Rich Dad Poor Dad

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Rich Dad Poor Dad


Secret to become rich?

Rich Dad Poor Dad


Author and the book
Vishal Phadke (82)

Rich Dad Poor Dad


businessman. self-help author and motivational speaker ‡ Served in the Marine Corps as a helicopter gunship pilot ‡ In 1975.Who is Robert Kiyosaki? ‡ American investor. Not all were successful Point wise 4 . left Marine Corps and got a job of selling copy machines at Xerox Corporation ‡ Has his hands in starting many businesses.

Why this book? ‡ The book basically is about what people must learn and practice in order to become financially independent ‡ The book talks about two different points of view about attaining financial independence ‡ Schools do not equip kids with the information needed to ensure financial independence Point wise Rich Dad Poor Dad 5 .

Central Theme ‡ There is a need for financial literacy ‡ The poor and middle class work for money ‡ The rich have money work for them ‡ The concept of Rat Race and how to get out of it .

liabilities and wealth ‡ Strategies and tips for becoming financially independent ‡ Overcoming obstacles .Central Theme ‡ The world is changing fast and we have to change with it ‡ Concept of assets.

Rich don t work for money Supreet Kaur (54) Rich Dad Poor Dad 8 .

Rich don t work for money ‡ Don t work for money i. don t depend on your boss to make you rich ‡ The rich makes money but not works for money ‡ Learn how to make money work for you by cutting your expenses moderately. investing wisely and creating opportunities to earn passive incomes outside of salaries Point wise Rich Dad Poor Dad 9 .e.

greed for more money increases. Point wise Rich Dad Poor Dad 10 . rather than an employee ‡ Fear and desire leads life to a big trap (rat race) ‡ Use them in your favor.Rich don t work for money (contd) ‡ Seek to be a business owner and/or an investor. ‡ Rat race: the more you earn the more you spend. not against yourself. The fear of not having job and then when we get job.

Financial Literacy .Ninad Bhate (12) Rich Dad Poor Dad 11 .

Financial Literacy ‡ Money KEPT v/s money MADE ‡ Assets v/s Liabilities ‡ Difference between Cash Flows Rich Dad Poor Dad 12 .

Cash Flow : Poor person Job Income Expense Taxes Food Rent Clothes Asset Liabilities Rich Dad Poor Dad 13 .

Cash Flow : Middle class person Job Income Expense Taxes Mortgage Clothes Fun Asset Liabilities Rich Dad Poor Dad 14 .

Cash Flow : Rich person Job Income Expense Taxes Food Rent Clothes Asset Liabilities Rich Dad Poor Dad 15 .

Supreet Kaur (54) Rich Dad Poor Dad 16 .Mind your own business! .

i. also look for other opportunities elsewhere to accumulate wealth ‡ Do not depend only on a salaried job. or else you will continue to work for your boss. while excelling with your qualifications and keeping your day time job. with little or nothing left to invest in yourself Point wise Rich Dad Poor Dad 17 .Mind your own business ‡ Mind your own business. the government and the banks (if you have taken a loan).e.

‡ Profession generates income (working for others) ‡ Business generates assets (own a business) Point wise Rich Dad Poor Dad 18 . ‡ Poor people focus on their income column rather than asset column.Mind your business (contd) ‡ Rich people buy luxuries last. They build their asset column first and the income generated from the asset column is used to buy luxuries later. They spend their lives minding someone else s business and making that person rich.

Lesson 3: Continued ‡ Some sources of unearned income: ± Dividends ± Interest Payments ± Rent ± Royalties ± Stocks ± Bonds Club with previous slide / remove this slide Rich Dad Poor Dad 19 .

Financial IQ Rohan Gholkar (31) Rich Dad Poor Dad 20 .

Financial IQ Financial IQ is made up of knowledge from four main areas of expertise: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Accounting Investing Understanding Markets Law Rich Dad Poor Dad 21 .

Stark Difference Rich People with Corporations People who work for Corporations ‡ Earn ‡ Spend ‡ Pay taxes ‡ Earn ‡ Pay taxes ‡ Spend See if tabulating would look better Try drawing flow Earn -> Spend -> Pay taxes Club with previous if it fits Rich Dad Poor Dad 22 .

Title please Natasha Bharvani (11) Rich Dad Poor Dad 23 .

Information ‡ Game: CashFlow.‡ People s attitude: why take risks? Why should I develop my financial IQ? ‡ Wealth: 300 years ago.Land Presently .makes a person evaluate options ‡ Women now need to be financially independent Title missing Rich Dad Poor Dad 24 .

Just as money is ‡ Money isn t real. not bodies ‡ Example of smart work: shopping at a bankruptcy attorney s office for real estate Title Formatting (Space blank below) Rich Dad Poor Dad 25 . it is what we agree it is ‡ Latest revolution: Humans think with their minds.‡ Luck is created.

The law Title ‡ Guts .‡ Financial intelligence is made up of 4 main technical skills: .Investment strategies . daring and audacity decides our future ‡ The best deals that make the rich even richer are reserved for those who understand the game ‡ People s attitude= YouRich Dad Poordo that! v/s I don t know 26 Cant Dad .Financial literacy .The market Text exceeding slide limit .

‡ Two kinds of investors: Those whoa) Buy a packaged investment b) Create investments ‡ To be the second type: Need to find an opportunity everyone else has missed Learn How to raise money Learn How to organise smart people Rich Dad Poor Dad 27 Title .

Obstacles & Getting Started Pradnyesha Rode (87) Rich Dad Poor Dad 28 .

What if? Laziness.Educate yourself Try title in 1 line Rich Dad Poor Dad 29 .Its Real Cynicism.Roadblocks to becoming Financially Independent ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Fear.Pay yourself Arrogance.Work out Habits.

How do I Start? ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ I need a reason rather than a reality I Choose Daily Choose friends carefully Master a formula and then learn a new one Rich Dad Poor Dad 30 .

How do I Start? ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Pay yourself first Pay your brokers well Be an Indian Giver Assets Buy Luxuries The need for heroes Rich Dad Poor Dad 31 .

Something More Ankush Gupta (36) Rich Dad Poor Dad 32 .

walk or drive a certain area once a month for ten minutes Rich Dad Poor Dad 33 .Here s something more ‡ Stop doing what you are doing ‡ Look for new ideas ‡ Find someone who has done what you want to do ‡ Take classes and buy tapes ‡ Make lots of offers ‡ Jog .

then I look for someone who wants to sell ‡ Learn from history. ‡ Action always beat inaction Rich Dad Poor Dad 34 .And something more ‡ Look in the right places ‡ Look for people who want to buy first.

Hit the road to get rich! Rich Dad Poor Dad 35 .

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