The audience for my piece is targeted at teenagers and young adults, based on the results of my questionnaire.

Predominantly, it is these people who may find dark comedies amusing and fully understand their unique approach to comedy. This is because in the modern day serious issues such as murder and rape can be presented as amusing by the media, and distastefully it appeals to younger people. -The film opening would appeal more to men than women, because women are more sensitive about serious issues such as murder. Older men may also find the film amusing rather than distasteful, but there is a greater chance that younger men do instead.

As the target audience are younger people, this means they have a lower attention span than older people, therefore need to be gripped, entertained and amused from a very early point. My film does this by establishing an amusing character via the use of a soundtrack. However, in not seeing his face nor body creates an element of mystery and intrigue which is a regular theme in comedies. The character s anti-religious personality also relates to the target audience. This is because younger people of today s world find it a lot harder to believe or associate themselves with religion, therefore the young people will be able to understand and comprehend the character, and agree with his views.

In my film opening, I was able to attract my audience by creating an amusing character via a voiceover. Comedies, no matter what type, always possess a crazy/deranged/funny character, and in my opening, via a voiceover, this sort of character is introduced. Young people also like for there to be a sense of mystery and intrigue within a comedy. This is established due to the fact he confesses to a murder, leading to the audience wishing to know who he killed or how he did it. Also, other characters are mentioned, hinting at their introduction later within the film. The audience are also attracted by a slow, musical introduction seen in black comedies. This hints at a sombre tone and atmosphere, making the young people seem further mystified and interested. Use of place also has a sense of amusement and comedy. Filmed at the abbey it hints at religion when in fact the central character loathes it with a passion.

The main and central character of mine is called just the narrator, and his name is never specified due to his loathing of himself. Instantly, he fits the conventions of a comedy character, for the audience are permitted to engage with him. He is presented as anti-religious, which the target audience of young people can sympathise or empathise with., due to it is predominantly these people who question the concept of religion. Also he feels guilt, and a lot of teenagers or young adults feel guilty about things and struggle to cope. He is also represented as a bit irrationate and unstable again things younger audiences find amusing and entertaining. Another character Chloe is mentioned by name, and when briefly mentioned represents a return to normality, and romance.

The opening scene is rather dark, with a variety of shots of the St Albans abbey. This helps establish the setting, as well as setting a sinister and dark mood to the dark comedy. Also it shows scenes of both the exterior and interior of a house signalling a return to normality for the character. The character s voiceover helps establish the sort of character he may be, his views about life and also help establish the plot line, talking about how he murdered someone and his mission to achieve redemption. All of these things help define it as an opening sequence. In tandem with this are the credits and titles. It states, A Jack Otway Production, signalling it to be the start of the film, whereas the opening ends with the title Karma further reiterating this. The slow music also does this.

My piece adheres to the codes and conventions of comedy because it helps establish setting, character and tone and mood. The character is as mentally unstable/amusing as you can expect in a comedy. The setting adheres to it because it is a domestic setting in a church and in the home. However, it also challenges the codes and conventions of comedy as a whole, but fits into the sub-genre of dark comedy. This is because it covers dark areas like murder, with a dark scenario and dark character. Within comedies the characters are usually amusingly upbeat and positive, in dark comedies less so, with the central character in my film certainly less so.

Prior to the production, a variety of research was carried out. I researched and analysed three films and their codes and conventions of each, including In Bruges, Dodgeball and Wedding Crashers. I then researched the directors and alternative comedy films. Following this I conduced further research into what are the regular occurrences within comedy films, as well as exploring alternative sub genres (including dark comedy, which is what my piece fits into.) I also did a mood board to demonstrate my understanding of comedy.

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