Midterm Practice

sometimes we go dancing _______ night.What is your typical day? Monday is a typical weekday for me. . Saturday is my favorite day. I usually wake up ________ 7:30 _____ the morning and take a shower. we go to dinner with our friends. Then I usually eat breakfast _______ 8:00am. ________ 1:00 _______ the afternoon I have lunch with my coworkers at our favorite restaurant. but sometimes I work ______ and get home ______ 7:30pm. We go to bed ________ midnight after we read. I usually work until 6:00pm. _______ breakfast. I have dinner with my wife and we watch TV ________ 10:00 _____ night. I read the newspaper and drink my coffee _______ noon. I usually sleep ______ 10:00 _____ the morning and have a late breakfast with my wife. I always brush my teeth _______ I go to work. I take a shower and brush my teeth ______ we go to the store. ______ the evening.

before. around. around in late at. after. around. before ± ± ± ± ± ± ± until in after until before in at . after before. around. before. after at. after in at.What s your typical day like? ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± at. around. after until at at.

My wife. (to go) Liz: Really? And what________ she _________? (to study) Tom: She ________ hotel management. He ________ it very much (to like). (to work) And what _______you _______? (to do) Tom: I'm a student. too. _________there. Jenny. (to work) Tom: How_________ he __________ it? (to like) Liz: It's an interesting job. . really? Where _______ you _______ to school? (to go) Tom: I ____________to Lincoln University (to go). But he __________ long hours. He s a store manager.What does your husband do? Tom: What ________your husband ________exactly? (to do) Liz: He __________ for a department store. (to study) Liz: That sounds interesting. (to study) Liz: Oh. I __________ architecture.

works. go ± go. like ± likes. goes ± does. do ± study ± do. do ± works ± does. study ± studies .What does your husband do? ± does. do.

Alexis? ________you ________to work every day? (to go) Alexis: Well. We ___________ the house on the weekends. but I _________it. I ________ . we _________. he ______________ . no. (to work) Karina : Really? What about the weekends? ___________you ___________ then. I _________ at home on Fridays. I ________. too? (to work) Alexis: Yes.What s your typical week like? Karina: What s your week like. But just from Monday to Friday. _________ your son _______ any sports? (to play) Alexis: No. He s on the school team. he _________ . (to like) What about you? _________you and your husband _________ to work every day? (to go) Karina Yes. __________ your son __________soccer? (to play) Karina Yes. (to go) Alexis: Oh. (to clean) Oh. and we __________to soccer games. He _________ games on the computer. (to play) .

do. play ± does. go ± don t.What s your typical week like? ± do. go ± does. plays . work ± do. like. play ± doesn t. go ± do. clean. work ± do. does.

Víctor: Really? What ________________? Mark: I sell computers. And what ____________? Mark: I'm a salesperson. Mark: And what ____________ there? Víctor: I'm in management.What do you do? Mark: Where _______________? Víctor: I work for American Express. Mark: How ____________________? Víctor: It's a great job. .

What do you do? ± do you work ± do you do ± do you like it ± do you do ± what do you sell .

Likes and Dislikes Andre w Y ou S occe r No Ja zz Yes C om edy (m ovie s) Yes R iha nna No 1 . Andre w don¶t like socce r. using AN D /BU T . but he like s com edy m ovie s. _ _ __ _ __ _ __ __ _ __ _ ___ _ __ _ __ _ __ __ _ __ _ ___ _ __ _ __ _ __ __ _ __ _ ___ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ _ __ _ __ _ __ __ _ __ _ ___ _ __ _ __ _ __ __ _ __ _ ___ _ __ _ __ _ __ __ _ __ _ ___ _ __ _ __ _ __ . but he like s com edy m ovie s. H e doe sn¶t like socce r. but he doe sn¶t like s R ihanna . c. C onnect ide a s like the e xa m ple a bove . Andre w like ja zz. W rite 2 se nte nce s about your like s a nd dislike s. b. a . H e doe sn¶t like s socce r. H e like s ja zz. 2 . but he don¶t like R ihanna. b. but he doe sn¶t like R ihanna . c. but he like s com edy m ovie s. a . H e like s ja zz.

He likes jazz. ‡ c. He doesn t like soccer. but he doesn t like Rihanna. but he likes comedy movies.Likes and Dislikes ‡ b. .

Adam: Nice to meet you. I isn t. I teaches at DUOC. How are liking your job? Adam: a. b. I am from Melbourne. What is your name? b. Is you from Sydney? Myra: Sydney? a. a. I don t. How about you? Adam: Me? a. b. No. I teacher at DUOC. I teach at DUOC. I do. c. I am from Melbourne. b. I am liking a lot. I m not. a. a. What do you do? b. I like it very much. Myra: Cool! a. I work in a bank. c. Nice to see you. too. I am a nurse. What s you name? c. Are you like your job? c. What does you do? c.Sequential Conversation Adam: Hello. Who is you? Myra: My name is Myra. a. What are you do? Myra: I m an English teacher. Yes. It s nice to meet you. I ll see you later. c. I am a doctor. What are you from? Myra: I m from Australia. Are you from Sydney? b. b. I work in a hospital. How about you? c. I am a pilot. I work in a department store. Where are you from? b. How about you? b. No. c. a. How do you like your job? b. Where are from Sydney? c. No. a. . my name is Adam. Where you re from? c. Adam: Australia? How interesting. I am from Melbourne. Adam: Cool.

How about you? c. How do you like your job? b. a. I am a doctor.Sequential Conversation ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± a. I m not. . Where are you from? a. I like it very much. No. I teach at DUOC. What do you do? c. I am from Melbourne. What is your name? a. Are you from Sydney? c. a. a. It s nice to meet you. I work in a hospital.

Name: Kyle Evan Bond Country of Origin: United States Marital status: Married Age: 32 Job: Carpenter Favorite Band: The Stranglers email address: bond007kyle@gmail. he do. b. He is a carpenter. 3.com 1. He is from the United States. Yes. What is his first name? a. It s Kyle. b. c. 2. Kyle is United States. Where is he from? 4. It s Evan. He is an carpenter. Kyle are from the US. a. c. c. c. b. he doesn t. Does he like music? . No. a. What does he do? a. It s Bond. he likes the Stranglers. b. Yes. He is carpenter.

± He is from the United States.The Kyle ± It s Kyle. ± He is a carpenter. ± Yes. . he likes the Stranglers.

Maybe next time. ‡ Accept your friend s excuse. Hello. Ok. b. would you like to go to a party tonight? c. The party starts at 11 pm. come with me? b. but decline the invitation. a. I d like to. No. a. . Ok. a. thanks. c. I d love to. Sure.Invitations ‡ Greet your friend and invite him to a party. Let s meet at my house. Hi. but I have to wash my cat. I d like to. c. Hey. b. would you like a party? ‡ Express interest.

but I have to wash my cat. . ± Ok. would you like to go to a party tonight? ± I d like to.Invitations ± Hey. Maybe next time.

a. you do do you you goes are you 6. Mark ______________ classical music. 3. b. What time _________ go to work? a. c. d. Isabelle ___________ horror movies. d. b. d. What are What do Where does What does your day like You day like would you like your day do your day like 2. are you like is you liking do you like would like 4. c. a. d. c. b. What kind of movies___________? a. What s_______________? a. b. like do like liking likes 5. d. __________ they do? a. c. b. b. c. d. do not like doesn t liking not like does not like .Complete the sentences 1. c.

Complete the sentences ± do you like ± Likes ± do you ± What do ± your day like ± does not like .