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‡ Total assessed power:- 2775 Mw

‡ Out of this 21% power potential has already been
‡ Further 44% is under development.
‡ And 35% hydro power potential is yet to be
‡ Besides the above almost 100% power potential
from SHP is yet to be harnessed.
‡ Bargi Dam
‡ Bansagar Dam
‡ Gandhi Sagar
‡ Rajghat Dam
‡ Tawa Dam
‡ Mahdikheda Dam
‡ Omkaresher Project
‡ Indra Sagar Project
‡ One of the first completed dam out of the chain of
30 major complete dam constructed on narmada
river in mp.
‡ Its generation capacity is of 105Mw
‡ Total Irrigation potential: 4370


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‡ Multi purpose river valley project
‡ Project was an agreement between the State
Govt. of MP, UP, Bihar.
‡ According to which states had to share the
expenditure in the ratio of 2:1:1.
‡ Power Generation capacity is 425Mw in MP.
‡ Irrigation facility over an area of 2490 in MP.

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‡ First of the four dam built on the chambal river.
‡ Storage capacity 6920 cubic Mm.
‡ Catchment area 22584
‡ Power generation capacity 115Mw (5*23).

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‡ Inter state dam project of the Govt. of MP and UP.
‡ Power Generation capacity is 45Mw (3*15).
‡ Irrigation facility over an area of 1210 in

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‡ Large reservior on the tawa river in central India.
‡ Power Generation capacity is 13.5 Mw
‡ Catchment area 5982.9 sq. km.

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‡ Multi-Purpose Dam.
‡ Power generation capacity 60Mw(3*20).
‡ Catchment area 5540

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Omkareshwar Power Station is a multipurpose project, which
offers opportunity of power generation & irrigation on both the
banks of river Narmada in districts Khandwa, Khargone & Dhar
of Madhya Pradesh. The project is situated 80 km from Indore
and 40 km down stream of Indira Sagar Project. The Cabinet
Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) sanctioned the Project
with an estimated cost of Rs.2224.73 Crores (Nov. 2002 Price
Level) and total gestation period of 5 years. Omkareswar project
was cleared by CCEA on 29.03.2003.
The foundation stone of this project was laid by the then hon¶ble Prime
Minister of India Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee on 30.08.2003 .Total installed
capacity of the Omkareswar Project is 520 Megawatt (8x65). The project
will generate 1167 Million Units energy, annually. Total catchments area
at the proposed dame site is 64880 Sq. km, out of which 3238 Sq. is
Downstream of Indira Sagar Power Station. The Project consists of 949
m long Concrete Gravity Dam with maximum height of 53 m from the
deepest bed level across the river Narmada. A Central Ogee-type
spillway 570 m long with crest level EL 179.6 m has been provided to
pass the Probable Maximum Flood of 882315 cumecs. . The surface
Power House (202m x 23m x 53m) of the Project is within the body of
Dam on the right bank of Narmada consisting of 8 Units of 65 MW
capacity each with conventional Francis Type Turbines. Water is carried
to the Turbines through 8 no. Penstocks of 7.66 m diameter each. After
generation water is discharged back in the river through 145 m long Tail
Race Channel
Indira Sagar Power Station is situated at 10 Km from the village
Punasa in Khandwa District of Madhya Pradesh. The foundation
stone of this project was laid by the then Hon¶ble Prime Minister of
India Late Smt. Indira Gandhi on 23.10.1984. It is a multipurpose
project on the river Narmada with installed capacity of 1000
Megawatt (8X125). It will generate 2698 MUs energy, annually. The
project will irrigate 2.70 lakh ha land annually. As per CCEA sanction
the project cost is Rs. 4355.57 Crores (Sept. 2000 Price Level). The
project consists of Concrete gravity dam of length 653 meter
at top with maximum height (above deepest foundation level)
of 92 meter.
The surface Power House is situated on the right bank of the river,
with Machine hall (202 meter long, 23 meter wide, 53 meter high),
service bay (42 meter long, 23 meter wide, 24 meter high) and
transformer yard (202 meter long, 20 meter wide) to house 8 Nos.
Francis type turbines of 125 MW each. The water conductor
system consists of one Head Race Channel of length 530 meter,
width 75 meter and depth 50 meter with water carrying capacity of
2200 cumecs. Water enter into turbine fron intake structure by 8
Nos. Penstock of 8 meter diameter and 157 meter length each.
Water flow capacity of each Penstock is 275 cumecs. After power
generation water is discharged back into river Narmada through
850 m long Tail Race Channel
Ë Large Area

Ë High Construction Cost

Ë Long Erection Time

Ë Submerges Huge Areas & Creates Social and Other

Ë No submergence
Ë No need of Environmental clearance
Ë As generation capacity less than 25 Mw so no need of
clearance from CEA (Central Electricity Authority)
Ë Small period of commissioning the project
Ë Less capital outlay
Ë Less running & maintenance cost

Son 3 26500 108.00

Narmada 5 49000 164.37

Godawari 6 54040 208.61

Tapi 9 37000 135.00