Hardware Essentials II

Module 5 - Portable Computers

Portable Computers Module 5 .Hardware Essentials II Module 5 .Portable Computers  Overview Portable computers have become popular due to two reasons. One more important feature in portable computer is it comes with battery packs. and components of the portable PC. This module explains the features. types. which are compactness and lightweight.  Lessons Covered in this Module Portable Computers 2 . This is more comfortable for the traveling employees or user.

Another important feature in portable computer is it comes with battery pack.  Topics Covered in this Lesson Features of Portable Computers Types of Portable Computers Components of Portable Computer Troubleshooting Portable Computers 3 .Portable Computers  Introduction The portable computers were first introduced by Compaq and have been in the market for a long time. This module explains the features. and components of the portable PC.Hardware Essentials II Module 5 .Portable Computers Lesson 1 . The two main features of portable computers are its compactness and lightweight when compared to a desktop computer. types.

Features of Portable Computers  Size The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen is the main source for the slim model of today¶s portables.  Heat One of the problems in PCs is the heat produced by them. 4 .  Weight Many systems designed for more convenient portability will weigh three pounds. The drive is very tiny which fits easily into portable computer and it has a higher capacity to hold more data.Portable Computers Topic 1 .  Power Low-power components: When the size and weight of the components are reduced eventually the power consumption also reduces.Hardware Essentials II Module 5 . Battery technology: The new battery technology has increased the battery duration of a portable system. Power management protocols: It supports power Advanced Power Management (APM) and Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI).

By using docking station the Laptop can be replaced as a desktop. 5 .Hardware Essentials II Module 5 .Types of Portable Computers  Desktop Docking Station It has almost all the features found in a typical desktop.Portable Computers Topic 2 .  Laptop The size of the Laptop is approximately 9 x 12 x 2 and weighs 9 pounds or more. For this type of system a docking station is used to provide network connectivity when not traveling.

good quality display. features. 6 . weight. These types of systems have lot of memory and a high-capacity hard drive. and cheaper too. and a complete size keyboard. plenty of hard drive space.Hardware Essentials II Module 5 . It has large.Portable Computers Topic 2 .  SubNotebook The subnotebook is smaller than laptops and notebooks.Types of Portable Computers  Notebook A notebook is smaller than a laptop in size.

It uses a pen based stylus device for providing input. The figure displays an image of a palmtop or a pocket PC.Types of Portable Computers  Personal (PDA) Digital Assistant It is a small hand held device. 7 .Hardware Essentials II Module 5 . It can be used to perform calculations and computations It can function as a mobile phone and a fax sender.Portable Computers Topic 2 .

Keyboard D .Hardware Essentials II Module 5 .LCD Screen B .Power button E .Components of Portable Computer A .Portable Computers Topic 3 .Power and battery LEDs C .Touch pad F .Status Indicators 8 .

500 MHz 600-850 MHz + Voltage 1. the processor can run at two different speeds. BGA.1. BGA. Micro-PGA MMO.Portable Computers Topic 3 . BGA. Processor Mobile Celeron Mobile III Mobile III Pentium Pentium Speeds 266-466 MHz 400.Components of Portable Computer  Microprocessor Intel introduced a new technology called SpeedStep. The table below displays that the voltage is decreasing and as a result the processors consumes less power and generate less heat. 450.7V Packages MMO. which enables the desktop and mobile processors to meet each other in performance Depending on either the computer is connected to AC or battery power.35V 1. Micro-PGA 9 .  The processor switches to Battery Optimized Mode when it is running on battery power.Hardware Essentials II Module 5 . micro-PGA MMO.6V 1.  The processors can run in high speed that is Maximum Performance Mode when it is connected to AC power.1.

which are 2. Portable computer commonly use Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module (SO-DIMM). The SO-DIMM module comes in two sizes.Components of Portable Computer  Memory More RAM has to be installed into the portable computer so that virtual memory is not used frequently.625 inch with a 144-pin connector. 10 .Hardware Essentials II Module 5 .Portable Computers Topic 3 .375 inch with a 72-pin connector and 2.

a second battery and another drives.Hardware Essentials II Module 5 .Portable Computers Topic 3 . which attaches to the drive¶s data connector.Components of Portable Computer  Hard drives The IDE drives are built in almost all the portable computer. In the bays a second hard drive. like floppy or CD-ROM can be attached. 11 . The hard drive is mounted in a special case.

Portable Computers Topic 3 . CardBus is suitable for Fast Internet connection that is 100 Mbps network. 12 .Components of Portable Computer     Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) The PC card fits into a slot in a case of a portable computer or a docking station.Hardware Essentials II Module 5 . The slot in the computer has the male 68-pin connector at its bottom and it accepts the short side of the card.

Hardware Essentials II Module 5 .It is 3.Portable Computers Topic 3 . Type II card. 13 .Components of Portable Computer  Types of PC Cards Type I cards.3mm thick.This card is 5mm thick and is intended for I/O devices.This card is 10. Type III card.5mm thick and is used by tiny hard disk drives.

Hardware Essentials II Module 5 .  Internal Modem There are two types of internal modems. which are an internal unit or a card. 14 . these are Dual Scan and Thin Film Transistor (TFT). Now the displays come in two forms.  Internal NIC Network Interface Card (NIC) is used to connect a PC to a network. An important function of NIC is to make an ³access method´ easy to the network.Components of Portable Computer  Displays If the LCD of the portable computer is spoiled then the user need to buy a new one.Portable Computers Topic 3 .

Hardware Essentials II Module 5 .Components of Portable Computer  Batteries Nickel Cadmium Batteries ± It is heavy and it has short life. Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries (NiMH) ± It gives approximately 30 percent longer run time than NiCad batteries.Portable Computers Topic 3 .  Keyboards There is no separate numeric keypad in portables like in the keyboards of a desktop computer. Lithium Ion Batteries ± It has longer life and cannot be overcharged. 15 .

It is like pencil eraser located between the G. 16 .Components of Portable Computer  Pointing input devices Trackball .It is an electromagnetically sensitive pad. H. and B keys.Portable Computers Topic 3 .Hardware Essentials II Module 5 . Trackpoint . Trackpad . which responds to the finger across its surface.You can move the ball directly instead of moving the whole mouse.

 Proper Battery Disposal Since batteries contain metals. acids and other explosive compounds. an external keyboard connector. it is important to learn proper battery disposal and its recycle. an external VGA monitor connector.  Software Support The software is configured by the Card Services driver.Hardware Essentials II Module 5 .Portable Computers Topic 3 . 17 .Components of Portable Computer  Rear Panel Connectors Most PCs have a standard I/O ports. and a docking-port expansion bus.

If a single docking station connection does not work.Hardware Essentials II Module 5 . the PCMCIA adapter¶s icon shows an exclamation mark on a yellow background. If the card is not performing properly.Portable Computers Topic 4 . find a way around the docking station/ replicator and try to run the peripheral directly with the portable unit. if there is a problem with PC card.  Battery Problems and Troubleshooting If the system does not start up while running on battery power.Troubleshooting Portable Computers  PCMCIA Problems and Troubleshooting The PC card device will appear in Device Manager. the battery needs to be charged or it might be in bad condition. 18 . The battery should be fully discharged and then recharged to correct the battery memory problems.  Docking Stations/ Troubleshooting Port Replicators Problems and Check the portable¶s documentation to ensure whether the external device is activated if a peripheral device is not working.

CD-ROM and other huge mechanism. that are dual scan and thin film transistor (TFT). 19 . The displays come in two forms.Hardware Essentials II Module 5 . The components omitted by the subnotebook are floppy drive. The size of the Laptop is approximately 9x12x2 and weighs 9 pounds or more.Portable Computers Conclusion  Summary The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen is the main source for the slim model of today¶s portables. The Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module (SO-DIMM) is a common memory module used in portable systems.