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Kara & Puretta
Presented by: Gorav Sharma by: MBAMBA-IB A1802009215

the current situation of ³Kara skincare wipes and puretta baby care wipes ´  Promote the products in the market  Create new potential areas for the products  Find out the measures to keep the product ahead of its competitors .Objective  To study.

VFY. belonging to 30 nationalities Leadership position across businesses Grasim Hindalco -Cement and viscose staple fibre .000 employees. in the league of fortune 500 130.IT/ITes.Aluminium and copper Aditya Birla Nuvo -Apparels.Financial services Idea Cellular -Telecom .(50% from overseas operations.The Aditya Birla Group Among the top business houses in India Operations spread over 25 countries Revenue at $29bn.Fertilisers .Carbon Black.

825 Mn.135 Bn.TPA by H1FY10 Market leader in white cement (0.) 41.Grasim: Market leader across business segments Leading player in India Cement Revenue Rs. (US $ 2.6 Mn.258K TPA Caustic capacity. 30 Bn. TPA Capacity. TPA) Viscose Staple Fibre Revenue Rs.) World¶s Top producer Capacity at 34K TPA(12% Global Share) Group is world¶s largest with 23 % global market share Chemicals. (US$ 638 Mn.8 Mn. largely for captive use .5 Mn.48.

.Swot Analysis STRENGTHS Strong brand recognition Growing international presence Superior research and development department Strong financial returns & Cost leadership WEAKNESSES Complexity of operation Lengthy processing chain OPPORTUNITIES Growth of core sector industries Rapid integration with global economy Booming construction business in asia Growing e-commerce¶s business THREATS Entry of global players Take over possibilities Political threats The impact of foreign currency fluctuation and interest rates.

Competitors Fresh One Good Look Freshia Mistique .

Identified themes for analysis Awareness Usability Trust Brand Preference Competitor Availability Positioning Comparison Pricing .

Research Methodology Research Design ‡ ‡ Exploratory Research Descriptive Research Sample Design ‡ Random Sampling Limitations ‡ Sometimes results are biased .

261 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 .Research Methodology Demographics used for analysis: AGE Sample size .

Company Age Analysis Most Preferred Q1. Do you apply anything through wipes? Q5. What do you use for cleaning your skin ? Wipening Tissues 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 Total 23 69 18 18 128 Q2. Is your wipe safe for Yes your skin? Q3. Are your wipes dermatologic ally tested? Q4. For how long are you using wipes? Yes 39 90 26 18 173 45 99 26 24 194 Yes 1 yr 32 30 73 75 15 14 16 15 136 134 .

Which brand do you prefer the most? Q7. What do you think is the main reason for your use of ABG¶s brand? Q8. Which is the closest competitor of ABG¶S wipening products? Q10. Are ABG¶S wipening products easily available in the market? Dove 14 24 12 15 65 Brand 32 76 23 14 145 Price 31 95 27 18 171 Mistiqu e Yes 31 60 16 13 120 49 113 31 25 218 .Q6. What is the worst feature of ABG¶s wipening product? Q9.

From where have you heard most about the about the wipes? Radio 36 20 97 45 26 11 13 10 181 86 . What is the difference that you found in ³KARA skincare wipes´ and other wipes? Q13.Q11. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you buy an product ? Yes 44 111 26 23 204 Quality 32 61 16 13 122 Quality 15 45 14 23 82 Q14. Do you think that the products are well placed in the stores? Q12. Tick the price of the Optimal products in your views? Q15.

Weak Distribution Network Weak Internet reach .Determinations while doing research Fresh Advertising campaign is required Threat from Cheap Chinese Products Needs to Reposition and Retarget the Product Low customer satisfaction Packaging issue resolved Low market reputation due to stock outs and expired products. Threat from Indian Competitors.

Learning's throughout the research Product Selling Techniques. Understood a completely new culture of Grasim. . Learnt to maintain daily Reports. Following Managers¶ Instructions. Bargaining techniques. Learnt to Work in Teams. Publicity and Advertising Techniques Sales Promotion Techniques.

Recommendations to Improve Branding Increase expenditure on Advertising and Publicity. Price correction if possible. Proper Management of Inventory so as to avoid stock outs. Fresh Advertisement campaign required. Increase quota for samples. Associate a celebrity with a product. . Need to learn from competitors such as Johnson & Johnson.

Bibliography Books: C.R Kothari Philip Kotler Websites: grasim adityabirla/birlacellulose Other Sources: EBSCO Online Oxford University Press .

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