Management Information System
PRESENTED TO: ySir Faisal Shafiq PRESENTED BY: yMohsin Ibrahim yMuhammad Rizwan yKamran Zafar yM. Athar Jamil



Presentation Scheme
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Introduction And History of HBL Management Information System Hardware used by HBL Software used by HBL Database Management Networking Conclusion


About HBL
‡ Public Limited Company ‡ 1941 Bombay (Now Mumbai) ‡ 1947 ‡ Revenue 50.41 Billion as of 2007


S .I.FINAL PROJECT Vision ´Enabling People To Advance With Confidence And Successµ M.

I. and granting superior value to our stakeholders ² shareholders.FINAL PROJECT Mission ´To be recognized as the leading financial institution of Pakistan and a dynamic international bank in the emerging markets.S . providing our customers with a premium set of innovative products and services. customers and employeesµ M.

I.409 Billion rupees ‡ 1400 Branches and Operating in25 countries M. Karachi Private Entity till 1974 Late 1974 December 29.S .FINAL PROJECT History of HBL ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ 1947. 2003 ‡ 51% Ownership to AKFED against 22.

S .FINAL PROJECT Banking Operations M.I.

FINAL PROJECT Departments of HBL ‡ Sixteen Departments 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ministrati n it Branc Centra inance Centra Operati n C rp rate Banking Gr p Cre it ministrati n C st mer Services & Q aity arketing 9 Sma & e i mEntp Gr p 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Specia Operati n anagement Divisi n Treas ry Operati ns Divisi n inancia nstit ti n anagement n rmati n System Sma & e i mEntp Gr p Treas ry Operati ns H man es rce Divisi n M.S .I.

S .I.FINAL PROJECT Products & Services ONLINE SERVICES ATMs Mobile Banking Call Center Bill Payments Virtual Banking LOANS Business Sarmaya Personal Loan Car4U ACCOUNTS Khushali Bachat Pak Rupee Accounts Saving Accounts Basic Banking Foreign Accounts CARDS Debit Card HBL Visa Credit card M.


I.S .FINAL PROJECT Information System Life Blood of an Organization M.

S .FINAL PROJECT Data Processing-Information Cycle ‡ Information ± Provided to Decision Makers ‡ After Data is Transformed into Information M.I.

I. Database Management.S . end-user-oriented tasks ± As Billing. M. Accounts Receivable. Word Processing.FINAL PROJECT Application software ‡ Includes User-oriented Programs ‡ Software packages. and tools needed for specific. Payroll.

database or file management.S . M.FINAL PROJECT ‡ Two categories of application software ‡ General-purpose Application Software ‡ Includes programs and packages that are being used by workers in the organization·s sub-units ± spreadsheets.I. and presentation graphics.

FINAL PROJECT ‡ Special-Purpose Application Software ± Includes Programs And Packages That Support The Activities Of Workers In A Particular Sub-unit. and Payroll ± Used By A Limited Number Of Users M.I.S . ± Debiting and Crediting Entries ± Software·s Used In ATM·s.

M.FINAL PROJECT Management Information System ‡ Transaction Subsystems Processing System ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Decision Support System Executive Support System Management Reporting System Intelligent Information System Office Automation System ± All of these systems have been linked through Multi-user Online Banking (MOB).S .I.

S . ‡ In HBL it is used to record withdraws and deposits of customers ± Records the transactions ± Records the debit & credit ± Tells the balance of customer ± Gives the data about the custom M.I.FINAL PROJECT Transaction Processing System ‡ TPS deals with the accounting department of an organization.

It records ± ± ± ± How much loan was given Time Who was given the loan Address and particulars ‡ Summary Report M.FINAL PROJECT ‡ Detailed Report ‡ It is a full and computerized report of the transaction passed for the day.I.S .

FINAL PROJECT Management Reporting System ‡ It generates a summarized report for management at higher level ± It generates report having: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Name of customer His/ Her address Limit of loan which bank can give Approval authority of loan Date of giving loan The expiry of deadline The securities that the bank held against the loan M.I.S .

FINAL PROJECT Decision Support System ‡ Provides tools that enable managers to develop information ‡ After getting the data from TPS and MIS ± Manager makes decisions ‡ The manager can also forecast a future trend on the basis of DSS.S . M.I.

I. ‡ Any distinction between the two is ± Additional capabilities such as electronic mail. M.S .FINAL PROJECT Executive Information System (EIS) ‡ DSS that is designed to meet the special needs of top-level managers.

S . and E-mail.I. ± Such As Word Processing. M.FINAL PROJECT Office Automation System ‡ OAS is the use of computer systems ± To Execute a Variety of Office Operations. Accounting. ‡ Office automation almost always implies a network of computers with a variety of available programs.

S .I.FINAL PROJECT Information System Of Habib Bank ‡ Habib Bank has different banking sectors these include ± International Banking ± Retail Banking ± Treasury ± Corporate ± Global & Overseas banking M.

time.FINAL PROJECT System Development Life Cycle ‡ Feasibility report ± The MIS manager prepares the Feasibility Report to check cost effectiveness and the required results of developing software.I. staff.S . ‡ Specification Requirement ± MIS manager sees what is required for making system i.e. PC·s and its peripherals. programmers. ± The previous system is analyzed M.

S .FINAL PROJECT System Development Life Cycle ‡ System Design ± At this stage no actual programming is done but will design the required fields ± i.I. M.e. ± A skeleton of system is made and the programmer programmed the software exactly up to the requirement of the MIS manager. what are the fields for which entry of data is necessary ‡ System Construction: ± At this stage actual programming is done.

‡ Post Implementation Support and Testing ± The problems are reprogrammed again M.S . the system is implemented.FINAL PROJECT System Development Life Cycle ‡ System Implementation ± After testing and debugging. when MIS manager is fully satisfied.I.

M. ‡ MIS is perceived as an area ± That can generate opportunities or value for the organization ± Not mainly as a source of problems.FINAL PROJECT Information Resource Management ‡ Information is a key resource that should be properly managed.I.S .

I.T Staff and controls their operations ± The planning and implementation of System M.FINAL PROJECT MIS Personnel ‡ The MIS personnel may be non IT persons ‡ The Management Information System (MIS) Manager looks after the ± I.S .

he is generally a supervisor.I. ± He has the responsibility of hiring and assigning work to the other operations personnel.FINAL PROJECT ‡ Computers Operations Personnel ± These are the people responsible for the day to day operations ‡ Computer Operations Manager/System Manager ± The computer operations manager is in charge of the entire operations activity. M.S .

I. create backup files and ensure their safe transport to the second branch of the Bank. ± Their job is to load disks and tapes.T Department who enter data into the main computer system.T Department.S .FINAL PROJECT ‡ Computers operators ± They are in-charge of running the equipment in the I. ‡ Data Entry Personnel: ± These are the people within the bank·s I. M.

FINAL PROJECT ‡ System Librarians ± They are responsible for managing data stored ‡ System Analysts ± System Analysts are the technology professionals charged with ‡ Analyzing ‡ Designing and ‡ Implementing information systems M.S .I.

FINAL PROJECT ‡ Programmers ± Specifically charged with writing computer programs ‡ Application Programmers ± Code applications programs-the software that serves the direct needs off end-users.S . M.I.

S .FINAL PROJECT ‡ System Programmers ± Code the systems software ± That controls the operation of computer hardware ‡ MIS Management ± At the top of the computer hierarchy are MIS executives ± These MIS executives oversee the full range of MIS-related activities M.I.

g.I.FINAL PROJECT Duties of MIS Personnel ‡ They manage information inflow ± Start of any work to its final destination and inspect all the information ‡ They generate report for a top manager ± e.S . is target matched or not? M.

‡ Payrolls ± It is made on MIS ± In it information about employees » His salary allowances.S .FINAL PROJECT Duties of MIS Personnel ‡ Audit ± They securitize the systems that are already present for the purpose of compliance of system in bank. deductions etc M.I.


FINAL PROJECT Hardware Used at Habib Bank ‡ Database Servers ‡ Related Servers ‡ Network Printers ‡ LCD Monitors ‡ Laptops ‡ Printers ‡ Laser Printers ‡ Scanners ‡ UPS(Generator) M.I.S .

S .FINAL PROJECT Ser ers¶ Spe ifi ation Accessories LCD RAM HARD DRIVE 2 x PROCESSOR MOTHERBOARD MOUSE NETWORK PRINTER Capacity 17µ 2GB-3GB 500GB 3 GHz INTEL OPTICAL MOUSE Hp 4250 Company hp Maxtor Intel ---------------hp M.I.

FINAL PROJECT Servers· Specification Accessories Modem Cache Memory Port Capacity _____ 4GB Passive Four USB. 1 Mouse. 2 Serial. 1 Graphic. 1 Parallel.I.S . 1 Keyboard. 2 x Ethernet 5 Tower Shape Combowriter52X Company Lucent Intel ______ USB Slots Casing DVD/CD ______ HP Samsung M.


3 Dual core 1GB ___ 3.Hard Disk 2.I.S .FINAL PROJECT Laptops· Specifications Accessories 1.5Megapixel Chipset 64MB Company Maxtor Intel _____ _____ Intel Intel M.Ram 4.Blue Tooth 5.VGA/sound card Capacity 80 2.Motherboard 7.Processor 3.Camera 6.

I.FINAL PROJECT Software Used at Habib Bank 1. Application software M.S . System software 2.

S .0 antivirus MS Office (registered) M.I.FINAL PROJECT Software Used at Habib Bank ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Operating System SYMBOLS Device Driver KASPERSKY 9.

FINAL PROJECT Software Used at Habib Bank ‡ Main Server ± Window Server 2003 (Enterprise Edition) ‡ Client ± Window XP Professional (Service Pack 3) M.I.S .

I.FINAL PROJECT Banking Software ‡ ´MIBSµ (Former) ± Multi Currency Inter-branch System ‡ ´SYMBOLSµ (current) M.S .

business rules and enterprise-wide reference M.FINAL PROJECT Banking Software ‡ SYMBOLS ± Multi-branch functionality ± Customer ease ± Multiple one-time parameters are incorporated into a specific module ± Symbol·s Kernel (FM) module is a central repository of programs.S .I.

S .FINAL PROJECT Database ‡ Organized collection of information ‡ Two types ± Distributed Database ± Centralized Database M.I.

I. M.FINAL PROJECT Database Structure Of HBL ‡ The database structure of HBL is centralized. ‡ There is Main server called Phoenix in regional branch blue area where all data is stored.S . ‡ Main server remains active 24 hours in a day.

S .FINAL PROJECT Database Structure Of HBL ‡ The main server is the intelligent server which automatically performs the actions on the data sent by the branch.I. M. ‡ It tells the real time position of the account.

I.S .FINAL PROJECT Database Management System ‡ Data Administrator ± All rights ‡ Users ± Limited rights M.

FINAL PROJECT Database Management System ‡ DBMS has not yet been fully implemented ± A credit database include: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Name Location Approval authority of credit Expiry/tenure Securities Sort of finance M.I.S .

‡ Information Technology department have a simple database structure and use online processing/real time processing .S . ‡ Simple application software is being using to control.I. create and manage database.FINAL PROJECT Data Management ‡ All the data is directly stored in head office. M.

S .I.FINAL PROJECT Data Management ‡ Data is physically stored ± Magnetic Disks ± Compact Discs ± Paper ‡ Business Forms ‡ Memos ‡ Reports M.


Data Management ‡ These databases include:
±Customer/client databases ±Employee databases ±Accounting databases ±Credit databases


Data Backup ‡ Hard disk of the branch server ‡ Hard disk in the head branch server ‡ Record the data all the day on tape ‡ Recording in files


Multi-user Online Banking
‡ Main system used ‡ Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL) ‡ All of the branches are linked together ‡ Entry at one branch, updates data of all

S .FINAL PROJECT Network structure ‡ LAN (Local Area Network) M.I.

FINAL PROJECT WAN (wide area network) M.S .I.

FINAL PROJECT GAN (global area network) M.I.S .

FINAL PROJECT VPN (virtual private network) M.I.S .

FINAL PROJECT Inside & Outside Communication ‡ Intranet ‡ Extranet ‡ Internet M.I.S .

I.S .FINAL PROJECT Topologies ‡ Bus topology ‡ Ring topology M.

I.S .FINAL PROJECT Topologies ‡ Star topology ‡ Ring topology M.

I.S .FINAL PROJECT Conclusion ‡ First Choice ‡ Well Established MIS System ‡ TIME is money ‡ Customers Our Essence M.



000 30.000 100.000 140.000 420.000 3.S .000 1.750.I.FINAL PROJECT Estimated Cost of Hardware Description Database Server Related Server Network Printer Pc's Laptop Printer Laser Printer Scanner UPS(Generator) TOTAL Quantity 1 6 1 70 5 5 3 1 1 Total 200.000 150.600.000 M.000 210.000 600.

000.000 Total 7.000.000 1.S .000 M.I.000.000 1.000 of 300.000 300.000.300.FINAL PROJECT Estimated Cost of Software Description SYMBOLS Infrastructure Cost Technical Manpower Training Cost Staff TOTAL Amount 7.000 3.000 11.

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