Faith in Eberron and Cosmology

 The final section of this presentation will deal with the religions of Eberron.  Unlike other Campaign Settings where gods and goddesses are directly involved in the lives of mortals, Eberron s deities are distant and possibly even nonexistent.  Characters that draw power from the Divine power source do not even have to worship a particular god to gain their powers, instead they might champion ideals or causes.

Planar Layout of Eberron
In settings, the planes are the home of gods. In Eberron the planes exist but gods don t dwell on them. Eberron s reality is structured like an atom. The Material Plane (Eberron) is the nucleus and the many other the other planes of existence orbit Eberron like electrons. Unlike electrons, though, the orbit of these planes is unequal. At different periods the planes are closer or farther away from Eberron. When a plane draws near, elements or effects associated with the plane become stronger A close plane may also create manifest zones which are places on Eberron where the fabric of reality separating the planes is thin. Some areas have constant manifest zones, but the closer a plane is the easier it is to find one. The planes are: Thenlanis- the Feywild Dolurrh- the Shadowfell Dal Quor- the Region of Dreams Daanvi- the Perfect Order Kythri- the Churning Chaos Lamannia- the Twilight Forest Shavarath- the Battleground Baator- the Nine Hells Irian- the Eternal Day Mabar- the Endless Night Fernia- the Sea of Fire Risia- the Plain of Ice Above this orbit is the Dragon Above, the Astral Sea. Below this orbit is the Dragon below, the Abyss, and beyond that is Elemental Chaos. Some scholars speculate that beyond this reality is a far realm of insane abstraction. Speculatively called Xoriat, the realm of Madness, no one has been able to (or perhaps willing to) probe far enough out to find it.

Religions of Eberron
The Sovereign Host:  The predominate faith of Khorvaire.  The Sovereign Host is a multi-racial faith founded on the universality of deities.  Faithful of the Host believe all religions share the same essential gods, or aspects of these gods.  When explorers find a new faith, it is common for religious scholars to identify which god is an analog for a Sovereign Host deity.  The Host is often worshipped as a collective, with the holy symbol of an Octogram representing all of them.  The Sovereign Host is most commonly worshipped by races who have lived in Khorvaire for an extended time, such as humans, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, half-elves, and goblins

Religions of Eberron
Individual Deities of the Host (and their Holy Symbols): 

Arawai- goddes of fertility.  Aureon- god of knowledge and magic.  Balon- god of the hunt and nature.  Boldre- goddess of hearth, home, and community.  Dol Arrah- god of sun, combat, and honor. 

Dol Dorn- god of courage and strength  Kol Korran- god of commerce and wealth.  Ollandra- goddess of luck and plenty.  Onatar- god of forge, fire, craft, and industry.

Religions of Eberron
The Dark Six  Faithful of the Host know that every religion has wicked gods and just as heroic deities are folded into the Sovereign Host, the passive conquest-through-homogenization qualifies evil gods as aspects of the Dark Six.  If the Dark Six ever had names, they have long been forgotten (or purged).  Like the Host, they can be worshipped as a collective as well as individually.  The holy symbol of the collective is a Hexagram

Religions of Eberron
Individual Members of the Dark Six (and their Holy Symbols):  The Devourer- god of the raw destructive power of nature.  The Fury- goddess of passion driven to extremes.  The Keeper- god of death, decay, greed and gluttony. 
The Mockery- god of dishonorable combat and unjust war.  The Shadow- god of corruption, ambition, and dark magic.  The Traveler- deity of cunning,
deception, and change. Texts refer to the Traveler as it rather than he or she because the true nature of Traveler is unknown. The Traveler is ostensibly part of the Dark Six because of the distance the Traveller retains from the Sovereign Host, but there is also no true connection between the Traveler and the truly evil deities.

Religions of Eberron
The Church of the Silver Flame  The second largest faith in Eberron, the Church of the Silver Flame is totally not a blatant analogue of the Catholic Church (okay it is).  The Church of the Silver Flame is based in Thrane, where the Flame itself exists.  The Silver Flame itself is not a god, but an abstraction representing noble sacrifice and ability for good to overcome evil.  The Church is known for it s passionate devotees and relentless fight against all evil and corruption.  Not everyone approves of the defeat-evil-no-matterwhat approach of many of its followers, but no one can doubt their devotion to their cause.

Religions of Eberron
The Blood of Vol  The faithful of the Blood of Vol are captivated by the literal and figurative meaning of blood and of heredity, seeing blood as a source of power and divinity.  The common followers focus on self-improvement and day-to-day affairs rather than obsessing over a higher power.  Followers of the Blood of Vol are widely distrusted because it is rumored the Blood of Vol worships the undead and is possibly connected to the reactionary terrorists known as the Emerald Claw.  Truly, the religion is dark and driven but its followers are not necessarily evil.

Religions of Eberron
The Path of Light  This faith is almost completely composed of Kalashtar.  The Path of Light is a school of focused meditation and physical trials.  The focus of becoming in tune with a positive energy called il-Yannah, the Great Light.

Religions of Eberron
The Undying Court  The Undying Court is composed of elves who have evaded death.  These elves have been selected as the greatest examples of elfkind and upheld as examples for all of Aerenal to follow.  The will of the Undying Court rules over all of Aerenal as well as large parts of Khorvaire.  The priests of the Undying Court dress in black and white and wear death masks or even tattoo their faces with skull imagery.

Religions of Eberron
The Spirits of the Past  Valenari elves worship their dead ancestors.  These ancestors represent the glorious deeds of elven history and the importance of not forgetting the proud heritage of the elves.  Followers are encouraged to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors and in that way keep them alive in spirit.  This often takes the form of martial training and has created a society of feared mounted warrior elves.

Final Tips on Eberron 
The world of Eberron is somewhere an industrializing capitalism and documentation is fast becoming a necessity in every trade.  Travel papers are needed to cross into other countries or even as proof of identity in a crisis. Letters of marque are often required to loot the ruins of Xen drik or explore other ancient sites.  Mass transit is expensive but efficient.  The world of Eberron is an awesome place for adventure, excitement, and mysteries.

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