An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

Presented by: Priyanka Giri

Company Profile Established in year 2003 Spread over more than 12000 square meter ISO 9001-2008 Certified Reliable source for superior quality 2 Divisions->CORE & >Insulation .

. ‡ To provide Qualitative products at competitive price with prompt delivery.Mission ‡ To understand customer s needs and requirements and assist them with the most prompt and apt solutions for customer satisfaction.

 It is our intention to operate ethically with all constituents. . maintaining fair and honest relationships and to operate within both the letter and the spirit of the law.Vision  Our vision is to become a global player and deliver highest quality to our customers set benchmarks in the field of quality & prompt service provider.

Products & Machine ‡ Core Division .

Automatic Core Cutting Plant Overview .

Length: 500 mm ‡Max. Length: 5500 mm ‡Min . Width: 150 mm ‡Max. load of 1 Decoiler: 5 MT ‡Line Speed : 240 mtr/min ‡Shear angle 45 & 90 Cutting Facility ‡Holing Facility ‡Step Lap Facility ‡Cuttingg of Four-Frame ± 5&6 Step Lap ‡Automatic Stacking .Specification of Mitre Cut Line ‡Max. Width: 1000 mm ‡Min.


‡Insulation Plant Front view .

Step packing .

.Our Products and Processes ‡ Automatic core cutting plant CNC M/C ‡ Manual Core Cutting plant ‡ Manufacturing of Magnetic Reactor Disc for Reactor Transformer ‡ Manufacturing of CT CORE & PT CORE ‡ Manufacturing of all type of Insulations Power & Distribution Transformer ‡ Facility of Manufacturing Angle Cap Ring.

Current Scenario ‡ In Insulation Division  Insulating Components supplied upto 500 MVA  Permawood Components(11 tons. Avg 30 tons)  Angle Ring & Cap 3500 pcs/month . Avg-8 tons)  PBD (35tons.

600 MT monthly  Currently we can operate upto 500MVA .‡ In Core Division  CRGO Lamination supplied upto 315 MVA  Avg-460 MT monthly  Max.

Expected Scenario ‡ In Insulation Division  Permawood Components(15 tons)  PBD (50 tons)  Angle Ring & Cap 5000 pcs/month ‡ In Core Division  CRGO Lamination can be supplied upto 500 MVA  450 tons monthly .

Allahabad) Block cutting Machine Guard Ring Continuing testing M/C Separation of PBD and Permawood Component (S C Q) Minimizing Down Time .Quality and Capacity Enhancement Planning to install another CNC Cut-to-length by 2012 (Naini.

Cost Reduction Plan Optimal utilization of material Raw material Minimizing scrap Increasing Efficiency Man Machine Off-Cut(Left over) .

Cont Time management Implementation of lean management system Controlling wastage of indirect materials Reducing Factory Overhead & Administrative charges .

Future Expansion Plans Land in GIDC Savali (6000 sq m) to start a new project. . Land near to Areva Vardala industrial area (approx.4 km) for a new project 22000 sq m .

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