media planning

According to FRY BURGER, media-planning involves selecting appropriate media for carrying advertisement message to target audience & deciding how much to spend on each media & scheduling (deciding the time) when the advertisement is to run Media planning includes answer to 5 w s 1- whom 2- where 3- what 4-which 5- when

Factors affecting media planning
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1- Nature of product 2- Distribution of product 3- Nature of message 4- Media used by competitors 5- Media reach and coverage 6- Media frequency 7- Nature of customers 8- Advertising objectives 9- Size of advertising objective 10- media- availability 11.-media-cost 12-media- image

Importance of media planning

y 1. Optimum utilisation of resources
y 2. Helps in achieving advertising objectives y 3. Selection of appropriate media y 4. Selection of optimum media mix y 5. Helps in allocating advertisement budget y 6. Ensures appropriate timing of advertisement y 7. Media plan helps in control

Information needed for media planning
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1. Analysis of competitive market 2. Analysis of sales, marketing, and media history of the product 3. Reviews of the problems and opportunities sections 4. Budget 5. Background that tells them the purpose of the campaign 6. Planners also needs specific start, and end dates to be able to schedule the media plan 7. The planners need to know how the brand is bought 8. Key market facts, such as the brands seasonality of purchase its market strength & weakness 9. Target audience 10. They need to know whether there are mandatories or sacred cows with the plan

media planning process
Market analysis

Set the media objective

Media strategy development and implementation

Implementation of media plan

Evaluation and follow-up

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