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INTRODUCTION Advertising has become a major tool that helps in selling the product. Advertising as a means of communication promotes the sale of goods service. images and ideas through information and persuasion. .  Helps in selling through the art of business of persuasive communication.

Industrial Advertisings.Types Of Advertisement Geographical Spread National Advertising Local Advertising Global Advertising Target group Consumer Advertising. Trade Advertising. Other Types Product Advertising Service Advertising Institutional Advertising Financial Advertising . Professional Advertising.

Pepsi Titan. Coke.Videocon. Reid and Taylor. Toyota Innova Nakshatra Jewellery. sunfeast.Celebrity Endorser Celebrities Amitabh Bachchan Shahrukh Khan Aamir Khan Aishwarya Rai Ustad Zakir Hussain Brands Endorse by them Dabur . Cadbury . Lux soap Taj Mahal tea . Parker Santro .

40+ brands over 100 years old. 70+ brands with more than $100 million in revenue.MAJOR FMCG COMPANIES IN INDIA Cadbury Global Reach Approximately $50 billion in revenues. More than 50% of global revenue from snacks and confectionery. Bournvita. 1 in global biscuits. 25%+ of global revenue from emerging markets. 1 in global confectionery. Brand portfolio 11 brands with more than $1 billion in revenue. Products 5 Star Perk Celebrations. Éclairs . 80% revenue from #1 share positions.

The company s Turnover is Rs. 20. Product Range Annapurna Taaza Taj Mahal Bru Kissan Kwality Wall s Knorr Lipton Active Wheel CIF Haman Lakme Liril Lifebouy Lux Pond s Vaseline Domex Rin Sunlight Surf Excel Vim Pepsodent Axe Clinic plus Close up Fair and lovely .HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LIMITED Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is India's largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company. Unilever has about 52% shareholding in HUL. 239 crores (for the 15 month period January 1. 2009). 2008 to March 31.

P&G Health care Products Vicks VapoRub Vicks Inhaler Vicks Formula 44 Vicks Cough Drops Vicks Action 500+ Procter & Gamble Home Products Fabric Care Tide Detergent Tide bar Ariel Hair care Pantene pro v. Head and shoulder Baby care Pampers .

11 Crore (FY09).Fruit juices and beverages Fem . Wide and deep market penetration with 50 C&F agents. more than 5000 distributors and over 2. Master Brands: Dabur.5 crore Hajmola tablets are consumed in India every day. 3 major strategic business units (SBU) . About 2.8 million retail outlets all over India. . Consumer Health Division (CHD) and International Business Division (IBD) Products marketed in over 60 countries. 2834.Fairness bleaches & skin care products Hajmola tablets in command with 60% market share of digestive tablets category.DABUR Leading consumer goods company in India with a turnover of Rs.Consumer Care Division (CCD).Ayurvedic Healthcare products Vatika.Premium hair care Hajmola.Tasty digestives Real.

To study the effectiveness of advertisements on sales and profitability of the seller. To study the impact of celebrities on consumer buying decision regarding FMCG products.Objectives of the study To study various types of advertisements. To ascertain the growing importance of online advertising as a promotional tool. To study the impact of advertisements on consumer buying behaviour. .

Do you watch advertisements ? 100 0 Yes No Response Yes No Total No. of Respondents 100 0 100 %age of Respondents 100% 0% 100% .DATA ANALYSIS AND IT S INTERPRETATION 1.

2. Have you ever seen advertisements of following products of FMCG sector ? 20% 19% 20% 22% 19% Cadbury HUL Johnson & Johnson P&G Dabur Company Cadbury HUL Johnson & Johnson P&G Dabur Total No. of Respondents 88 97 84 90 91 450 %age of Respondents 19% 22% 19% 20% 20% 100% .

On which media do you watch advertisements of FMCG products? 3% 7% 15% 4% 71% TV N ew spaper Magazines Pam phlets Internet Particulars TV Newspaper Magazines Pamphlets Internet Total No. of Respondents 71 15 7 3 4 100 %age of Respondents 71% 15% 7% 3% 4% 100% .3.

4. Do you feel that advertisements provide complete information? 46% 54% Yes No Response Yes No Total No. of Respondents 46 54 100 %age of Respondents 46% 54% 100% .

Do you think that celebrities shown in FMCG advertisements puts an impact on consumer s buying decision ? 34% 66% Yes N Response No.5. of Respondents Yes No Total 66 34 100   %age of Respondents 66% 34% 100% .

From the above graph it is clear that out of 100 respondents. 77 respondents think that advertisements are interesting to watch while rest of them are discontented with the statement. 58 respondents think that advertisements are based on facts while rest of them are discontented with the statement. From the above graph it is clear that out of 100 respondents. .Interpretation : From the above graph it is clear that out of 100 respondents. 63 respondents think that advertisement help consumers in making a choice while rest of them are discontented with the statement.

Person from every age watch advertisements and advertisements puts an impact on consumer s mind. the advertisements should not be vulgar and obscene. Non-controversial celebrities of good moral character should be taken into advertisements. .SUGGESTIONS Some respondents think that advertisements are misleading and they do not provide proper information about the product. So it is responsibility of the company to provide proper and clear information about the product in the advertisement. So.

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