8.Content 1. Introduction 2. 6. 7. Labor Law in different countries List of hazardous work by children Situation around world To solve the problems in effective way List of organizations to against Child Labor Conclusions . 5. 4. Definition 3.

1. Introduction Can you imagine how many child laborers all over the world? y Around the world. y 115 million children estimated to be in hazardous work y 64% boy and 36% girls y 59% in agriculture y 30% services y 11% industry . approximately 250 million children are child laborers.

work means full time commercial work to sustain self or add to the family income. . Any child who is employed in activities to feed self and family is being subjected to child labor .2. educational. Child labor is a hazard to a Child s mental. Child labor is done by any working child who is under the age specified by law. emotional and spiritual development. social. physical. What s Child Labor? The word.

not allowed to hold full-time jobs less than 16 Type of work: Safety and health Time schedule: During study<10 h/week .3. Labor law in different countries All over the world: y Universal Declaration of Hunan Rights y Convetion on the Rights of the Child China:     National labor law: Age of youthful worker-16-18 years old Compulsory Education Law: Obligatory to study .

only easy job y Time schedule . Labor law in different countries EU: y Age of youthful worker .no night work Poland: y Age of youthful worker 16-18 years old y Type of work . not less than 15 y Type of work safe job y Time schedule . during holidays <35h per week and <7h per day .not under age allowed to finish school.3.During school year <12h per week.

use toxic solvents.4. y China y In scavenging or waste-picking. y Africa. y India. y Indonesia and risk injury from sharp tools. perform repetitive tasks in painful positions y India. children may suffer from different forms of abuse. What are some examples of hazardous work by children? y In manufacturing. . long work hours and live in isolation away from family or peers. children may y China. y In domestic work. children may be at risk of infection y Asia from exposure to toxic chemicals and wastes.

y South America y China. face the risks of mine collapse and sometimes work with explosives. children may carry heavy loads. y Africa. work at tall heights and risk injury from dangerous machinery. y Africa y India . What are some examples of hazardous work by children? y In agriculture. children may use poisonous chemicals. dangerous blades and tools. y Asia. y In construction. children may be exposed to toxic pesticides or fertilizers. carry heavy loads and suffer from attacks or bites from animals or insects y In mining.4.

What are some examples of hazardous work by children? y Drug sellers y Fishing industry y Sex abuse y Russia y Indonesia y All the world .4.

5. Child labor around the world .

such as: y Raising the awareness y Developing policies and up to date regulations to protect children. y Promoting effective law y Working with workers representatives and employers organizations y Increase Governments responsibility . How can the problem best be tackled? Several types of action is most effective.6.

Active labor market programes can help target adolescent worker in hazardous occupations to improve their working conditions or assist them in moving to decent jobs. Social protection strategies support and ensure assistance 3. Employment strategies :Age.7. decent workecent 4. Education is the first priority 2. Steps also need to be taken to improve national occupational safety and health systems . Scaling up efforts through integrated policies 1.

8. Organizations against Child Labor .

Sumary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDPrZuB7V9s&feat ure=related .

Absolute necessity or unethical practices? .Conclusions.

Thank you for attention .

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