E-RETAILING=ELECTRONIC RETAILING Sale of goods and services via internet or other electronic channels for personal or household use by consumers. 


Consumers find a product of interest Shopping cart software used A "checkout" process followed Consumers allowed to sign up for a permanent online account The consumer receives e-mail confirmation








Types of Internet retail business models  Internet retail business models can be classified in several ways:  The degree to which the retailer is online     Pure play e-tailers: have only one retailing channel. .the Internet Clicks µn bricks (multichannel retailers): e-tailers that are also offline retailers Catalogue retailers Internet (online malls): Include large numbers of independent storefronts.

Types of Internet retail business models    The variety of goods on offer: horizontal or vertical focus Stand-alone websites and cybermalls: the degree to which e-tailers group with others to market their online presence and support each other through a digital mall Manufacturers dealing directly and e-tailers as intermediaries: manufacturers can deal directly with the public. .

This is known as re-intermediation Re-intermediation means that the intermediary function is shifted rather than completely eliminated. The process of shortening the supply chain is known as disintermediation New intermediaries often arise to facilitate the shortened supply chain. .Intermediation     There was speculation that the Internet would eliminate intRermediaries in the supply chain.


Advantages of e-retailing To consumers To retailers To eretailers .

TO CONSUMERS ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Convenience Better information Competitive pricing Ability to shop 24/7 Wider product availability Customized and personalized information and buying options Easy comparison shopping Quick delivery of digital products Ability to create a one-on-one relationship with the Seller .

TO RETAILERS Location is unimportant ‡ Size does not matter ‡ Saves on the wages and premises costs ‡ Reach a larger audience ‡ Accepts orders 24-hours a day ‡ More opportunities for ± CRM and micro-marketing .

TO E-RETAILERS Global reach ‡ Better customer service ‡ Low capital cost ‡ Mass customization ‡ More value added services .


Disadvantages To consumers To retailers To e-retailers .

FOR CONSUMERS       Credit card and security worries Lack of interaction Can¶t see or feel the merchandise Don¶t know how Premium charged for delivery Difficulties with returning goods for refund .

FOR RETAILERS         May lack know-how and technology Substantial set-up. investment and ongoing costs Complex logistics of fulfillment E-selling less powerful than face-to-face Uptake slow for goods selected by taste or smell. Legal problems Less role for traditional high street retail expertise After-sales care difficulties .

This may mean employing a night shift of customer service operators or maintenance staff. specials and products regularly.FOR E-RETAILERS    Your site must be available and operational 24 hours a day. You must be vigilant maintaining your site. Check for errors and working links. Update offers. prices. The Internet market is still only small in comparison to the traditional market. Answer queries promptly. .

The pillars of retailing Solving customer¶s problems  Treating customers with respect  Connecting with customers¶ emotions  Setting the fairest (not the lowest) price  Saving your customers¶ time  .

Why is e-tailing so important?? Caters to consumers across the globe  Unlimited shelf space  No operational timing  Miniscule quality of infrastructure  Is this model good for India????? .

Growth drivers  Time  Access to the internet  Changing demographics  Changing life styles  Exposure to developed markets  Real estate costs  Innovation .

Barriers to growth The cost of customer acquisition is high  High margin goods are not popular  Credit card transactions  Complaint resolution   Real issue = PERSONALIZATION .

Touch points to focus on  Customer is king !!! Supply chain New business model Comparison shopping and customer reviews    .

POPULARITY No real estate costs  Easy and comfortably  Better interaction with the customers  Mass Media  .

THE HURDLES Internet is unlikely gather a sizable slice of market  Local Shops  Cheap labour  Mounting competitive pressures  Shopping is still a touch--feel--hear experience  Inadequate information  Reliability  .

 Collaborative commerce ( e-commerce)  Create economic value  Specific Products  .WHAT S NEXT? Need for lower working capital.


. a chain of fashion outlets.com. The company s leading formats include :      Pantaloons. futurebazaar. Big Bazaar. a uniquely Indian hypermarket chain. Food Bazaar. The company also operates an online portal. Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited. a chain of seamless destination malls. touch and feel of Indian bazaars with aspects of modern retail like choice. is India s leading retailer that operates multiple retail formats in both the value and lifestyle segment of the Indian consumer marker. blends the look. convenience and quality Central. a supermarket chain.

CUSTOMERS Target Audience: Big Bazaar targets higher and upper middle class customers. . The large and growing young working population is a preferred customer segment. Big Bazaar specifically targets working women and home makers who are the primary decision makers. Everywhere. Group Vision : Future Group shall deliver Everything. Everytime for Every Indian Consumer in the most profitable manner.

COM:  Having pioneered the retailing business in India. Register and Buy.E-tailing FUTUREBAZAAR. PRIL has now decided to revolutionize the consumer e-commerce business in India.  . All one has to do is Search. Buying products is a 3 step simple process.

E-COMMERCE INITIATIVES  Future bazaar was an early and enthusiastic convert to the Internet. The company saw that its direct model Big Bazaar gave it an advantage in selling online.com offers the widest range of products at lowest prices everyday!   . It did not have to worry about channel conflict with resellers and distributors when it began selling online Futurebazaar. creating its first website in 1994 and moving many of its business activities to the Internet ahead of its competitors.

eBay. Future Bazaar won the top spot after beating other established players like Rediff. The award was presented to Future Bazaar for its "decent. FBIL is the e-commerce   . Sify. no-nonsense approach. (FBIL). Chennai Bazaar and India Mall. while providing a good shopping experience". Indiaplaza. India s largest retail conglomerate. Indiatimes.com is owned and operated by Future Bazaar India Ltd. FutureBazaar. FBIL is a part of the Future Group.

or if the product was damaged in transit. We also have a Risk Management team that scrutinizes all payments to ensure that there are no fraudulent transactions. please let us know and and we will ensure that we replace the product or ensure that your money is refunded. In case you have received a different product. Secure Payments  We are committed to ensuring that no payment misuse happens. and the chances of fraud in these channels are actually very low. Payments are protected both by us and by the policies of your bank. so we work with banks and payment gateways to ensure that your information is protected. without defects.The FutureBazaar.com Promise Manufacturer s warranties on all products  Future Bazaar sells only original products from authorized dealers. . Guaranteed Delivery  Future Bazaar guarantees to deliver the exact product you selected. so all applicable products carry the original manufacturer s warranty.

 . who can take decisions and resolve your problems.Prompt Customer Support  Our Customer Care is manned by dedicated personnel. In case they cannot solve the problem at their end. they will trigger the required action on your behalf or advise you the best possible method to a successful fulfillment of all your queries/issues. your call is being taken seriously. They are empowered to solve your problems and are aware of the processes and means to handle them. Be assured that when you call us.


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