Part 3What impact did the media institution Film 4 have on each production stage and why?

The institution Film 4 has a big impact on........

Film 4 s ethos is to develop new British talent. Film 4 s styles of productions include using controversial themes, to denote British Social realism. I analysed the movie Kidult hood , for the different themes. As kidult hood is not a film 4 film it is very similar as it shows typical factors of a film 4 film for example, there is a shot of boy working in a garage . We also looked at different opening sequences to analyse the sound and credits. As film 4 is an independent company this impacted on how sound is used to represent British Social Realism for example, Nowhere Boy uses a lot of diagetic sound being the dialogue. When starting to plan our opening sequence we decided to incorporate the themes of addiction, racism, ethnicity and violence which are all similar to film 4 s style to represent British social realism, for example addiction in East is East shows men drinking in the pub. We decided that some shots of the camerawork will be shaky to connote a documentary of her life, signifying realism. As film 4 has a small budget they have limited amount of creativity because of the limited equipment, therefore we planned to use a high angle on the Asian girl, and a close up of the Asian girls face to denote a range of camera movements in our opening sequence. As Film 4 denotes very controversial themes, according to the feedback we received we planned to include the theme religion. This is very similar to Film 4 s style as it represents British Social Realism. We also planned to use ambient sounds of harsh wind and a lot of diagetic sound to represent reality, which is very similar to film4 s style of productions, for example This is England uses a lot of dialogue for example swearing.

During the production stage the lighting was natural, as being a film 4 production, they have a small budget to work with. Using natural lighting connotes that British social realism is not glamorous but dull and boring. This is typical of a film 4 film as it shows British Social Realism , for example Trainspotting lighting is very natural as most of the film is filmed on the streets. The locations that we filmed in included zarna s brothers bedroom, which was the location of the Asian girls bedroom. The bedroom was very dull as there were bare walls and dull curtains, representing British Social realism. The other location that we filmed in was my house, which acted as the foster home where Amairah lived. As Film 4 has very basic equipment to work with, we used a flipcam during the scene of Amairah filming herself, showing no creativity and representing British Social Realism as old and boring. We also used a basic Panasonic camera to film and a tripod to keep the camera steady, showing no creativity, similarly to film 4 films, as for example This is England uses a camera and a tripod to film simple mid shots and long shots. As Film 4 don t have money to fund for a dolly because of their budget we used a handheld camera to track Amairah which was also very shaky, representing Film 4 s style of films. As Film 4 have a small budget they cant afford professional actors as they cost to much therefore they have to cast unknown actors, thus when producing the opening sequence we cast myself as the Asian girl, Hannah as the bully and fellow students who really smoke. An example of a film 4 is Trainspotting The production company cast unknown actors. As Film4 s style of films relates to British Social Realism, and because they have a small budget they cant afford to pay an artists music company to use there song therefore film 4 doesn't use a lot of product placement, thus in our opening sequence we used a lot of diagetic sound being the voiceovers, and we downloaded a copyright free song from free play music.

Distribution and marketing
As film 4 has a small budget to work with, therefore there will be no creativity but denoting British social realism. As our opening sequence denotes many controversial themes of Racism, Suicide, Religion, ethnicity and addiction therefore our film will only be distributed around Europe as other countries have a ban on such themes as it may affect the populations behaviour, for example the independent film Hunger had many denotations of nudity. The film will be distributed by the same distribution company that hunger used , which was Icon Film distribution (UK) . Our film will be distributed in an art-house cinema, for example the Prince Charles-1 as they show independent films regardless of the themes. It will also be exhibited on, film 4 and the parent company, Channel 4. This is an advantage for Film 4, as because they have very small budgets , exhibiting their film on channel 4 wouldn t cost them anything as Channel 4 is the parent company of Film 4. Our opening sequence will be marketed at festivals where there are loads of reporters who will write about the movie, generating word of mouth. An increase in word of mouth of the film builds anticipation for the audience, therefore attracting a mainstream audience, resulting in the film having a high rating on DVD sales, or box office ratings if viewed in the art-house cinema, making the film 4 production very successful.