Presentation on Dr.

Josep M Juran Quality management expert
By Anand Dalal

CONTENT ‡About the J.M.Juran ‡Juran Trilogy ‡Conclusion .

Juran founded Juran Institute ‡ The Juran Trilogy. .ABOUT THE J.JURAN ‡ LIFE ± 1904 TO 2008 ‡ contribution to society ‡ well known to the world after his first visit to Japan in 1954 ‡ In 1979. Dr. published in 1986.M.

Juran Trilogy ‡ Quality planning ‡ Quality control ‡ Quality improvement .

‡ Ability to satisfy client/customer ‡ Planning has two version 1. Design for six sigma DMADV PHASE .Quality Planning ‡ Process of setting organization goal. Juran version universal product planning sequence 2.

‡ Control is an integral part ‡ The pyramid of control upper management supervisor management work force automated control .Quality Control ‡ Correcting undesirable. unwanted ³ bad´ change in org.

. ‡ Breakthrough in culture. ‡ Breakthrough in organization.Quality improvement ‡ Management created unprecedented ³good´ change ‡ Why performance breakthrough is required? ‡ Breakthrough in leadership.

‡ Vision driven leadership . ‡ Flat. ‡ Continuous quality improvement.Conclusion ‡ Greater profitability through leaner process and greater productivity. flexible organizational structure. ‡ Quality is every one¶s job.


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