare Computers (M) Sdn Bhd
•Manage Itechcare Country Business System •Recruit, Manage & Support Area Licensees •Administrate Country Marketing Program

Area Licensee
(By Township)

• Recruit, Manage & Support Unit Licensees • Provide Logistic Support to Unit Licensees • Marketing of Products & Services to Targeted Customers

Unit Licensee
(Individual Entrepreneur)

•Attending Customers Sales & Services Request •Promote Itechcare Recommended Products & Services

1. Field service computer engineers will be recruited by Area Licensee and work as Unit Licensee 2. The marketing of the Itechcare will be conducted by Master Licensee 3. Enquiry hot lines will be set up and operate by Area Licensee and will channel sales or service leads/jobs to Unit Licensee 4. Itechcare Area Licensee will provide warranty for all supplies & services performed by its Unit Licensee 5. The Unit Licensee will mostly communicate with the Area Licensee via phones or emails other than reporting at the Area Licensee’s office at a specified time and day to settle the reports and stocks

1. Services
– – – – – – – – – – – Hardware and Software Troubleshooting Application Installation and Support Virus/Spyware Protection and Removal Total Maintenances Plan Training and more ... Computer Hardware & Software Parts, Peripherals, Consumable & Accessory SME Productivity, Security and Backup Solutions Web/Email Hosting, Design and Maintenance Network Design, Installation, and Maintenance Project Management and more…

2. Products

3. Solutions

UL should focus on the products & Services highlighted in RED

• Materials
– – – – Itechcare Business Cards – 200 pieces Itechcare Solutions Sales Kit – 1 copy Itechcare Promotion Flyers – 1000 PCs / Month Itechcare Service Report – 1 book

– Itechcare Operational Training – Itechcare Products and Services Sales Training

3. Jobs / Leads Guarantee
– 15 service jobs and/or sales leads per month.

– Initial and on-going operational support

1. Providing high quality personalised service to every Itechcare customer 2. Acquiring more customers 3. Persuading each customer to buy more products and services or upselling to each customer 4. Complying with the business format 5. Suggesting enhancements to the business

Unit Licensee  4. 5. Initial License Fee: Term Period: On-going License Fee: Monthly A&P Fee: Jobs / Leads Guarantee: 7. 8.

RM 500 + RM2,500* 2 Years 5% of GP RM 300 15 service jobs and/or sales leads per month. RM 2,400 RM 1, 000 (Refundable)

Renewal (1 Term Only): Security Deposit:

Installment plan & it’s deducted from monthly incomes

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