What comes out of your mouth is determined by what goes into your mind.


Communicating with guests is as much about building rapport as finding out or giving information. Rapport is about creating a sense of warmth and mutual respect. Greetings and pleasantries with guests can help build rapport, as can use of appropriate body language. Greeting guests when you see them, using their name and exchanging pleasantries is part of giving good customer service. However, discretion is required to avoid over familiarity.

While speaking to a guest   Make sure that you maintain eye contact and smile. Maintain good posture. . look alert and attentive.

~ Be sure that the tone of our voice is pleasant and it matches with what you wish to communicate. Could I .  Hear well an be attentive to signs. etc. ~ Use the magic words most often : Please Thank you Excuse me I m sorry I beg your pardon ~ Use polite expressions such as May I . ~ Listen Do not hear. tone of voice. to understand what the guest wants. Will you (do it) . Would you please instead of Can I/you .~ Always speak in complete sentences.

/Ms. Sir/M am (Mr.)  .]  Good evening. Sir/M am (Mr. _____). Sir/M am (Mr. 1200 hrs. [00./Ms.00 hrs. [1200 hrs 1600 hrs.  (It is wrong to say Morning./Ms.]  Good afternoon. Sir / Madam .Greetings Good morning. _____). _____).

When you meet a repeat guest  Good Morning Sir/M am. . It s good to see you again.

Sir/M am (Mr. . _____)./Ms.When leading a guest  Please come this way.

Have a pleasant afternoon. Sir / Madam. Good Night. Sir / Madam. . Never say. Health Club.When an in-house guest is proceeding for his room from the restaurant. Business Centre. etc     Have a pleasant day. Have a pleasant night. Sir / Madam.

/Ms. _____). Sir/M am (Mr.Seeing of a guest 3 sentences to be spoken (1)  Have a pleasant day. OR  Have a pleasant afternoon. OR  Good night. (2)  We look forward to your next visit. Sir/M am (Mr. ___). _____)./Ms. Sir/M am (Mr. AND (3)  We are Fortunate To Serve You. Sir/M am (Mr./Ms.  . _____)./Ms.

. Sir / Madam (Mr./Ms___).Asking the guest whether he needs any assistance  May I assist you.

Sir/M am (Mr.etc.Offering assistance    May I assist you./ Ms. ____? Or Allow me Sir/M am (to carry his/her baggage.) . ____) May I help you Sir/M am/Mr.

.When you like the guest to repeat what was said or when you do not understand what was said    I beg your pardon Sir/M am./Ms. _). Sir/M am (Mr. OR Could you spell it for me. Sir/M am (Mr./Ms. OR Would you kindly repeat that. _).

When asking a guest his name  May I know your name please? .

.When a guest asks you price of something  That will be .. Rupees inclusive /exclusive of tax.. ......

(Mr. ._____) I will send it to your room._____) Certainly Sir. (Mr.When the guest asks for something and you can provide   Certainly Sir.

Certainly Sir/M am. Certainly Sir/M am. I will have Housekeeping deliver it to your room. the Room Service attendant will come and help you. ./Ms.When the guest asks for something that comes from another department     Certainly Sir/M am (Mr. our Systems/IT Manager will assist you. ___).

_____). ____). we do not have this item. May I get you ___ instead? OR  I am sorry. This is not  available. This is not available.When you are not able to provide the service I am sorry. Sir/M am (Mr. Sir/M am (Mr. Would you like something else Instead? OR  I am terribly sorry. Is there anything else we can provide?  ./Ms./Ms.

Please allow me to find out and I will get back to you. ____ / Sir/M am. whether something he has asked for can be provided  Mr. .When you are not sure./Ms.

May I call the doctor for you? . I hope you get well soon.When the guest is unwell   I am sorry to hear that.

Sir/M am (Mr.When the guest thanks you for something  Fortunate To Serve You. _____)./Ms. .

If you have to inform Mr.  Good morning Sir/Mr. Sharma. . M am/Mrs. Sharma had been looking for you. Sharma that his wife was looking for him.

 Good morning Sir/M am. . I will be with you in a moment.If you have to keep a guest waiting because you are busy with another guest.

when you revert back to a guest  I m sorry to have kept you waiting Sir/M am.Then. How may I assist you? .

REMEMBER      WHAT? What do you really wish to communicate? WHOM? To whom do you wish to communicate? WHY? Why do you need to communicate? HOW? How can you bet communicate? WHEN? When is the best time to communicate? .

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