0% Asian Paints Nerolac Berger ICI

For Interior walls : Need Segments on basis of needs Premium Range Glossy Washable Long Lasting More Area coverage Smooth Anti Peeling Oil Resistant Light Reflective Mid Range Economy Range .

For Exterior Walls : Need Premium Range Weather Resistant Anti Fading Long Lasting More Area coverage Anti Fungal Sun Reflect Dirt Resistant Anti Peeling Water Resistant Segments on basis of needs Mid Range Economy Range .

/litre . Matt finish . Non ± flammable.Drying time .Economic Classes Geographic location Urban and metro cities Features Coverage area.1012 Esq.316. health and environment friendly./litre. Drying time ± 4590 minutes. Non-toxic. Interior Wall Painting Premium Range Medium Range Segment Segment A. Matt Finish Economy Range Segment D.3 Esq. does not come off. semi-urban cities and towns Coverage area.Chalk resistant.E Urban.30 minutes.B C Urban.9./litre .Socio. Abrasion resistant.1214 Esq. smooth finish. semi-urban and rural areas Coverage area.

dirt pick up extreme weather resistance. semi-urban cities and towns Coverage area-5060 sq ft/kg.E Urban. not effective in excessive rainfall region. last longing. durability ± 7 years. fungus. C Economy Range Segment D. durability ± 5 years. semi-urban and rural areas Coverage area-5060 sq . technologically long lasting.withstanding art). weathering and cracking. water based Urban.B Classes Geographic location Urban and metro cities Features Coverage area-5060 sq ft/kg. anti fading.resistance to chalking.Exterior Wall Painting Premium Range Medium Range Segment Segment Socio-Economic A. durability ± 3 years. rich sheen water based. anti conditions. highly durable . finish.. algae algae and anti and fungi resistant. advanced(state-of-the.

10.Product Packaging Type of paint Types of packaging supplied Premium Range Segment Mid . 2. 4. 1 litres 20. 4. 1 litres 20. 10.Range Segment Economy Range Segment 20. 5. 10. 1 kgs .

Target Customers Asian Paints Nerolac Berger Dulux Interior Wall Paints Nerolac Pearls Lustre Finish. Nerolac Impression Metallic Anti-Fading Flashy but Asian Paints Beauty Mid Tractor Premium Range Matt Finish resource Long lasting constrained Emulsion Acrylic Washable consumers Distemper Premi um Range Stain resistant Smooth Finish Customizable shades Textures Aesthethic Appeal Life-style oriented consumers who seek variety and excitement Asian Paints Royale Dulux Silk Luxury Velvet Emulsion Touch Bison Dulux Super Acrylic Emulsion Emulsion Bison Acrylic Distemper ICI Maxilite Acrylic Distemper Econo my Range Value-formoney Durable Rural market. Asian Paints Nerolac economy Utsav Acrylic Beauty consumers who Distemper seek practical and functional purpose .

functionality and value Mid Alkali Middle class Range Resistant consumers UV Resistant who demand Long-Lasting value for money & durability Economy Water Range Resistant Durability Consumers looking for economy Asian Paints Asian Paints Apex Ultima Nerolac Impression Excel Total Berger Dulux WeatherCoa Dulux t WeatherShie All Guard ld Asian Paints Apex Nerotex Matt Berger Dulux Decorative WeatherCoa WeatherShie And t ld Clear Protective Exterior Finish Nerolac Walmasta Suraksha Plastic Exterior Paint Dulux WeatherShie ld Max Asian Paints Ace .Target Customers Exterior Wall Paints Premium Anti-Algal Consumer who Range Dust resistant value Superior knowledge and finish seek durability.



Points Of Parity y Coverage area y Price y Shades y Packaging y Sold at same Hardware stores .

Points of Difference y Texture y Finish y Home Solutions y Themes y Test Packs .

Among the rural and economy consumers who seek practical. Asian Paint Royale is the brand of decorative paint for interior walls that offers variety and excitement because of textures y Tractor Emulsion.Among the resource constrained consumers who seek attractive and long lasting finish on the wall.Positioning Statements y Royale . Asian Paints Tractor Emulsion is the brand of interior wall paint that offers an attractive matt finish because of its formula of acrylic copolymer binder y Utsav acrylic distemper.Among the life style oriented customers. Asian Paints Utsav is the brand of water based interior wall paint that offers durability and value-for-money along with matt finish because of its acrylic nature and affordable price . functional as well as stylish purpose.

Among the consumer who look for economy.Among the middle class consumers who demand value for money & durability. Asian Paints Apex Ultima is the brand of high performance exterior wall paint that offers long lasting exterior performance in extreme weather condition. UV-resistant long lasting performance in a reasonable price because of its latest technology and affordable price y Ace. Asian Paints Ace is the brand of water based exterior wall paint that offers durability and water resistance because of its technology and low price . antialgal and anti-fungal protection. dirt resistant and because of its latest state-of-art technology and unique anti-algal chemistry y Apex.Among the consumer who value knowledge and seek durability and functionality. Asian Paints Apex is the brand of long lasting exterior wall paint that offers anti-alkali.y Apex Ultima.

Positioning Statement for Asian Paints y Among institutions and home owners. Asian Paints is the brand of wall paints that connects to its customers at an emotional level because of its superior quality and customer centric approach .