A community of prayer and support for the inner journey into God

We may not be what you think«

‡ The Anam Cara Community is a dispersed Christian

contemplative community of prayer and support for the inner journey into God
‡ The Community is an expression of the Diocesan Mission: ‡ Making Jesus Christ known here and now through the inward journey and through the outward journey

‡ The Anam Cara Community will serve God, the Anglican

Diocese of Gippsland and the wider church by:
‡ Forming a community of individuals (associates) who seek to live

the contemplative life, in all its dimensions; ‡ Providing resources for individuals, parishes and other groups to support the inner journey into God; ‡ Being a community of prayer, worship, the Bible, reflection, discernment, justice and mutual support.

‡ Members of the Community are known as Associates ‡ Associates commit themselves to lives of prayer, reflection, service and love. ‡ Associates are welcomed to the Community at the Annual Thanksgiving Eucharist ‡ Associates are cared for by the Servant Leaders ‡ Associates are encouraged to receive regular spiritual direction / soul care ‡ We have associates in Gippsland, in Melbourne, in

Canberra-Goulburn, spread across the rest of Australia, and across the world

‡ The Community is led by the Servant Leaders ‡ The Community Soul Carer (the Rev¶d Anne Turner) ‡ Gatherers and soul carers of regional areas
‡ Eastern Region ‡ Southern Region ‡ Western Region

‡ Gatherers with specific responsibilities

‡ The Servant Leaders ‡ Care for the Associates ‡ Set Community direction ‡ Discern God¶s will for the Community ‡ Ensure Diocesan standards and policies are maintained ‡ Organise and evaluate events

Community Values
‡ We are ‡ a Christian community, rooted in the historic faith. ‡ a contemplative community, committed to the understanding that God calls us to make an inner journey the end of which, ultimately, is union with God. ‡ a community of the Word. ‡ committed to equality, peace and justice making. ‡ a community of renewal and reformation. ‡ an open community. ‡ We welcome ‡ Those who are from any Christian tradition. ‡ Those who feel that they are outside the church, or are outsiders within the church.

‡ The Community is self-supporting ‡ All costs are met through associates subscriptions and donations received for attendance at events ‡ The Community supports other ministries in the Diocese ‡ In 2009, $1000 to the Abbey of St Barnabas at A¶Beckett Park ‡ In 2010, $1000 to the Seeds of Peace project

We work with and among you

‡ Quiet days ‡ Usually held each month from February to November ‡ Held across the Diocese, in each region ‡ Facilitated by community associates, or invited presenters ‡ To nourish those who attend ‡ Annual Thanksgiving Eucharist ‡ Held at the Cathedral on the Saturday before the First Sunday in Advent ‡ To be nourished by word and sacrament, to welcome new associates, to give thanks for the year past, to rededicate ourselves for the year to come, and to commission the new team of servant leaders

‡ As a dispersed community, communications are key to the

way we care for one another
‡ Website: ‡ To provide information about the Community and forthcoming events ‡ To provide resources, nourishment and resources for those on the journey ‡ Newsletter: Waterholes ‡ To provide information about the Community and forthcoming events ‡ To provide resources, nourishment and resources for those on the journey

‡ Library ‡ Website ‡ Assistance running quiet days and retreats ‡ Provided to anyone who asks for support, including the Abbey of St Barnabas at A¶Beckett Park ‡ Spiritual directors / soul carers ‡ The community links those seeking direction to trained directors ‡ The community provides supervision and ministry development for trained directors

‡ A significant ministry of the Community is prayer for the

Diocese, for associates, and any for whom our prayer is asked ‡ Another significant ministry is providing sound teaching on prayer
‡ We are often asked to help people learn to pray

We respond to God¶s call to change and renewal

Expansion to Canberra-Goulburn
‡ With the support and blessing of Bishop Stuart Robinson,

the Community has begun a meeting place in the Diocese of Canberra-Goulburn

Circle of Friends
‡ A place for differently abled adults to come together for

mutual support on the inner journey

The Abbey of St Barnabas
‡ We are excited by the growth of the Abbey of St Barnabas

at A¶Beckett Park ‡ We hold the project in our prayers, and provide practical and program support through the involvement of associates, supporting and leading activities, and providing publicity ‡ There is considerable overlap between the ministries of the Community and the Abbey, and between those involved in both missions, and we look forward to a mutually supportive relationship whilst we maintain separate and distinct identities

We haven¶t always been clear about who we are«

Some common misunderstandings
‡ Anam Cara is µnew age¶ / gnostic / heterodox ‡ We¶re committed to the Christian faith, and find in that faith all the depth and breadth we need for our lives and journeys. ‡ Some associates would not describe themselves as traditional Christians, or even as Christian ± we accept them as sisters and brothers, and try to support them in their journey, too. ‡ Anam Cara is only for mystics ‡ Few of us, if any, would describe ourselves as mystics. We are pilgrims on the way, and understand that we need support on the journey. ‡ Anam Cara cuts across parish ministries ‡ We make every attempt not to do that. We are aware that some people find that they need ministry in addition to the ministry they find in their own parish, and we try to do that in a sensitive, pastoral and consistent way.

Some common misunderstandings
‡ Anam Cara is secret ‡ There is nothing secret about us. We are, possibly, the most public of any Diocesan ministry. We have a very open website and all of our official communications are available to every person who cares to subscribe to our list or access them on our website. ‡ Anam Cara is only for women ‡ Not at all. We have a number of male associates, but we have not always provided the sort of events and content that nurtures the male soul. We are trying to address this. ‡ You must be a member to attend ‡ Any person is welcome to attend any of our events. No person is turned away, and we try to respect the journey and perspective of everyone who attends.

Some common misunderstandings
‡ You teach funny stuff« ‡ In the past we ran some events that might have given the impression that we were about pop psychology, new age topics and so on. We heard the concerns that some raised and now try to provide a much stronger µprogram¶ of teaching about Christian spirituality ‡ We emphasise the use of tried and tested µtools¶ in the spiritual life
‡ Prayer ‡ Reading the Bible ‡ Using silence ‡ Participating in corporate worship ‡ Serving our sisters and brothers

Talk to us« please! We¶re here for you

Contact us
‡ Website: ‡ In person: speak with, email or phone any of the servant

leaders (list on the website) ‡ We will come to your parish and speak at worship, to groups, to parish councils ‡ We will provide brochures, materials and anything else you¶d like us to provide in order to explain who we are, what we do, and how we can help you

Any questions?

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