Bike/Walk Twin Cities Minneapolis Area, Minnesota

Bike/Walk Twin Cities Community Profile
Minneapolis ‡38 miles of on street bike lanes ‡57 miles of off street trails ‡16,500 bike parking spaces ‡Bike racks on all buses, trains ‡Sidewalk network is 80% complete. ‡Relatively flat topography ‡Warm summer; robust winter; some spring/fall IDEAL for WALKING and BIKING! Minneapolis mode split* ‡Auto 77% ‡Transit 4% ‡Bike 4% ‡Walk 13% NO LOW HANGING FRUIT!

*Metropolitan Council, 2000 Travel Behavior Inventory:

Bike/Walk Twin Cities Program Area
Program Area: City of Minneapolis and adjacent communities including the Airport and Ft. Snelling
Brooklyn Center Columbia Heights Edina Falcon Heights Fridley Golden Valley Lauderdale Minneapolis Richfield Robbinsdale Roseville Saint Anthony Saint Lois Park Saint Paul Population: 377,392 Minneapolis 930,934 NTP Program area 3,208,212 MSA

Program Emphasis on connections to Minneapolis

Bike/Walk Twin Cities The Bike/Walk Program
Transit for Livable Communities: TLC Mission Improve the quality of life in Minnesota communities by promoting transit, walking, biking and transit oriented development Background Established in 1996 Regional non-profit, non-partisan agency ‡Research ‡Organizing ‡Advocacy

Bike/Walk Twin Cities The Program
Tenets of TLC Bike/Walk approach ‡Innovation ‡Strategic planning ‡Engaged stakeholders ‡Fair,Transparent process ‡Quality measurement ‡Institutionalized change

Bike/Walk Twin Cities Innovation
Bring in experts to host workshops ‡Introduce new concepts ‡Expose traditional myths ‡Generate excitement for new approaches ‡Build capacity for institutional changes

Bike/Walk Twin Cities Strategic Planning
Snapshot Minneapolis Awards for 8 planning studies
‡Central Avenue NE ‡Hennepin Avenue ‡Central Corridor Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan ‡Richfield Arterials ‡Xenia Ave/Park Place Blvd. Corridor ‡Douglas Drive Corridor & Connection to Luce Line ‡Minneapolis Pedestrian Master Plan ‡Metro Transit Bike/Ped Improvements Study

Outreach Program
‡Bike/Walk Ambassadors

Bike Walk Twin Cities Engage Stakeholders

Bike Walk Twin Cities Engage Stakeholders

Bike Walk Twin Cities Process
Round 1 Planning, Operations, Infrastructure - 2007
‡Planning ‡Operations
‡Livable streets ‡Pedestrian districts/plazas ‡Off-road facilities

Round 2 Infrastructure - 2008
‡Livable streets ‡Bike/walk streets

Final round LOI & direct awards 2009
‡Innovative capital projects ‡Previous proposals, results of planning studies ‡Education and outreach

Bike Walk Twin Cities Measurement
Evaluation plan ‡Data collection and analysis ‡Before & After survey ‡Bike & pedestrian counts ‡Community wide measurement ‡Project specific measurement ‡Public health component

Bike/Walk Twin Cities Current Status
Funding Awarded Direct Awards $1.3 million 2007 Solicitation ‡63 applications received totaling $17.9 million $7.3 million ‡30 projects awarded totaling 2008 Solicitation ‡35 applications received totaling $16.1 million $1.87 million ‡5 projects awarded totaling 2009 Strategic Investments ‡16 LOI¶s received ‡4 invited to full proposal ‡Education / Enforcement / Awareness ‡Working with previous applicants and planning study outcomes $6.25 million Project funds remaining to allocate:
Does not include administrative and contracted costs

Bike/Walk Twin Cities Program Future
Infrastructure improvements: ‡75 miles of new bike lanes ‡New bike parking over 1000 spaces ‡Up to 3 miles of new off-street facilities mostly filling in existing gaps ‡Dozens of improvements at major crossings for pedestrians and cyclists. Innovations that have never been done in the Twin Cities: ‡Bike Walk Streets (aka bike boulevards) ‡4-3 lane conversions and other ³road diets´ to allow for bike lanes ‡Advance boxes and special bike signals ‡Cycle-track (1st Avenue) ‡Bike donation/bike-sharing program? Goals for institutional changes: ‡Revised state aid standards ‡Complete Streets Policy ‡New attention to bike/ped issues

Bike/Walk Twin Cities THANK YOU
Transit for Livable Communities Bike/Walk Program

Tony Hull

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