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The amount of money that a company actually receives during a specific period, including discounts and deductions for returned merchandise .It is the ´top lineµ or ´gross incomeµ Figure from which costs are subtracted to determine net income.

Two Major Revenue Producing Divisions: Accommodations . supported by the kitchen and stewarding departments. Let us examine each in details. who makes rooms saleable. In addition. Telecommunications. room service.which is responsible for the sale rooms. there are ´minor revenue departmentsµ that earn by using the synergy of major revenue departments.which is responsible for the sale of food and beverage though food outlets like restaurants. . driven by the Front-Office department supported by Frontdepartments such as Housekeeping. Health Club and Engineering. bars and banquets. Food Beverage . Laundry.

To Reserve rooms for guests before their arrival. To Control guest room keys. . To Coordinate with other services.Basic Functions of the Front Office To Sell rooms. To Maintain accurate room status information. To Maintain guest accounts and settle their bills. To Provide in house and external information to guest. To Register guests into the hotel To Assign rooms.

especially the billing information. for the cashier to process during a guest·s stay and upon departure. . This section is the hub of the department as it must maximize the sale of rooms. Room ´backspace is ´perishableµ as it is linked with time. Reception ~ The reception registers guest and assigns room to them.Reservations ~ The principal role of reservation is to book rooms in advance. It is located at the back of the reception desk and often called the ´back-officeµ. The receptionists receive and welcome the guests on behalf of the hotel. The main activity is to complete registration formalities.

. the GRE maintains guest history cards either manually or electronically and is able to respond to the needs and behavior of the guests due to a high level of Person. especially the VIPs. She is like the hostess in a home.Guest Relations Desk: The guest relations executive ensures that all the guests. The Guests relations Executive will provide internal PR to enhance the perception of the hotel in the guest·s eyes. She solves their stay problems and coordinates with different departments to give prompt and efficient services. a wellwellgroomed and personable woman. Normally. are kept comfortable during their stay.

s/he keeps a cash bank for hotel expenses and is licensed to receive and exchange foreign currency.Front Office Cashier Though a member of the accounts department. Being the only cash point in the lobby of the hotel. . The cashier maintains the guest·s accounts during his or her stay. he is a crucial team member of the front office. monitors credit limits and settles bills as per instructions.

process room reservations. therefore. .Front office The Front Office is the heart of the hotel that makes room reservations. provide information and ensure the collection of room revenues and meet budget . It is the most frequented and visible department than any other in the hotel and.The front office is supported by Lobby services which include the concierge. bell guest relations and transportation. provides them with information during their stay and maintains their master bills. sets the lead in the guest experience. coordinate guest services. Their prime responsibility is to sell rooms. registers guests into the hotel. register guests.

Uniformed Services niformed ´Uniformed servicesµ is the collective term for lobby services. When considers the volume of baggage that is handled in a day. the bellboys also do errands for both the hotel management and resident guests. The porter service is the main service of uniformed services. . one recognizes how busy are the bellboys in their shift.

the concierge was a castle doorkeeper who was responsible to ensure that all guests were properly roomed for the night. during their stay and also offers mail and messaging services.Types of Uniformed Services LOBBY MANAGER: The lobby manager coordinates all guest services from a central point. Traditionally. He interprets and safeguards house policies with guests and can evict undesirable guests from the premises. CONCIERGE: Provides personalized services and information in large hotels to the guests. . He is the representative of the general manager at all times during the day and night.

They also carry out errands for the guest and the management within the hotel precincts. .BELL DESK: The desk coordinates the movement of guest baggage during a single day is very large for a busy hotel. DOORMAN: He is person who welcomes guests at the hotel portal. He also helps in offoffloading and loading guest luggage.

Uniformed services The country·s armed services The Police The fire and rescue service Paramedics In some countries the following may also be included: tax or customs officials immigration services officers coastguard service personnel .

which is the act of overseeing the organizational . day-to-day day-tooperations of a house or state. This may be applied more broadly than just to an individual home. and the managing of the other domestic concerns. or as a metaphor for a similar UPµ ´CLEAN UPµ process applied elsewhere such as a procedural reform. . It can also be called HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT.Housekeeping Housekeeping or housecleaning is the systematic process of making a home neat and clean in approximately that order.

. ASSISTANT HOUSEKEEPERS: Heads a shift as the housekeeping provides twentytwenty-four hour services. procedures and standards into housekeeping operations. FLOOR SUPERVISORS: Directs the cleaning of guest-rooms on allotted guestfloors through a team of room attendants. It is often a woman·s role and is part of the middlemiddlemanagement team. They supervise floor supervisors who are given a set of floors with guestguest-rooms to manage with a team of room attendants.EXECUTIVE HOUSEKEEPER: Is the head of housekeeping and is responsible for translating hotel policies.

UNIFORMED ROOM SUPERVISORS: Responsible for keeping uniforms in safe storage conditions.HOUSEMEN: They are male cleaning personnel allotted to rooms and public areas to manage heavy cleaning duties. Issues laundered uniforms to hotel staff against soiled ones. PUBLIC AREA SUPERVISORS: Ensures the cleanliness. maintenance and aesthetic upkeep of all public areas like lobbies. with a team of uniform room attendants and tailors. restaurants. . LINEN ROOM SUPERVISORS: Coordinates the exchange of soiled linen for fresh ones with a team of linen attendants. banquets space. She works closely with the laundry for the supply of clean linen.

to ensure communication between the various housekeeping personnel and with other departments. HORTICULTURIST: Is responsible for the upkeep of all landscapes. They are the heart of housekeeping operations. They also control the lost and found activity as well as the housekeeping stores. . gardens and nurseries.CONTROL DESK SUPERVISORS: Who man the housekeeping control desk over the three shifts. Large hotels will have a separate florist responsible for flower arrangements and the sales of flowers from the flower shop.

sweeping doormats. washing windows. and taking out the trash. tools include the vacuum cleaner. Supplies such as cleaning solutions and sponges are sold in grocery stores and elsewhere. housekeeping includes the budget and control of expenditures.Term for the cleaning personnel some housekeeping is housecleaning and some some housekeeping is home chores. broom and mop. preparing meals and buying food. cleaning the pool. . putting away lawn furniture. paying the heat bill. and cleaning the house. outdoor housecleaning chores include removing leaves from rain gutters.

. restaurants linen.LAUNDRY This is a critical department that launders the volume of bed linen. Smaller hotels may outsource this activity to local laundries who may or may not deliver linen and uniforms so critical to the sale of rooms and restaurant services on time. Large hotels find it prudent to have an in-house laundry to incontrol the movement of precious assets o the hotel ² linen and uniforms. staff uniforms and guest garments.

as most busy laundries maintain at least two shifts if not three. LAUNDRY SUPERVISOR: Oversees a shift.Types of Laundry LAUNDRY MANAGER: Translates into reality the hotel·s policies and standards in his department. WASHERMAN: Washes the tons laundry in industrial washing machines. He ensures that systems and procedures are met and that the staff is coached to meet standards. . His challenge is to use the right cleaning formulas to get the maximum cleaning effect from them.

SORTER/MARKER/PACKER: Receive. The demand for dry-cleaning is mostly for dryuniforms and guest garments. SPOTTERS: Remove spots and stains. . sort and pack guest laundry in a manner you keep an accurate account of guest garments as also to return the exact ones to their owners.DRYDRY-CLEANERS: Use industrial dry cleaning machines to meet the demands on a daily basis. He uses an array of detergents to get the desired effect. He is a specialist who must have an understanding of fabrics and the qualities of various stains. He must have good communication and guest handling skills as he interacts with the guests directly. Presses include the flatwork iron which irons large sheets and table linen. PRESSMEN: Use various presses to iron both linen and garments. VALET: Is the person who collects and returns guest laundry from guest rooms.

place where the washing is done. so the laundry is often rubbed. and that which needs to be. twisted. Laundry was first done in watercourses. clothing. the washing. or slapped against flat rocks. . smells. is being laundered. Laundry is still done this way in some less industrialized areas and rural regions. Agitation helps remove the dirt. clothing. and lines. letting the water carry away the materials which could cause stains and smells.Laundry Laundry is a noun that refers to the act lines. of washing.

a compound made from lye (from wood-woodash) Fat --. modern washing machines typically use powdered or liquid laundry detergent in the place of more Traditional soap. .is an ancient and very common laundry aid. However. Then they were hung up on poles or clotheslines to air dry.Soap --. or sometimes just spread out on clean grass. the clothes where wrung out ² twisted to remove most of the water.

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