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History Key Facts Rexona in Pakistan Rexona as a brand Brand association Make or break moments Brand ambassador Brand positioning Brand activation Pricing Conclusion

. Since then it has led the field by providing consumers with cutting-edge technology that¶s been proven to deliver outstanding results.History Rexona was originally created in Australia in 1908 by a pharmacist and his wife.

Key facts ‡World's largest deodorant in sales and market shares ‡Number 1 position across more than half the world ‡Proprietary body-responsive technology ‡The only brand tailored to the individual needs of men and women .

International Products Sports Freshness Rexona for women Skin Friendly Low Income Consumer Affordable Rexona teens Rexona for Men .

Rexona has pioneered the category in Pakistan and is rapidly growing the market. ‡First mover advantage ‡Market penetration of 1% .Rexona In Pakistan Launched in 2005.

Rexona As a Brand: Rexona deodorant defines itself as a 24hour anti-perspirant deodorant with special emphasis on: ‡ No Wetness ‡ No Odour .

its brand vision is: To increase market penetration from 3% in 2009 to 5% by end of 2010 . Thus its main focus at this point in time is to develop awareness so that it can expand its target market. Thus.Brand Vision Rexona has the first mover advantage since no other product has been officially launched in Pakistan as yet.

Silk .Current Products Rexona ± Cool White Rexona ± Ice Cool Rexona ± Oxygen Rexona .

so that u can live freely with no fear of sweat .Brand Essence Absolute dependability .

Brand Picture Brand Picture consists of : ‡Brand Image ‡Brand Contract ‡Customer Based Model .

Brand Image Brand image consists of: ‡Brand Persona ‡Brand Associations .

Brand Persona Energetic Cool Friendly Confident .

Brand Associations The Brand Associations of Rexona are: ‡Sports ‡Youth ‡White. Black & Blue Colors & most Importantly: ‡Fate ‡Challenges & Opportunities ‡Confidence ‡Wasim Akram Make or Break Moments .

.Make or Break Moments There are Make or Break Moments in almost every aspect of our life ± When the outcome is uncertain but the implications are profound Make or Break Moments allow Rexona to leverage those times where a need for confidence and absolute dependability is everything Heart pounding and adrenaline pumping instances that elicit anticipation and anxiety in the mind of protagonist and observer alike.

Over time such a space will position Rexona as the only brand to use when it really matters.Make or Break Moments The link between Make or Break Moments and Won¶t Let You Down is implicit. Rexona is all about high drama. It isolates the pivotal points where µWon¶t Let You Down¶ comes to life ± The critical moment where physical and emotional tension culminate Whilst the category is relatively low interest to consumers.A Rexona Moment . ± Clear potential for the brand to become synonymous with Make or Break Moments .

. classes the show dating the show Make or Break Moments are. the exam the big question meeting the parents the performance ..Make or Break Moments aren¶t...

the tournament the fight the race the match Make or Break Moments are.....Make or Break Moments aren¶t. the tie break the decision the pit stop penalty kick .

..Make or Break Moments aren¶t. Christmas shopping cutting hair looking for a job cooking for friends Make or Break Moments are. will she like it? the reveal the interview the first spoon ...

Brand Value Pyramid Values ‡³My confidence remains intact´ Benefits ‡Best protection against wetness and odor ‡24 hour Anti-perspirant Features & Attributes ‡Roll on deodorant .

The reasons are simple: ‡Sportsmen sweat the most. Wasim Akram was chosen to reflect Rexona¶s Brand persona. there¶s only one which grabs the attention of the masses ± Cricket. ie: ‡Confident ‡Friendly ‡Energetic ‡Cool . Thus. and when it comes to sport in Pakistan. in keeping with its essence has made Wasim Akram as its Brand Ambassador in Pakistan.Brand Ambassador Rexona.

Brand Contract 24 hour protection and kicks in extra protection when you need it most .

Brand Positioning Three basic components of positioning: ‡ Target Market ‡ Competition ‡ USP .

Target Market ‡16-29 year olds Primary: Teens Secondary: Young Adults ‡Not gender specific ‡Targeted at lower middle to upper middle classes. .

USP 24 hour Anti-Perspirant .


functional attributes.Positioning There are three ways to position your brand: ‡Functional Positioning . Eg: Warid Telecom ‡Competitive Positioning . Eg: Nesvita ‡Image Positioning .Competitive positioning looks at how companies position themselves against each other in the marketplace. Eg: Safeguard And Lifebuoy .Positioning based on emotional attributes & distinctive imagery rather than identification trademarks.Positioning based on product features and attributes.

Rexona¶s Positioning When it was initially launched in 2005. ‡24-hour anti perspirant. Aap ke saath!´ . Rexona based its positioning on the functional attributes. This was done mainly to generate awareness of the use and benefits of deodorants The tagline used was: ³Aap ka Aetimaad. that is.

in 2010. the ³Hand Of Fate´ Campaign. Rexona changed its positioning from Functional to Image positioning. . signaling a change in there brand strategy after having failed to make an impact on its target audience A new campaign was then launched.Rexona¶s Positioning Earlier this year.

Rexona was advertised earlier this year. Right with sweatstained armpits. showing the hand of fate helping a woman meet her Mr. ³it will never let you down´ .Hand of Fate Zooming in on the insecurities that plague the youth. The campaign was a global one with the tagline.

.Brand Activation Brand Activation. for most people is a glorified name for BTL Activities. but it has transcended the boundaries to redefine BTL as: ³Beyond the Line´ Brand Activation is a new breed marketing approach that offers consumer engagement of the highest potential and it exceeds all lines (above and below) when developed as a marketing campaign.

it invites and engages. on the other hand. does not pester. Brand Activation.Brand Activation Traditional advertising is one-dimensional whereby a brand tries to impose its message on the consumer. An activation program is based on three pillars: ‡Invitation ‡Experience ‡Amplification .

. Experience: The consumer is immersed into a brand bubble that brings the brand ideology out in a larger than life manner.Brand Activation Invitation: The consumer is thrown a µbrand¶ challenge to come and participate. The consumer has the experience of a lifetime. It is the first step that really engages the consumer. Amplification: The entire campaign at all stages is promoted. pre/during/after. This helps widen the impact and reaches those consumers who did not participate or experience the brand in real time.

Brand Activation The Rexona Brand Activation Campaign .

. The campaign involved Wasim Akram going to various colleges across Karachi. Rexona began its brand activation campaign called ³Date with Fate´.Date with Fate In order to create a more localized impact. and Miss Right from each college. Lahore and Islamabad ± and choosing a Mr. as well as more one-onone interaction with its target audience. after they went through a series of mental and physical challenges.

.Date with Fate The objectives of the campaign were two-fold: ‡To increase Brand Equity of Rexona in the youth segment of Pakistan ‡To boost sales.

75 Whereas. 150 . does not engage in Premium Pricing. 110 to Rs. mainly due to the fact that its primary targeted market is the youth. other imported deodorants currently being sold in the market cost in the range of Rs. A Rexona roll-on Deodorant in Pakistan is sold for only Rs.Pricing Rexona as part of its global policy.

Following are some of the mediums used by Rexona as part of its Brand Based Communication strategy: ‡Print Ads ‡TVCs ‡Billboards ‡Date with Fate Campaign ‡Radio . has focused on its communication strategies employing a 360 degree approach to target its consumers.Brand Based Communication Rexona. being a Unilever Brand.

Competing for the award of Miss Right .

A billboard in Karachi .

At the Entrance to a store .

000 samples + other BTL activities ‡Law of Advertising ± TVCs. Outdoor Advertising ‡Law of the Word .What Al-Ries would like about Rexona« As a newly launched brand. Print Ads. Radio Ads.Confidence ‡Law of Borders ± Rexona is an International product ‡Law of Singularity ± 24 hour protection . Rexona complies well with the following laws of branding: ‡Law of Publicity ± Date with Fate + free 70.


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