Employer Branding at McDonald·s: Redefining McJobs

Akshita Batra (100803011) Surabhi Agarwal (100803099)

Illinois. Started by Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1940. Headquarters at Oak Brook. .An Overview    World·s largest chain of fast food restaurants.

Product Lines       Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers Chicken Sandwiches French Fries Beverages Breakfast Items Desserts .

.Employer Branding It is defined as the sum of a company·s efforts to communicate to existing and prospective staff what makes it a desirable place to work. and the active management of a company·s image as seen through the eyes of its associates and potential hires.

ashamed of their jobs. Staff morale went too low and they were.Problem Background    Jobs at McDonald·s referred to as McJobs. sort of. McJobs considered synonymous to lowprestige. low-benefit dead-end jobs. .

Understand the role of HRD. Evaluate initiatives already undertaken. Explore strategies for future.Issues      Understand the importance of employer branding and its relationship with the ability of a company to attract talent. . Understand the issues and challenges in planning and implementing an employer branding initiative.

Campaigns       The ¶McJob· Issue ¶My First Job· Campaign ¶Not Bad for a McJob· Campaign ¶Change the Definition· Petition Campaign ¶My McJob· Campaign Campaign in other countries .

The People Project     Objective Planning: Preparing the grounds The Campaign: Implementation Results .



Conclusion ´Success is simple. the right way. At the right time!µ . Do what·s right.