Guidelines for Student Fees

within the Fullerton Joint Union High School District

A review of guidelines, policies, and procedures for student fees, donations, and fundraising


Welcome and Purpose
The subject of student fees, charges, deposits, donations, and fundraising related to courses and activities has been at the forefront of public attention locally and nationally. The purpose of this presentation is to review our district¶s guidelines, policies, and procedures for student fees, donations, and fundraising.


unless a charge is specifically authorized by law. Since 1874. 3 . the California Supreme Court has interpreted ³free school system´ to mean that students are entitled to be educated at the public¶s expense.Free Public Education California Constitution requires that we provide a free public education.

materials and equipment needed to participate in educational activities shall be provided to pupils free of charge. The school district or school shall not offer course credit or privileges related to educational activity in exchange for money or donations of goods or services from students or parents/guardians. A waiver process shall not render an otherwise impermissible fee permissible. . Schools districts and school shall not establish a two tier education system.` ` ` ` All supplies.

including charter schools. extracurricular). uniforms. co-curricular. locks. lockers.g. supplies (both necessary and supplemental).g. books.Non-Permissible Fees Part 1 California public schools. curricular. instruments) participation fees (e. cannot charge fees in order for students to participate in any required or elective class This includes: security deposits (e. 5 .

´ such as lack of sufficient funds.Non-Permissible Fees Part 2 California public schools. cannot charge fees for gym or physical education clothes. 6 . Education Code 49066: ³No grade of a pupil participating in a physical education class may be adversely affected due to fact that the pupil does not wear standardized physical education apparel where the failure to wear such apparel arises from circumstances beyond the control of the pupil. including charter schools.

These include: Transportation to and from school Transportation to places of summer employment Charges for food (limited by the free and reduced price meal program) Insurance for field trips Lost or damaged books or district supplies Direct cost of materials for property the student has made in class for their own use ‡ Charges for optional attendance as a spectator at school/district activities ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ 7 . may charge fees for as outlined in the Education Code. including charter schools.Permissible Fees Part 1 California public schools.

including charter schools. may charge fees for as outlined in the Education Code.g. educational. but purchase from the school can not be mandated and grades can not be impacted based on failure to wear standardized apparel Actual cost of duplication of public records or student records Charges for medical and accident insurance for athletic team members Parking of vehicles on school grounds 8 ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ . These include: ‡ ‡ Fees for school camp programs (e. cultural. outdoor science camp) Fees for field trips and excursions in connection with courses of instruction or school-related social.Permissible Fees Part 2 California public schools. athletic. or school band activities Charges for standardized PE attire of a particular color and design.

if a person wishes to donate to their school s cheerleading program. they can donate to the cheer program or to the cost of the cheer camp. Donations cannot be made for a specific student. they are made to a school or program. and this practice is permissible as long as the donation is truly voluntary and in no way a prerequisite to participation in the program or activity. School districts. programs. For example. 9 . but not the cheerleader. schools.FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions) QUESTION 1: May a school still receive donations from parents and guardians? RESPONSE: YES. and classes can and do seek and accept donations of funds and property. instead.

10 . School districts. Fundraising can not be a requirement of participation. if they are unable to raise funds for the event. you cannot prevent them from participating in an educational activity. You may require students to attend a fundraising event. etc. This practice is also permissible as long as the raising of funds is voluntary. schools.FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions) QUESTION 2: May a school still fundraise? RESPONSE: YES. attendance at a fundraiser can be required if it is a team or club event. programs and classes can and do engage in fundraising activities and programs.g. Penalties for non-attendance would be similar to those imposed for failure to attend any other team or club event (e.). sitting out a game. Also. however.

You can allow students to purchase their own uniforms if they want to purchase uniforms. however. buying a uniform cannot be a requirement to participate in a sport.FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions) QUESTION 3: May a school charge fees for uniforms for team sports? RESPONSE: NO. 11 . A school must provide a free uniform to any student who is a member of the school team in question.

they must be provided free of charge to any student who is a member of the school team in question.. etc.FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions) QUESTION 4: May a school require team members to purchase Spirit Packs? RESPONSE: NO. If there are practice uniforms. a school cannot require a student to purchase a spirit pack as a prerequisite to participate in a sport. Spirit packs may be sold. which are required. 12 . however.

and has a waiver process for those who cannot? RESPONSE: NO.FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions) QUESTION 5: What if a school only charges fees to those students who can afford them. 13 . A waiver process based on financial need or inability to pay does not make an otherwise nonpermissible fee permissible.

These include: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Writing and drawing paper Pens Inks Black boards Black board erasers Crayons Red pencils Other necessary supplies 14 .Classroom Supplies California law requires school district to provide supplies deemed necessary in order to participate in regular classroom work.

Materials The Attorney General has concluded that materials must be furnished by school districts with charge as necessary supplies. These include: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ At l ti if s Atti f si l ss s ts M si l i st S i l i s t l ss s Fil f l l t s t st i t i ls If th ti ³ ith t i l r r t. t r th li ´ li th hi h r t th t ri l r i h l i th tit t t t t 15 .

16 . If a student is not able to purchase any of the items required. The school has shirts and shorts available for purchase of they may be purchased from a vendor of your choice. The appropriate attire consists of a (color) t-shirt.Sample Wording PE classes Students must wear appropriate attire for PE classes. they will be provided to the student and returned at the end of the year. (color) shorts. athletic/dance shoes. If a student cannot purchased standardized physical education apparel due to lack of funds or unwillingness of the family to pay for specialized apparel the student¶s grade cannot be adversely affected. and socks.

Fees for materials used for projects that students wish to keep and take for their own use are permissible. Voluntary donations may be made to help support the art classes No fees should be assessed to any class or activity. 17 . Donations can be accepted but they must be for programs NOT for individual students.Sample Wording Art Classes Materials needed for activities in Art class will be provided free to all students.

sports teams. guardians. staff. school foundation. parents.What are we doing? FJUHSD is providing faculty. staff. parents. This is being accomplished through: ‡ Hosting meetings/presentations with faculty. boosters. guardians. and administrators with guidance and essential resources with the twin goals of school-community cooperation to support programs and legal compliance while providing that support. and PTSA representatives ‡ Providing faculty and staff with course syllabus and school supplies language ‡ Launching a website for district staff with resources and Frequently Asked Questions 18 . students.

REQUIRED MATERIALS o 1´ three ring binder with labeled dividers o Paper ‡ Lined ‡ Graph o Plastic zipper pocket ‡ Compass ‡ Pencils ‡ Eraser ‡ Red pen ‡ Scientific calculator .

‡ The donation of the following supplies is appreciated to offset the cost of classroom materials.‡ Donations of the following classroom supplies are greatly appreciated. The supplies listed below are recommended to assist with organization. ‡ You are not required to purchase any of these materials. .