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c Selfish, bad, cruel, dictator, didnǯt want war to end angry, • Cruel man, angry man, wanted everything to himself,
vicious, like to rule over people, frustrated, powerful, paranoid, wanted to take over the word , a dictator, power seeker,
abandoned his fascism, became a powerful man in Italy, trick, helped the government.
had a huge army.
c Bad person but a good leader-He had a lot of power and he knew • Dictator-because the government gave him all the help he
how to get the attention of people. He could get them to follow needed and because he made himself the leader of the
orders and was very organized. He wasnǯt a bad leader, he just fascist party.
did bad stuff with his power.
c Cruel: Hitler was cruel because he wanted power and he was • Cruel-because he when he killed people he used to hang
willing to do anything to get power. Also Because he did not like them upside down in a public place.
anyone that was not as he put it the perfect race
blonde hair and blue eyes and over 6ft tall so he thought • Helped the government-because he started a strong fascist
everyone else were not as good as them
party and he helped in the war so people actually thought
c Dictator: Hitler was a great leader. He managed to convince the they would win the war.
vast majority of Germans to follow him and his destructive
philosophy. Hitler was evil, but he was also very charismatic. He • Power seeker-because he wanted to rule Italy by
was able to inspire his followers to gladly follow him to their
deaths even when it was obvious that their cause was lost. It is persuading them into thinking that they will win the war,
just a shame that Hitler didn't use his influence in amore and all the countries in the world will soon belong to Italy
positive way. Had he done so, he probably could have been
remembered and loved for the way he improved the world rather • Angry-because he didnǯt want the world to know about his
than being reviled as a personification of evil. plans of persuading and taking over the world/
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c Deaths of his parents, Moving to Vienna, Outbreak
• 6 29 July 1883
of WW1, Getting gassed, Defeat of Germany and
• 6  
 Predappio, Italy
Versailles Treaty, Joining the Nazi party, Munich
Beer Hall Putsch, Being jailed for his role in it, • î   28 April 1945 (Shot to death)
Publication of Mein Kampf, Being appointed • 6  Italy's dictator during World War
Chancellor, Night of the Long Knives, Enabling Law,
• Known as "Il Duce" -- the Leader -- Mussolini was
Remilitarisation of the Rhineland, Anschluss with the Fascist dictator of Italy during World War II.
Austria, Annexation of Sudetenland, Invasion of Mussolini grew active in Italian politics in the first
Poland and WW2 starting, War with Russia, decade of the 1900s. He then spent time in exile in
Switzerland and Austria, where he worked writing
Surviving the July 20th Plot, Invasion of Germany, and editing socialist newspapers. He returned to
Suicide, He burnt his fathers bee Hives as a child, he Italy after serving in World War I and gained
was in WW1, he was wounded in WW1, he went to power and notoriety as a revolutionary nationalist.
He founded the Fascist Party in 1919, used force
prison, he wrote Mien Kampf, and intimidation against political opponents and
January 30, 1933: President Hindenburg names took power in 1922. Nicknamed Il Duce, Mussolini
Hitler chancellor, May 10: Hitler approved of the created a dictatorship and dissolved the
parliament. Yet for many years he was popular as
Book burnings, he had Dacau Built in 1933, he he expanded government services and public
approved the final solution, the Battle of Britain He works. In the 1930s Italy invaded Ethiopia and
lost, the battle of Stalingrad He Lost , he's Niece Albania and in 1939 Mussolini promised an
alliance with Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany. Italy's
Killed herself with Hitler's gun, and ran away from failures in the war led to Mussolini being removed
Germany before the Russians arrived at his Berlin from government, and when the war ended he was
Bunker arrested, tried and executed.
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c He was appointed Chancellor • Benito Mussolini took
of Germany by President
Hindenburg on 30 January advantage of the bad
1933, and the constitution let economic conditions
him make laws himself in a that existed after World
state of emergency. (the
Reichstag fire) he then War I. He used these to
named himself ad chancellor take power by promising
and president, banned all to be a stronger leader
political parties ut Nazi and
the rest is history. for the people of Italy.