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To alleviate traffic congestion and jams, enhance the convenience and safety of travelers.  Vehicles passing are enrolled in the program, and debits electronically the accounts.  A new generation of ETC is rapidly developed.  Based on positioning and Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) technologies.

TIFAC CORE in telematics


System Architecture  Five key components OBU Enforcement System Management Center Clearing Center payment Service Center TIFAC CORE in telematics 3 .

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 If the OBU has abnormal state. TIFAC CORE in telematics 5 .  MC saves toll data and sends back transaction information to the OBU.  CC clears all toll data from MC and divides in road service providers.  OBU sends transaction message to MC.  The PSC collects toll records and clears data for account query.  OBU compares current vehicle position coordinate. the violation will be processed.Working  PSC registers and installs OBU.  The OBU receives and displays the transaction result.

Determines how many Km have driven on toll route. transmits to MC. Calculates the toll based. monitoring and billing. Receives transaction information and displays on screen. The main components are ± Integrated GPS and Dead Reckoning (DR) positioning module GSM module Micro-programmed Control Unit (MCU) Smartcard module Human interface TIFAC CORE in telematics 6 .On board unit      Positioning .

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TIFAC CORE in telematics 8 .Enforcement system  A mechanism to deal with the violation. the vehicle OBU status is readed and registered The Moving Enforcement: Use the DSRC in the monitoring vehicle to read the OBU status and registered information Orders the vehicle to park for violation processing.  Catches the license plate pictures and recognizes the license number. The Fixed Enforcement: Vehicle gets closer to monitoring station.

Manage and change the of charging zone Set up toll road fee rate and digital map data Collect and save toll data for clearing.  Collected traffic information and map database. Have extended functions TIFAC CORE in telematics 9 .Management centre  Core part and to tracking. monitoring and guiding all the vehicles traveling on the road.

Bank transfers money from the clearing center account to each road service provider s account.Clearing centre  Unified toll data collection Unified clearing account management Unified settlement time Unified clearing money virement Clears toll data. calculates the money and sends virement command to bank. TIFAC CORE in telematics 10 .

 Data Collection Subsystem Automatic Clearing Subsystem Daily Settlement Subsystem Accounting Management Subsystem Bank Interface Subsystem Data Backup and Recovery Subsystem. System Management Subsystem Operation Statistic and Query Subsystem        TIFAC CORE in telematics 11 ..Contd.

smartcard issuing and customer service etc Encryption Subsystem Issuing Subsystem Customer Information Management Subsystem Bank Interface Subsystem Clearing Center Interface Subsystem Customer Call Subsystem Web Site TIFAC CORE in telematics 12 .Payment service centre  The PSC takes charge ETC users registration.

Characteristics    GPS is an evolutional technology for ETC It has advantages that DSRC doesn t have There are still some problems of GPS solution TIFAC CORE in telematics 13 .

Advantages  The total capital input of road side unit will be largely reduced  It s easy to setup a new toll area or remove the old ones. TIFAC CORE in telematics 14 .  Vehicle traveling multi-path identification problem will be completely resolved.

TIFAC CORE in telematics 15 .  More difficult in the matching process between the debit and enforcement information.Disadvantages  GPS is a new coming technology it is currently on the development and field trial stage worldwide.  The cost of OBU is still high for the users.

TIFAC CORE in telematics 16 .  Switzerland: GPS is used to determine the location of vehicles in Switzerland.Current status  Germany: The GPS-based ETC system has been running on-line for commercial truck toll-fee collection.  Hong Kong: Hong Kong has finished VPS-based ETC field trial project for road charging from 1997 to 2001.

ETC is used at few toll plazas on national highways like: Delhi-gurgaon highway Banglore elctronic city elevated highway TIFAC CORE in telematics 17 .  Presently.  Opportunity to build a simple and robust ETC system  Aims to create a framework for building an integrated and uniform system across the country.ETC in india  No legacy systems in place.

TIFAC CORE in telematics 18 . Cost of end to end ETC solutions slowly develop Indias s technical capabilities to manufacture and maintain.5Mbps data rates in future  Is a kind tolling where in the vehicles are tracked and tolled based on distance travelled  Manufacturing in India .To overcome the dependency on other countries/technologies Market will drive competition. brings the prices of OBU within the reach of a commanman.Contd  Not require 2.

 Ability to support other value-added services on the same technology platform.Conclusion  Based on a combination of GSM and GPS. TIFAC CORE in telematics 19 .  Much greater flexibility in defining or changing payment.  Advantage is an absence of the need for new road infrastructure.

in terms of cost efficiency in implementation and operation.Future scope The satellite-based toll collection system can be used.with regard to flexibility what's more. TIFAC CORE in telematics 20 .

Shian-Shyong Tseng .References [1] Wei-Hsun Lee . Computer Communications.2008. 12th IEE International Conference on Road Transport Information and Control(RTIC 2004). vol..pp. and Ching-Hung ang. TIFAC CORE in telematics 21 . 2004. design and implement of electronic toll collection system based on vehicle Positioning system techniques. A comparison of different technologies for EFC and other ITS applications 2001 IEEE Intelligent Transportation System Conference. etc.London. 2925 2933. UK. 31 .222-225. [3] Juan Guillenno Jordan. [2] Murphy T J. Aug. 2001. Road user charging using satellite positioning technology.pp.


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