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True Discipleship

Christian Believers Assembly, Borivali

True Discipleship
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. The CALL of a Disciple The CURRENCY of a Disciple The COURSE of a Disciple The CROSS of a Disciple The CONDUCT of a Disciple The CLEAN LIFE of a Disciple The COST of a Disciple The COMMUNION of a Disciple The CROWN of a Disciple

We Have Seen:
1. The CALL of a Disciple:
1. He is a Vessel 2. He is a Vehicle 3. He is a Victim

2. The COURSE of a Disciple:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Saved Ones Believers Disciples Christians Saints Brethren Faithful, Holy, Beloved

Class - 3


The COMMUNION of a Disciple: ‡ The Meaning:
±What is it?

‡ The Means:
±Ways of it?

‡ The Motto:
±Why is it?

The Meaning of Communion:
‡ It means :
± mingling, ± fellowship, ± interaction, ± sharing, ± intimacy, ± longings, ± spending time with.

The Means of Communion:
‡ With the Lord:
± In Personal QT , In Family Altar,

‡ With the Lord s People (Church):
± Meetings (Heb 10:25), Activities

‡ With the World:
± Neighbour, Friends, Functions, Society ± Use of Cell Phones, TV, Internet, Social Networking

‡ With the Family:

‡ Your Personal communion with the Lord will BUILD you up. ‡ Your Family altar will MOULD you in. ‡ Your Church fellowship will CHARGE you with. ‡ Your Other minglings will REVEAL you

‡ Try avoiding cell phone you will know whether you are addicted to. ‡ With Opposite Sex 3 cube rule ± 3Ft Distance/ 3Min Time/ 3Persons Minimum

‡ Check in which area you spend maximum time. ‡ Evaluate what great loss you incur because of that (Your Health, Values, Personality, Family). ‡ Decide Now to prioritize (first thing first)

The Biblical Adivse:
‡ Read Gen 19:23 - Lot Entering into Zoar ‡ Compare with Gen 19:27 - Abraham Standing before the Lord Where does the Morning finds You & Me?

Abraham In Communion:
‡ Gen 18: ± He Stood yet before the Lord and ± He drew near to God. Gen 19:27 yet again. It appears to be the DISCIPLINE IN THE LIFE OF ABRAHAM.

DISCIPLINE in the Life of Abraham:
Is seen in three fold aspects: 1. Definite Period of Time 2. Definite Place 3. Definite Purpose As a pattern in his life. 18:22 means stood still, stopped doing, moving. We are like Martha cumbered with many things but the Lord said, One thing is needful.

Practical Effect of Communion:
It is not saying self centered morning prayers and entering in Zoar, little city, the world like Lot. But a definite progression like Abraham. He stood before the Lord, Means? Psa 24:3; James 4:8 - Who shall ascend? - Who shall stand? - Who shall draw near?

Practical Effect of Communion:
1. Christ Likeness (Clean hands & Pure life). a. Cleansing by the Blood: 1John 1:7, Acts 4:12 b. Cleansing by the Water: Laver = Word. John 15:3, Power of cleansing and convicting. Christ likeness does not begin in the house of God but when we stand before the Lord in the morning.

Practical Effect of Communion:
2. Christ Like Longings (Clean hands & Pure life). Where was Lot s heart longing for? - his only prayer reveals that. - place of power, position, pleasures - vanity. Where was Abraham s heart longing for? - his prayers, life style reveals that. - Nothing of this passing world. - Eternity

Practical Effect of Communion:
3. Christ Like in our Languages: It matters what we say and how we say. - Yea means Yea, Nay be Nay =Mt5:37. - Never swearing James 5:12 - Demeaning the Name of God, Christ. - Condemning, Judging, Cursing, Slandering, Abusing, Blaspheming, Biting, Devouring etc

Christ Like in our Languages:
‡ Eph 5:1, no foolish talking and jesting. ‡ FACE BOOK
± Character of a person is revealed there ± Who are on the list ± Their likings, disliking, desires, deportment ± Awful presentation - Disdain language No Time to Stand before the Lord but Sit hours before the computer every day .

What is foolish talking?
‡ It s a random talking showing vanity and foolishness. ‡ Best kind of foolish talking children do is when teacher leaves the class. ‡ It s a kind of talk done when no one is watching, hearing the same is done on face book. No one before, say anything. ‡ Saying things which we won t say it on face. Ex. A vulgar post, by a believer? Active in church?

What is Jesting?
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ It is igniting humour, and humour out of control. It is degenerated languages of the world. Passing on funny remarks. Making rude, abusive, coarse and seductive remarks. Embarrassing if I would quote the examples. 1Cor 6:12 lawful but not profitable. It doesn t pass the expedient test. You will be over come by it. Just after this class even. Dare to write COL 4:6 on Computer.

Practical Tips:
‡ Stop it at once the Wrong. ‡ Start it at once the Right. ‡ Who shall ascend, stand, and draw nigh?
± One who has not lifted up himself to vanity. ± He who has Christ Likeness in his life ± He who has Christ Like Longings in his life ± He who has Christ like Languages in his life.

‡ Will you decide to live for the Lord? ‡ Now, when others are not living or living in double standard? ‡ Will you decide to spend more time in communion, to effect your communication for the better carrying on of the commission? ‡ If not you then who? ‡ If not now then when?

God Bless You

We Will Pray Will You Practice?