What are PIG¶s? Purpose of pigging.. Classification of PIG's..  Utility PIG¶s  Inline Inspection PIG¶s Selection of right type of PIG.. PIG launcher and receiver.. Frequency of pipeline pigging..

WHAT ARE PIG¶S? A pig is a device inserted into a pipeline which travels freely through it.  These tasks fall into a number of different areas which further forms the basis for their classification  . driven by the product flow to do a specific task within the pipeline.

.  During construction phase : to remove accumulated debris  During operation: to remove liquid hold-up in the line as well as to clean wax off the pipe wall .PURPOSE OF PIGGING.. Pigging is done. Pipeline maintenance is one of the most important aspects in piping engineering and pigging is one such maintenance tool.

.   During hydro testing: Pigs are used to fill the line with water and subsequently to dewater the line after the successful test During inspection of line: Inspection pigs are used to estimate the wall thickness and extent of corrosion in the line During repair: Plugs can be used to isolate the pipeline during a repair.

II. which are used to perform functions such as cleaning or separating. cracks etc. .CLASSIFICATION OF PIGµS: PIG¶s are generally classified into two types depending upon the task which they perform. Utility Pigs. In Line Inspection Tools. as well as the extent and location of any problems like corrosion. I. which provide information on the condition of the line.

Cleaning Pigs. which are used to remove solid or semi-solid deposits or debris from the pipeline.UTILITY PIGS: Utility pipeline pigs can be divided into two groups based upon their fundamental purpose: 1. or provide an interface between two dissimilar products within the pipeline. . which are used to provide a good seal in order to either sweep liquids from the line. 2. Sealing Pigs.

Within these two groups. a further subdivision can be made on the basis of construction to differentiate among the various types or forms of pigs: Mandrel pigs  Foam pigs  Solid cast pigs  Spherical pigs or spheres  .

 Mandrel pigs: They have a central body tube. and various components which can be assembled onto the mandrel to configure a pig for a specific duty . or mandrel.

 Foam pigs: They are moulded from polyurethane foam with various configurations of solid polyurethane strips and/or abrasive materials permanently bonded to them .

manufactured from cast polyurethane and various rubbers . usually from polyurethane. o o Solid cast pigs: They are moulded in one piece. Sealing elements are not interchangeable  Spherical pigs or spheres: They are of either a solid composition or inflated.


flaws in line etc  Inspection pigs utilize two methods to gather information about the interior condition of the pipeline: magnetic flux leakage (MFL) and ultrasonics (UT)  . gather information about the pipeline from within.  The type of information gathered by smart pigs includes the corrosion or metal loss.INLINE INSPECTION PIG:  Inline inspection pigs. crack detection. also referred to as in-line inspection pigs or smart pigs.

HOW TO SELECT RIGHT TYPE OF PIG?  Define the task pig has to perform  Operating conditions  Pipeline layout and features .

 .PIG LAUNCHER AND RECEIVER The pipeline pigs are introduced into the line via a pig trap. which includes a launcher at the upstream of the section and a receiver at the down-stream end.  The barrel holds the pig for loading and unloading and is equipped with a quick-opening closure or blind flange.

 PIG LAUNCHER: Major components includes barrel. pig signaler. . main line isolation valve. drain valve and vent. bypass connection. kicker line.

. PIG RECEIVER: Consists of almost the same components as that of launcher but the series of actions performed at launcher is reversed here.

FREQUENCY OF PIPELINE PIGGING. while some gas pipelines are never pigged  Hence as a general guideline. Pigging frequency depends largely on the contents of the pipeline  No set schedule for pigging a line  Production oil lines suffering from wax deposition has to be regularly pigged.  .. it could be told that pigging frequency must be set for each specific pipeline depending on product that flows through the line.

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