Intellectual Property Rights

Professional Issues in Software Engineering

. ‡ IPR is like a package where different rights protect different Products. ‡ @Paris Convection (1883).What are IPRs? ‡ These rights stands for the intangible Properties.International law relating to trademarks and patents. ‡ @Berne Convection (1886) International law relating to copyrights.

.. Etc) ‡ Patents Intend to protect inventions. Picture.Types of IPRs ‡ Copyrights Concerned with the rights to copy something (Document. Photograph. ‡ Confidential Information Information that must not Pass on ‡ Trademarks Used to identify the products of a particular manufacturer or a supplier. a piece of music .

Intellectual Property Rights COPYRIGHTS .

‡ 1988 Copyrights law states that literary work includes tables. diagrams. Databases etc. business letters.Types covered under Copyrights ‡ It protects the form in which various things such as words. manuals. literary work. Computer Programs. drawings. Dramatic work. . numbers. Compilations. Artistic work. Musical work. Computer Programs.

. storing in any medium. making copies for some other use) ‡ Issue copies to public ‡ Rent or lend the work to the public ‡ Perform.Rights own by the Copyright Owner ‡ Copy the work (includes reproducing the work. Play or Show the work in Public ‡ Broadcast the work ‡ Make an adaptation of the work or to do any of the above with an adaptation.

where you need to register.‡ These rights prevent others from doing any of these things without permission. ‡ Those 6 rights apply equally to published and to unpublished work. . ‡ Copyrights arises automatically on creation unlike in patents.

verifying or presenting the contacts of the database then the owners of that database is also given the copyrights. ‡ If there has been substantial investment in obtaining. . which are arranged in a systematic or methodical way and are accessible by electronic or other means ‡ Database will only constitute a literary work and attract copyright protection as such if the database is Original ‡ Section 3A(2) 1988 Act a database is original if and only if by reason of the selection or arrangement of the contents of the database the database constitutes the author s own intellectual creation. or other meterial.‡ Databases law states that a Database is a collction of independent works. data.

Computer-Generated works and Computer-aided designs ‡ Computer generated defines that generated by a computer in circumstances such that there is no human author of the work. ‡ Normally the person who designs will have the copyrights. ‡ But some times there will be conflict situations considering the ownership of the Computer Generated works whether the designer or the programmer owns the copyrights. .

. Employer and the organization. then copyrights of such a work will be shared between Employee.Who owns the copyrights? ‡ Sound Recording Producer ‡ A Film Producer or Principle Director ‡ Broadcast The chief person who makes the Broadcast ‡ If an employee is done some work under his/her organization and the employee contact contains that the work he/she does in the office time belongs to the organization.

‡ If one copies a part of the work will also infringe the copyrights. ‡ This will only infringes the civil rights of the owner therefore not regulated by the criminal law. .Infringement of Copyrights Primary Infringement ‡ Anyone else except the copyrights owner performs those 6 actions is liable under primary infringement. ‡ In Software development there might be situations that a programmer made his/her own codes which covers under copyrights suddenly find some other also done the same. ‡ In such situations if the second individual can prove that the work done by him/her is by own then he/she will not comes under the infringement. even they did not knowing that the work was protected by copyrights.

‡ Once a purchaser buys the work the owner still has the rights to prevent rental or lending of those works without permission. . ‡ An Idea is not protected under copyrights where expression does. ‡ It is an infringement to make an adaptation of a copyright work.Infringement of Copyrights Primary Infringement ‡ It is an infringement of copyrights to copy it without the consent of the owner.

.Infringement of Copyrights Secondary Infringement ‡ This is more serious where it a criminal offence to use the copyrights of the mind of making profit.

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